FASCIST STATES DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR RELIGION IS, AND THEIR PET CORPORATIONS DON’T EITHER:  Today’s blacklisted American: CVS fires nurse for refusing to violate her religious beliefs.

CULTS ALWAYS MAKE KIDS SUFFER:  Stop punishing kids to feel better about climate change.

I USED TO WONDER WHETHER THESE PEOPLE WERE MORONS OR EVIL:  Sunday Talks, Cohn and Brennan Talk Gleefully About the Return of the Service Driven Economy Under Biden, Happy with No Wage Growth.

Turns out they’re evil morons.

February 6, 2023

REPUBLICANS: YES, PLEASE. Biden’s State of the Union address should be the wokest in history.

AN OBSERVATION I MADE ELSEWHERE: “No society can entirely do without intelligentsia, but they’re like gut bacteria –valuable, but they have to be constrained in number and kept in their place or disaster ensues.”

BOB MCMANUS: David Paterson is right –Mayor Adams needs to get tougher.

THEY’RE NOT COMPETENT, JUST SELF-CENTERED, ENTITLED, AND UNPRINCIPLED: Deep State? After the China balloon fiasco, call it the Derp State.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat to democracy.

UPDATE: From the comments: “The way you know that 9/11 wasn’t organized by the CIA was that the attack worked.”

Ouch. José Ramon Fernandez smiles.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: The Critical Drinker on Disney — An Empire In Collapse (Video).

MORE:  Fulton County to study reparations.

OPEN THREAD: Share your pearls of wisdom.


Heads up: It’s a blistering attack against the trans movement, and thus, you’ll probably not want to play this at work:

“While the audio is spot-on for Joe Biden’s voice and cadence (save for the usual stumbles in speech), the mouth movements are far from convincing. Nevertheless, it’s the stunning realism of Deepfake Biden’s voice that is actually terrifying here. Without the accompanying video, it would be easy to conclude the speech is legitimately Joe Biden speaking, and it raises major concerns about how this technology can be used for nefarious purposes.”

Speaking of which: 4chan users embrace AI voice clone tool to generate celebrity hatespeech.

UPDATE: Twitter apparently shut down the above account, but not before Jim Treacher was able to grab a copy of the video: Artificial Intelligence Is Freaking Terrifying.

As Treacher notes, “Even the most casual Biden-watcher can tell within seconds that this video isn’t real, because all the words are pronounced correctly and formed into complete sentences. Plus, Joe would never admit any of this stuff out loud. But as with anything else, people of below-average intelligence might be fooled.”

(Updated and bumped.)

I HOPE WE’RE NOT TOO MESSIANIC, OR A TRIFLE TOO SATANIC: Grammys Go With Devil Worship In Primetime.

Related (From Ed): Everything old is new again! The Rolling Stones performed “Sympathy for the Devil” in 1968. Jimmy Page spent the late ‘60s and much of the ‘70s putting Aleister Crowley references into Led Zeppelin artwork and for Led Zep III, even in the LP’s run-out grooves. AC/DC released “Highway to Hell” in 1979. Ozzy Osbourne released “Mr. Cowley” in 1981. So many heavy metal groups spent the ‘80s using devil worship as a pose that VH-1 has an article headlined, “6.66 Hot Points Of The ’80s Heavy Metal Satanic Panic.”

Find something controversial from the 21st century to actually épater les bourgeois rather than a sub-genre of rock that’s over 50 years old to bore them, Grammys!

(Updated and bumped.)


“Listen, folks, I enjoy demonic sexual perversion just as much as the next guy, but this is just too much,” said the frustrated Father of Lies. “I’m the god of this world! I appear as an angel of light! It’s supposed to be sneaky and subtle! Has Hollywood lost its ability to be subtle? What on earth happened to this town?”

“And how am I supposed to corrupt the next generation when no one watches this garbage anymore?” he lamented. “At least I still have TikTok.”

