October 5, 2022

RATS LEAVING A SINKING SHIP: Psaki Buries Her Knife in Biden’s Back.

HMM: AAA Study Finds Automated Emergency Braking Systems Have Flaws. “Official AEB tests are done at just 12 and 25 miles per hour. AAA decided to see if they worked as well at 30 and 40 mph. They did not.”

BE PREPARED: Midland Emergency Weather Alert Radio. #CommissionEarned

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Biden’s Won’t Reveal Who He’s Been Meeting With in Delaware.

LIVE: Gov. Ron DeSantis Meets With President Biden in Florida.


Like Chevy Chase’s Peter Lemon Moodring parody from the earlier, funnier days of Saturday Night Live, Joe Biden is all things to all Dems.

I’D BE HAPPY IF THEY’D JUST FOLLOW THE OLD BILL OF RIGHTS: Biden proposes new “Bill of Rights” to protect Americans from AI harms.

GENTLEMEN, YOU CAN’T REPORT HERE — THIS IS A NEWS CHANNEL! Fox News Is Actually Covering the Midterm Elections and the Left Doesn’t Like It.

MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: Oklahoma Governor Calls for Statewide Ban on Medical Gender Experiments on Minors.

HMM: Study: Decreased proteins, not amyloid plaques, are tied to Alzheimer’s disease.

Well, the amyloid-plaque theory has issues: “A now-seminal study published in 2006 provided evidence that the toxic accumulation of a protein called beta-amyloid in the brain was tied to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Recently, an assistant professor from Vanderbilt University suggested that some of the images in this study were manipulated by the authors.”

ARE VOTERS FINALLY CATCHING ON TO FETTERMAN’S MENTAL IMPAIRMENT? Analysts Move Pennsylvania Senate Race from ‘Lean Democrat’ to ‘Toss Up.’

BONFIRE OF THE DNC-MSM VANITIES: Mark Steyn once told Hugh Hewitt, “I think the American newspaper is over-unionized. It’s basically like some lame liberal college, where you’ve got tenured people in jobs for lives at a lot of newspapers in America. So I support him on that. At the same time, Fleet Street was a great place, because the whole culture of British journalism was these kind of hard-drinking, scurrilous, unrespectable hacks. And compared to the kind of pompous, acetic, clean-living blowhards of today’s mainstream media in the United States, I’d rather have all those grubby Fleet Street guys.”

QED: “One of the most fascinating things about the modern age we live in is the population of journalists almost exclusively being from mega rich families and the fact they have done such a good job of hiding it from the internet.”

Read the whole thing.

I DON’T BELIEVE THAT I COULD DO THAT: Champion powerlifter squat-lifts body weight 42 times in one minute.

NOBODY RESPECTS, LIKES, OR FEARS HIM: Biden Begs OPEC for More Oil Again, Gets Massive Cut Instead.

THEN WHY ARE THE SPANISH NOT FAT? Eating later in evening may increase hunger, risk of obesity, study says.

DISNEY HEIRESS SLAMS GREAT-UNCLE WALT: ‘He bordered on rabid fascism.’

“He bordered on rabid fascism,” the 62-year-old heiress [Abigail Disney] said of Walt Disney on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast last week.

The wealthy film producer and activist spoke with Maron about her new documentary that takes aim at her family’s company, called “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales,” as well as her family’s battle with addiction.

Disney told Maron that while her great-uncle Walt was a “chaotic genius,” he and his brother played up prejudices of the time.

“They weren’t shy about delving into the stereotypes if it served them,” she said.

The Post reached out to the Disney company for comment.

The heiress noted that Disney positioned the wolf from “The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf” as a “Jewish peddler” and named one of the wisecracking black crows from “Dumbo” Jim Crow.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called out Disney when he made “Song of the South,” a 1946 film set in the Reconstruction-era American South that reinforced racist stereotypes.

“When they made ‘Song of the South,’ people from the NAACP came to the studio and they said, ‘Please don’t do it this way. Please talk to us,’” she said, noting that her family pushed ahead anyway.

“In some enclosed way, Disney is an American fascist fantasy,” Maron said.

But the person who condemns her grandfather for making a racist film is also quick to judge someone not by the quality of her character, but by the color of her skin: A White Woman’s Documentary About Muslim Extremists Is Being Canceled. Guess Why.

The Times notes that the South by Southwest and San Francisco film festivals canceled plans to screen the documentary.

But no one did more damage to Jihad Rehab than Abigail Disney, a filmmaker and member of the Disney family who served as an executive producer for the film. She initially described it in excited terms as “freaking brilliant.” But then she changed course, penning an open letter of apology.

