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WAS UNC RIGHT TO CALL THE COPS ON THE PRO-PALESTINIAN CAMPERS? Rules should be consistently enforced. If enforcing them would be wrong, the rule needs to be changed. Here’s a rule of thumb for admins: if your campus is treating pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli rulebreakers differently from how it would treat the Patriot Front or Proud Boys in the same situation, it is in the wrong.

WHILE OKLAHOMA DAWDLES, ITS UNIVERSITIES ROT. “Red state” public universities are staffed by the same people who staff every other college, except with the added missionary zeal of bringing the Gospel According to Foucault to the rubiest of rubes.

NEW FROM PROF. CAROL SWAIN: ‘THE ADVERSITY OF DIVERSITY.’ With the current products of the campus DEI bureaucracy rooting as hard as they can for people on the other side of the world to kill each other, it’s getting awfully hard to pretend there’s something past the adversity…

THIS TIME IT’LL WORK! ADDING ‘BELONGING’ TO FIX DEI. Now it’s DEIB? At this rate it’s going to have as many letters as LGBTQQIAA+ soon.

The Israel-Hamas blowup on campus post October 7 is all the evidence one needs to end the DEI bureaucracies forever. It turned out that the result of spending billions, ruining the lives of dissenters, and warping the purpose of education in an effort to promote “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is campuses that explode with ethnic unrest and violence when a war erupts on the other side of the planet. You had one job, DEI bureaucrats, and you failed in spectacular fashion. For a situation like this, Cromwell put it best: “It is not fit that you should sit here any longer. You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing lately … In the name of God, go!“


MORE STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS CHICANERY. Yes, it’s unlikely that the trillion-plus in student loans are going to be paid back in full. But a giveaway to current debtors without changing the system that caused the problem is beyond foolish. And call me old-fashioned, but if we’re going to spend the money, Congress should probably vote on it.

CHATGPT IS REALLY HELPFUL.” A non-heavy breathing interview about AI in education. (I should note that at my kids’ school, they seem to use ChatGPT to write more elaborate insults about one another, such as a Shakespearean sonnet about how someone’s face looks dumb. Really adds some gentility to the middle school experience.)

WHY PLAGIARISM MATTERS. “To the extent that [former Harvard president] Claudine Gay’s behavior is common, it points to a widespread culture of corruption, favoritism, and elitism in academia… What does it say to our students when we punish them for something that’s dismissed as ‘no big deal’ when one of us is caught? It says: If you’re an elite, one of the Chosen, then you can get away with what ordinary folks are destroyed for. Rules are only for common folks, not the elite.” A startling amount of what we hear from every institution these days seems intended only to get this message across to the plebs.

VIDEO FROM FIRE: PRO-PALESTINIAN PROTESTOR INTERRUPTS DINNER AT BERKELEY DEAN ERWIN CHEMERINSKY’S HOUSE. Chemerinsky, a well-known First Amendment scholar, is also definitely a man of the left. Yet that hasn’t immunized him from the result of the endless “the personal is political” baloney the left has been pushing for my whole life. (Remember the glee over dinner interruptions during the Kavanaugh hearings?) Will there be any consequences for it, though? You know the answer…

UNC LAUNCHES SCHOOL OF CIVIC LIFE AND LEADERSHIP. It chose Duke classicist and Civil Discourse leader Jed Atkins as inaugural dean, too, which is a good sign: “Students surveyed in Duke’s program, Atkins said, are more likely than other students to have a faculty member as a mentor, to be friends with someone with different beliefs and have a sense of purpose. He also said these students are less likely to be anxious or lonely.” The reaction to the school from some UNC faculty suggests that maybe they could stand having a couple of friends with different beliefs…


89 INVESTIGATIONS OF CAMPUS ANTI-SEMITISM SINCE OCTOBER, NO PROGRESS FROM DEPT OF ED. Consider this: campuses have been openly recruiting faculty (and even students) who are highly racist and hostile towards those of European descent for decades, to change the culture in ways the ruling class prefers. It turns out that when you do this, a lot of those people turn out to also hate Jews, and probably plenty of other ethnicities as well. (Why wouldn’t they? Principle?) If ED really investigated these incidents, this would be impossible to hide. So they won’t. It’s that simple.

LESS DOMESTIC SPYING, MORE ACTUAL CYBER DEFENSE, PLEASE. How cool would it be if our internal security agencies spent their time on protecting us from near-apocalyptic hacking from foreign powers instead of monitoring random Americans’ Facebook pages? Props to hero Andres Freund of Microsoft, though, for doing the job the NSA and FBI won’t do.