Did I say “heh?” Yes, yes I did.

UPDATE (From Ed): John Nolte: Fat Satan Grammys Deliver Ratings Catastrophe of Just 12.4M Viewers.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: United States and India expand civil space cooperation.

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN IS ABOUT THE K-12 IMPLOSION: “Can graft and racial politics save public schools? Just maybe. Let me explain.”

VIEW THROUGH SMOG: Rise in air pollution correlates to creation of impressionist painting, study says.

I WAS SPECULATING ABOUT THIS EARLIER, AND NOW: Top Republican claims Trump’s Defense Secretary James Mattis may have KNOWN that Chinese spy balloons flew over the U.S. but opted not to tell the president because he was ‘too provocative and aggressive.’

That would be a serious dereliction of duty on Mattis’s part if true. Between that and Milley reportedly refusing Biden’s order to shoot the balloon down on Wednesday, do we have civilian control of the military anymore?

What did Mattis know, and if he knew, why didn’t he tell the President?

UPDATE: Considerable skepticism in the comments, and on an email list I belong to, that this report is true. Well, that’s why I said “if true” above. As I noted earlier Trump’s appointees say it didn’t happen during his term. So either they’re all lying (unlikely, especially as some have authored tell-all books about their time in the Administration), the Biden people are lying when they claim it happened, or it happened but nobody told Trump or his people. I’d have to put “the Biden people are lying” at the top of the likelihood list for sure. It’s entirely believable, based on past conduct, that people in the defense establishment would keep Trump in the dark, though just because it’s believable doesn’t mean it happened. It seems least likely that all the former Trump people are lying, though one can never assign a probability of zero to political actors’ telling untruths.

ANOTHER UPDATE: From the WSJ: Prior Chinese Balloon Incursions Over U.S. Went Undetected, Officials Say: They say prior intrusions by surveillance craft into the continental U.S. were likely of short duration.

China previously sent high-altitude surveillance balloons over the U.S. that went undetected until after leaving American airspace, Biden administration officials said, as the military salvaged debris Sunday from the downed balloon in a bid to learn more about the Chinese operation.

After the Pentagon disclosed last week that it was tracking the balloon that the Air Force shot down Saturday off the Carolina coast, defense officials said that there have been prior intrusions over the continental U.S. At least three of those occurred during former President Donald Trump‘s term in office and once previously under President Biden.

Those previous balloon flights were much shorter in duration, possibly explaining why some went undetected at the time, the senior administration officials said. One official said that much of the information on the flights was pieced together later.

“This information was discovered after the prior administration left,” one of the officials said. The official said that intelligence agencies are preparing to brief key figures in the previous Trump administration.

That’s a rather convenient discovery. But if this story is true, the people who missed it should be sacked, at the very least.

GET MORE REST ELON, YOU’RE NOT 30 ANYMORE. Elon Musk confides working morning, day and night is taking a toll on his health.

And you’re as close to an indispensable man as exists right now. But the cemeteries are full of indispensable men.


I DUNNO, MAYBE STOP CRAPPING ALL OVER THEM AND THEIR LIFESTYLE? Paul Krugman: Can Anything Be Done to Assuage Rural Rage? (Non-paywalled text here.)


SOUTH BEND:  Reparations resolution here too.

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER — IF THEY WILL LET YOU. My latest Substack column. (Bumped).

SACRAMENTO THINKING ABOUT REPARATIONS TOO:  The idea seems to be going viral.


SHOCKER: U.S. Treasury Bows to Industry Pressure On EV Tax Credit Scheme.

THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS: Look, I have no problem with Black History Month. I think it’s kind of cool that people of all colors can learn little nuggets of history that enrich our lives. But unfortunately, like a barnacle, wokism has attached itself to the hull of the ship of Black History Month.

I’m a member of the New York City Bar Association, and in “celebrating” Black History Month the Bar has decided to include “lectures” from people infected with wokism. Case in point, this was in my email inbox this morning:

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and unless she is talking about arcane escrow rules that may affect lower income people (that’s a stretch) what “unspoken” rules could she possibly be talking about?

I have always told the truth to the Court and my clients. I treat all adversaries in a polite and courtly manner. I do not engage in “Rambo” litigation. I never bill for work I did not do. I maintain confidentiality, and I do between 200 and 500 hours of pro bono work every year.

Does anyone think my following those strictures “subjugates” People of Color? Or as Judge Learned Hand might have asked: “Are you f*cking kidding me?

WENT WOKE, GOING BROKE [VIP]: The Fall and Rise and Fall of Disney. “This story isn’t really about Disney’s growing role in the cultural rot attacking our children at school, on streaming services, or in butcher-shop ‘medical’ clinics catering to teens with delusions of transness. This is the story of a company that’s been falling for a lot longer than most people may realize.”

READER FAVORITE: Surge Protector, Outlet Extender with Night Light. #CommissionEarned

SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: Some Thoughts on Judicial Reform.

SCIENTISTS DISCOVER AMORPHOUS ICE: With a chemical density of 1.06 grams per cubic centimeter, this newly discovered form of ice is extremely close to liquid water (1.00). Science Alert says this discovery may help explain some of water’s weird properties.

SPACE LAW: Where does Earth end and space begin? The Karman line is only one answer.


VITAMIN D UPDATE: Vitamin D found to not reduce risk of asthma attacks.

OH, CANADA: Trudeau’s internet censorship bill passes Canadian senate. “The text of the bill describes the plan by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party to increase the government’s ability to censor controversial and unpopular speech on the internet, stating that the legislation would ‘specify that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission… must regulate and supervise the Canadian broadcasting system.'”

BRING BACK DDT: Southeast Asia warned of insecticide-resistant dengue mosquitoes.

MIDDLE EAST EARTHQUAKE: ‘An Emergency Within an Emergency.’ “The massive earthquakes that hit Syria and Turkey over the weekend have killed at least 2,400 people but the death toll is sure to drastically rise with “tens of thousands of citizens… waiting under the rubble” in Hatay alone.”

Lots of video at link.


And your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness too, if anyone still cares.

THE WSJ, UNPAYWALLED: Biden and the Chinese Spy Balloon: Why did he wait so long to order the airspace intruder shot down?

Start with the chronology of when the balloon crossed into U.S. airspace and the long delay in shooting it down. Mr. Biden said Saturday that on Wednesday he had ordered the Pentagon to take down the balloon. But that was already half a week after the balloon had entered the U.S. over Alaska, crossed into Canada and then into Montana.

Mr. Biden said his military advisers wanted to wait to shoot down the spy balloon until it reached U.S. territorial waters in the Atlantic Ocean. The justification for delay was the risk of falling debris, but that is hard to credit.

The Washington Post’s David Ignatius reports an unintentionally amusing Pentagon claim that shooting down the balloon at 60,000 feet would have endangered 2,000 people in Montana. Not 2,500? How could anyone know such a specific number? In any case, the balloon entered Alaskan airspace days earlier. Was there no safe place to down the balloon in that vast and sparsely populated state? Let’s hope Navy divers can recover the balloon’s intelligence-gathering equipment intact. . . .

Other questions for the White House include whether and when it raised the balloon issue with Beijing, and how the Chinese responded. Did they lie to U.S. officials the way their foreign ministry lied to the world on Friday in calling the balloon merely a “civilian airship” doing mainly “meteorological” data collection? Media reports say the White House kept its knowledge of the balloon under wraps until it was spotted by civilians on the ground, which made disclosure unavoidable.

It’s fair to wonder if the Administration hoped the balloon would cross the U.S. into the Atlantic without public notice. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was scheduled to visit Beijing this week in a high-stakes attempt to put U.S.-China relations on a less contentious footing. So much for that. On Friday Mr. Blinken postponed the trip, and the balloon fallout will make its resumption harder.