Needed Disclaimer for Any Criticism of US Intel Agencies: I am not suicidal, nor do I have information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of Hillary Clinton.

DO OUR “CONFORMITY COLLEGES” NEED A CAVITY FILLING OR A ROOT CANAL? David Barnhizer argues the latter in his new book. Going from FIRE to private practice taught me that the rot is deeper than you can imagine, especially in schools of education and social work.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Maybe more of an extraction.

SOMEONE HAS HACKED MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and is posting scams about investments and Bitcoin on it. I have tried to report it, as have many of my family members, but the reporting function keeps giving me an error. So, 2 things:

1. If you follow me on Facebook, please do not fall for any scams! I am not trying to sell you something. Nor will I ever do so on Facebook.
2. If you have any suggestions about how to get through to Facebook that I have been hacked, so they can at least shut it down and stop them from trying to scam people, I’d appreciate it in the comments!

N.B.: I had two-factor authentication on, too, so I really don’t know how they managed this. So it might be worth changing your password, or what have you, if this is some kind of new exploit. It’s probably not – I probably did something dumb, somehow – but you never know.

ANTI-DEI AND RACIAL PREFERENCES MEASURES GAIN STEAM IN ARIZONA. If there is one area where our education system has miserably failed the hardest and least excusably (given how much attention is given to race and racism), it’s on educating students why segregation and discrimination is a bad idea regardless of who’s doing it. All they needed to do was teach the Golden Rule, which is at least 3,600 years old, and they couldn’t even manage that.

KANGAROO COURT LANDS UNC IN REAL COURT. Working as a lawyer in this field, I see, over and over again, that campus HR and discrimination investigators don’t feel bound even by their own rules. Courts usually go out of their way to enable this behavior, too, to an extent where I wonder if judges have an unspoken understanding that if they started holding colleges to their own rules, the resulting explosion of litigation would cripple the judicial system. Hopefully this case will be different!

STANDARDIZED TESTS CONTINUE THEIR COMEBACK. Should have been a no-brainer, but the education system will go to virtually any length to avoid objective measures of its total failure to deliver on its promises at the K-12 level.

DEI’S NEW WEAPON: ‘CULTURAL TAXATION.’ DEI ideology demands members of minorities act in their capacity of members of the group instead of individuals. This results in more work for those people, which DEI labels “cultural taxation” without pointing out that the DEI pushers are the tax collectors. DEI pushers’ solution: everyone else should compensate the victims for the damage the DEI pushers caused. Which, of course, would enable them to make more DEI demands of people. Nice “work” if you can get it…

GAMERGATE 2.0: SWEET BABY INC. AND THE GRIFTERS WOKE-IFYING VIDEO GAMES. If you’ve played a video game lately and been puzzled by what kind of weirdo would add the kind of absurdly clumsy and off-putting political propaganda that’s now common, well, at least some of the weirdoes have now been discovered.

(OVER)ZEALOUS DEI PROGRAM LANDS PENN STATE IN COURT. Among many other things, a faculty “professional development” meeting featured “a training video entitled ‘White Teachers are a Problem,’ another sweeping attack on white faculty members simply because of their race.”

The simple fact is that if Penn State made black faculty members sit through a video called “Black Teachers are a Problem,” they would rightfully be livid, and everyone would recognize that as a hostile environment.

Disclosure: my firm, Allen Harris PLLC, represents De Piero.

FORMER NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR JIM MARTIN: DAVIDSON’S DEI EFFORTS GO TOO FAR. “Recently, all Davidson College student-athletes were required to watch a film entitled, ‘I’m Not Racist, Am I?’… Regardless of what you think, say or do, it insists that if you’re white, you are racist. If you’re of color, you cannot be racist. In their lexicon, ‘racist’ is just a synonym for ‘white.'”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Sounds like a hostile educational environment on account of race to me.

BRYAN CAPLAN ON GEORGE MASON’S ORWELLIAN ‘JUST SOCIETIES’ COURSE REQUIREMENT. “This is quixotic, I know, but let me try to break through the woke academic echo chamber with some harsh truths. If you promote DEI for a living, the reality is that normal, apolitical people see you as a racist, sexist, censorious fanatic. They don’t say so publicly … because they are afraid of you. They don’t tell you privately … because they are afraid of you. But when they’re speaking to people they trust, they vehemently disagree with you—and yearn to see you all fired.”