The Chinese response to the shootdown was relatively mild by its standards, albeit reserving “the right to make further responses if necessary.” But sending a balloon to spy on the U.S. on the eve of the talks was a reckless, if all too typical, Communist Party provocation.

It’s bad enough if the People’s Liberation Army launched it to scuttle the Blinken visit. It’s worse if the spy flight was sanctioned by the Politburo and President Xi Jinping. In that case the conclusion has to be that they wanted to test Mr. Biden. Is the U.S. President so eager to court better relations that he’d overlook the spy balloon if it wasn’t detected? This is familiar Chinese diplomatic behavior to probe for weakness in an adversary.

They found that weakness. They now will expect us to dither for days in the face of provocation. That will embolden them, even if they turn out to be wrong.

In addition, though the Biden people say this happened under Trump. The Trump people — even those who have written hostile tell-all memoirs since — say it didn’t. Maybe it did, but the Pentagon bureaucracy never told the political appointees of the Trump Administration. Given the way the bureaucracy behaved under Trump, that’s not at all implausible.

For the Chinese, this is proof that we are operating under an inept administration. It’s that for the rest of us, too.

HMM: Young people also at risk of stroke and should know the signs.

EMBARRASSMENT: The short life of the new USS Little Rock: Design flaws, setbacks lead to decommissioning.

Some 8,500 people turned out on Dec. 16, 2017, to watch the commissioning of the new $440 million USS Little Rock — draped in red, white and blue bunting — at Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park.

That now appears to have been the ship’s only bright moment.

Not even six years later, the USS Little Rock will be decommissioned on March 31 at Mayport Naval Station in Florida, where it is stationed.

The 387-foot-long vessel was imperiled from the start with significant design flaws that the Navy has concluded cannot be overcome.

U.S. Navy officials first announced at a media briefing almost a year ago that nine Freedom-class littoral combat ships would be decommissioned as part of the 2023 fiscal year budget.

“It’s somewhat of an embarrassment,” said Paul Marzello, the Naval Park’s executive director.

“Embarrassment” is a pretty good word for the Navy’s surface ship procurement this century.

LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE: DeSantis Goes After Foundation for Lewd Drag Show Event With Children Present.

IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED ALREADY: Here’s what will happen when the COVID-19 public health emergency ends. “Some telehealth flexibilities that were granted under the public health emergency will draw to a close. It will end a practice that allowed people to be prescribed a controlled substance through telehealth without an in-person doctor’s visit unless the federal government takes steps to make the changes permanent. Congress has already approved a two-year extension to enable Medicare to continue to reimburse for telehealth services, which was put in place through the emergency declaration and had grown popular throughout the pandemic.”

They should make the telehealth exceptions permanent.

THE SOTU SPIN: State of the Union: Biden sees economic glow, GOP sees gloom.

Notice the anti-GOP bias built into the headline. But…

The Reality: Record numbers of people are worse off, a recipe for political discontent. “Four in 10 Americans say they’ve gotten worse off financially since Joe Biden became president, the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years. Political fallout includes poor performance ratings for Biden and a tight hypothetical Biden/Trump rematch next year.”

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: Cold War 2 in Paradise. “Everything is negotiated. Russia has manifestly set restrictions on itself by not attacking NATO sovereign territory, just as NATO has implicitly discouraged Kyiv from striking targets on Russian territory, except when they are directly linked to attacks on Ukraine. Both sides are fighting under implicitly negotiated rules of engagement, which to the extent they are understood and mutually accepted, have limited escalation so far.”

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LAUGHING WOLF: The Termites Are In The Woodwork.

As it is, the government and corporate media are dropping like a hot potato any mention that the balloon we did finally shoot down may have spent three days loitering over Malmstrom AFB, which happens to house the majority of our Minuteman missiles. Among other things. Look at all the bases and such along the flight path of the balloon. Want to place a bet that if the data is not already being shared with Moscow, it soon will be?

And let’s not forget that the balloon(s) were allegedly not picked up before they were over the Aleutian Islands. If that is true, that would indicate that multiple systems failed in their job. No one, not two, but multiple systems. Also, note that neither was shot down right then either over ocean or in a remote area, despite the violation of American airspace and international law. Instead, they were allowed to continue on and complete their mission.

Dereliction of Duty is the politest term I can use for what has happened.

Read the whole thing.

SCIENCE: Harvard Medical School adds climate change to its curriculum.

HOW MUCH MUST COURTS BLIND THEMSELVES TO ANTI-MALE DISCRIMINATION IN TITLE IX HEARINGS? In a Seventh Circuit amicus brief, FIRE and I argue that it’s way less than the district court judge in Doe v. Loyola University Chicago thought.


AND FOUR TIMES AS CORRUPT: Planned New FBI HQ Is Twice the Size of the Pentagon.

Riveted into the colossal new project are woke regulations to ensure that the FBI center will comply with diversity, equity, LGBTQ+, and climate change political goals.

The plan, unveiled last September, has received little attention. For years the FBI has sought to vacate its present headquarters, a brutalist concrete bunker on stilts and occupying two city blocks between the White House and the Capitol.

Plans for the new FBI headquarters specify that it will be built on one of three sites in suburban Virginia and Maryland. Those sites are large parcels of 58, 61, and 80 acres.

That means, at minimum, the new FBI headquarters complex would be twice the size of the Pentagon building. Covering about 29 acres plus a five-acre courtyard, the Pentagon, until recently, was the largest office building on earth.

Speaker McCarthy, will you continue funding this monstrosity?

APP STATE’S MAGICAL VANISHING DEI COMMITTEE. Nothing to hide here, no sir. It’s all on the up-and-up.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: That Noise You Hear Is the ChiComs Laughing at Pudding Brain Biden. “If the Chinese balloon thing was a mini dress rehearsal for World War III, we may want to form some Mandarin study groups.”

MORE REPARATIONS:  Wealthy British family to pay reparations.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: SpaceX Starship’s first launch is for real.

SpaceX is indeed close to launching Starship, despite the fact that the company has not formally announced a date.

Shortly into January, the company stacked the jumbo rocket at its launch pad on Texas’ Gulf Coast, then loaded it with fuel for a so-called “wet dress rehearsal.” SpaceX said the test, a key practice run for any new rocket, was successful.

Next the team said it would disassemble Starship for a test fire of the rocket booster’s 33 Raptor engines, according to recent updates from SpaceX on Twitter.

But in order for Starship to actually reach ignition, the Federal Aviation Administration must license the launch, which won’t be done until “SpaceX meets all licensing, safety and other regulatory requirements,” according to an agency statement given to Mashable in January when asked for the status. The review is ongoing, a spokesman said.

Get the hell out of Musk’s way.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Pompeo: Biden’s Weakness on Spy Balloon Assures Chinese Aggression.

REPARATIONS IN THE DARNEDEST PLACES:  Northampton, Massachusetts eyes reparations.

ANIMAL, OR VEGETABLE, OR WHATEVER. “It surprises, in the 21st Century, particularly among the Greens demanding solar power, that so many remain unaware that ruminants are solar energy storage systems. Solar power causes plant matter to grow; as plants grow, they turn that solar energy into matter. Grazers eat that solar energy converted to and stored as plant matter, processing it into muscle they then store and use to move around to live, work for us, make more ruminants, and to fertilize the ground wherever they go, nurturing more grass which, powered by sunlight, grows tall, storing more solar energy for another ruminant to store and make use of. Humans consume this stored solar energy when eating beef, venison, rabbit, etc., allowing us to move, think, live, create.”

To be fair, Greens aren’t very big on humans moving, thinking, living, or creating.

MATT MARGOLIS: Biden’s Story About the Spy Balloon Doesn’t Add Up; Here’s What Most Likely Happened. “The other problem with this story is that we know the Pentagon had been monitoring the balloon since it left China, and it had previous opportunities to shoot it down while it was over U.S. territorial waters when it crossed over the Aleutian Islands. The Biden administration most certainly knew what it was and where it might go, and the opportunity to shoot it down safely over the water was not taken.”

ROGER SIMON: Chinese Balloon Hovers Over Biden’s 2023 State of the Union.

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas, who is delivering the Republican response to President Joe Biden after his State of the Union address on Feb. 7, should open with the following question that is more imperative than ever.

What does China have on Joe Biden?

More than ever, America has a right to know.

When I started to write this, a Chinese spy balloon with a mysterious payload the size of three buses, we are told, was hovering over South Carolina. It was finally shot down over the Atlantic by our military, minutes after I finished my initial draft.

Our government knew about the balloon for a week and did nothing, hiding the presence of the balloon from the public, only to have it discovered by a local newspaper in Billings, Montana, that ran a picture.

The administration’s excuse for not shooting it down was that the payload might injure people, but for a good part of that week, the balloon was traveling over remote areas in Alaska, making that assertion ridiculous. It would have been safe even over Montana, where there are about seven people per square mile.

So I repeat: What does China have on Joe Biden?

Our president’s relations with the communist country have been a question for some time, even before he started officially running for the office of president.

Who can forget that he said the following in May 2019 about the regime that practices genocide on Uyghurs, Falun Gong, and just about anybody who raises his or her hand in defense of democracy:

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man. I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

Not bad folks? Evidently, he missed the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Nevertheless, Biden walked the foregoing back pretty quickly for obvious reasons, but I suspect he was then actually speaking from the heart—or the pocketbook, considering the amount of money his family—not to mention the University of Pennsylvania, home to the Penn Biden Center—have received from the People’s Republic.

Add it all up and it pushes or even exceeds a hundred million for Biden-related payments alone. Nobody knows exactly yet. Investigations are in progress and should now be redoubled.

The word for all this is “elite capture,” which the Chinese Communist Party has been practicing for decades, literally buying a fair percentage of our best universities, scientific institutes, corporations, entertainment, and more that we don’t know about or realize.

They exploited a weakness in the American character that Alexis de Tocqueville highlighted in his “Democracy in America” back in the early 19th country: greed. It’s not our best trait.

Roger says he’s emailed a copy to Sanders. We’ll see if she runs with it.

LIGHTNING DEAL: ABACKH Back Brace Posture Corrector for Women and Men. #CommissionEarned

GLOBAL WARMING UPDATE: Arctic outbreak shatters records in Northeast, including -108°F wind chill.

ON SUNDAYS I RUN A PROMO POST MOSTLY FOR INDIE WRITERS:  Book Promo and Vignettes by by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike.

There is also a vignette challenge orchestrated by three commenters.

MANY SEEM TO BE MORE SELF-RIGHTEOUS: Are Mask Wearers More Self-Conscious Than Others?

THE 21ST CENTURY ISN’T TURNING OUT AS I’D HOPED: Madison Square Garden’s facial recognition mess.

JEFF JACOBY:  We’ve been paying reparations for almost sixty years.  That’s what LBJ’s War on Poverty was supposed to be,

DISNEY GOES IN FOR REPARATIONS:  I miss the days of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

IF IT WEREN’T FOR DOUBLE STANDARDS:   Migrant students in NYC schools without proof of vaccinations.

CAN’T SAY HE’S WRONG:  Ex-astronaut says ‘toxic’ NASA hasn’t learned from fatal mistakes — and may lose space race to China.

I mean, I doubt the China thing, because they really are a paper tiger. But if this goes on we’ll miss the race period. Us, civilization, the whole human race.


You can’t have one without the other.

ALWAYS HAS; ALWAYS WILL:  Gun Control Kills People.

WHICH IS WHY THEY’LL DO EVERYTHING TO CHEAT HER OUT:  Popularity of Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni is a rebuke to EU bureaucrats and European MSM.

BEHOLD, MY SHOCKED FACE:  That claim about three Chinese spy balloons on Trump’s watch is deflating fast.

THEY ARE UNDER THE BOOT OF CASTREAU:  Canada’s government poised to move closer to ending free speech.

NO!  Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To ‘Address the Climate Crisis’: Don’t Leave Your House.

I’d like the Biden Junta to contemplate my middle fingers. Behold. I have a matched set.


But the appearance is not the thing.


They won’t like what blows up in their faces. The most unlikable woman in the history of ever. Yeah, that will work out well.

CALIFORNIA HAS NOT HIT PEAK STUPID: California Halts Plans to Force Children to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine to Attend Schools.

But will no doubt soon resume trying to.

START WHAT? WHOEVER WROTE THIS, OR BUYS IT AIN’T BEEN TO EUROPE IN A LONG TIME:  To Solve San Francisco’s Drug Problem, Start Emulating European Traditionalism.

Longer than I’ve been in the states. Look, I went to college in a large, dirty Atlantic port city. Yeah, some of the depravities in San Francisco might benefit from better weather, but they aren’t inventing anything new. Not since Rome. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look, or being a tourist who refuses to see the bad or stays to the Potemkin areas. Seriously.

February 5, 2023


By nature, normals want to be nice. But to survive, they need to be scary.

HMM: Moderna Booster Vaccine Singled Out for Chronic Hives.

OPEN THREAD: Make the most of it.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: China to build satellite ground stations in Antarctica.

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER — IF THEY WILL LET YOU. My latest Substack column.

As always, if you like it, or just want to do me a solid, please become a paid subscriber.

MOVING CLOSER TO ICE NINE: Scientists Discover a Weird New Form of Ice That May Change How We Think About Water.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Aux 88 Member Keith Tucker’s Guide to Detroit Electro.

THAT’S BECAUSE DIVERSITY TRAINING IS A SCAM TO ENRICH CONSULTANTS: Commonly used police diversity training unlikely to change officers’ behavior, study finds.

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Soft robotic wearable restores arm function for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

READER FAVORITE: PHIXTON Rechargeable High Lumens Tactical Handheld Flashlight. #CommissionEarned

ROGER KIMBALL: Peace Through Strength or Chaos Through Senility? The Chinese would not have been deploying spy balloons over U.S. nuclear installations if Donald Trump was still president.

Related: The ‘cabal’ that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us must answer for his failed presidency.

STARLINK FOR THE WIN: How Elon Musk’s satellites have saved Ukraine and changed warfare. “This kind of connectivity is something no previous army has enjoyed. Western armies fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq had access to some vast flows of data. For the most part, though (with special forces being the notable exceptions) they found it very hard to get that information to where it was needed in a timely manner. . . . Developing such a capability within the military-industrial complex has been slow; the bureaucracy has proved predictably resistant. Now it seems all but available off the shelf.”

Plus: “Cyber-attacks like the one aimed at Ukraine’s legacy satellite system on February 24th are one possibility. So far, though, similar sallies against Starlink appear to have been ineffective, in part thanks to SpaceX’s ability to quickly update the system’s software. Dave Tremper, director of electronic warfare for the Office of the Secretary of Defence, has said the speed of the software response he witnessed to one attack was ‘eye-watering’.”

Also: “And when satellites are small and mass-produced, as the Starlink ones are, they can be replaced with much less fuss than would previously have been the case. Brian Weeden of the Secure World Foundation, an ngo, reckons that Starlink’s use in Ukraine marks ‘the beginning of the end’ for the value of anti-satellite missiles. ‘[It] turns out they’re only useful if your adversary relies on small numbers of really large/expensive satellites.'”

EVEN THE HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS IS ASKING, ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO? Record numbers of people are worse off, a recipe for political discontent: Poll.

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