“I may not be in total agreement with every criticism of the film but that does not obviate my responsibility to earnestly own the damage I had a hand in,” she wrote. “I call upon my colleagues now, whether you are gatekeepers, funders, curators, heads of institutions, agents, buyers, critics, or other filmmakers to rethink how we all behave when we are called out for our failures and shortcomings.”

The letter—which (ironically) reads like the transcript of a hostage video—expressed Disney’s commitment “to not creating any more pain, if only by accident or in ignorance.” She apologizes for causing “trauma,” and says that her “mistakes are myriad so I will not be able to claim them all in a single list, but I will try.”

Disney’s apology letter addresses the other, major criticism aimed at Jihad Rehab, which is that [Meg] Smaker’s interview practices are unethical, given that the men are unwilling participants in the center’s rehabilitation program: They are compelled to be there, and thus cannot give consent to be interviewed.

“I should have pushed back on the idea that the protagonists consented to appear in the film,” wrote Disney. “A person cannot freely consent to anything in a carceral system, particularly one in a notoriously violent dictatorship.”

This is deeply unpersuasive. For one thing, Smaker attempted to speak with 150 different detainees, and only four agreed to talk. If the other 146 said no, it would be reasonable to think that the four who said yes did so with a modicum of self-determination. It’s also standard practice for journalists to interview inmates who are incarcerated in prisons; there’s no generally accepted journalistic convention that such reporting is unethical.

Nor is it wrong for a person of a certain gender or ethnicity to attempt to understand, depict, explain, and create art about a foreign group. There’s a major difference between empowering voices from marginalized communities to tell their stories and shutting down seemingly good-faith efforts like Smaker’s film. Los Angeles Times media columnist Lorraine Ali expertly highlights this distinction, writing that “a film losing its shot at an audience over such a controversy doesn’t encourage critical thinking about images of Muslims. It throttles it.”

As Kevin Williamson wrote in 2018, “Watch What You Say. Someone Else Is.

The generation that reached what passes for maturity in the age of social media is the most status-obsessed—and hence etiquette-obsessed—since the ancien régime. They are all miniaturists: There hasn’t been an important and original book of political ideas written by an American Millennial, and very few of them have read one, either. But they are very interested in individual pronouns and 280-character tweets. It is extraordinarily difficult for any one of them to raise his own status through doing interesting and imaginative intellectual work, because there is practically no audience for such work among his peers. Worse, the generation ahead of him stopped paying attention to Millennials years ago, and the generation behind him never started.

What that leaves is the takfiri tendency, scalp-hunting or engineering a court scandal at Versailles. Concurrent with that belief is the superstition that people such as Harvey Weinstein or Bret Stephens take up cultural space that might otherwise be filled by some more worthy person if only the infidel were removed, as though society were an inverted game of Tetris, with each little disintegration helping to enable everybody else to move up one slot at a time. Status obsession does funny things to one’s map of social reality. It leads to all manner of bizarre thinking.

And as a result, we live in the dumbest timeline imaginable: Whatever his flaws, Walt Disney invented the concept of the long-form animated movie, the idea that movie studios could own theme parks, and laid the groundwork for his cartoon mouse becoming the symbol of a multi-billion dollar empire. His granddaughter, given the chance to produce a documentary pushing back against Islamofascism, would rather attack a dead white man, and cancel the career of a living white woman instead.

NEWS PEOPLE REPORTING ACTUAL NEWS: Liberal Media Concedes GOP Momentum Before Midterms.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Inside the White House’s failed effort to dissuade OPEC from cutting oil production to avoid a ‘total disaster.’ “The Biden administration launched a full-scale pressure campaign in a last-ditch effort to dissuade Middle Eastern allies from dramatically cutting oil production, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. But that effort appears to have failed, following Wednesday’s crucial meeting of OPEC+, the international cartel of oil producers that, as expected, announced a significant cut to output in an effort to raise oil prices. That in turn will likely cause US gasoline prices to rise at a precarious time for the Biden administration, just five weeks before the midterm elections.”


“It’s important everyone is aware of just how high the stakes are,” said a US official of what was framed as a broad administration effort that is expected to continue in the lead up to the Wednesday OPEC+ meeting.

The White House is “having a spasm and panicking,” another US official said, describing this latest administration effort as “taking the gloves off.” According to a White House official, the talking points were being drafted and exchanged by staffers and not approved by White House leadership or used with foreign partners.

The situation’s so desperate, he may have to allow domestic drilling and pipelines.

Nah, that’s crazy talk. . . .

Seriously, allowing domestic drilling puts money in the hands of an industry and a worker demographic that Democrats regard as enemies. Better we should send that money to Russia, Venezuela, or Saudi Arabia.

MARK JUDGE: How the Hollywood Stasi Hypes Conservative ‘Violence’ and Downplays the Left’s ‘Days of Rage.’

There will be several films about January 6, but none about James Hodgkinson, a former campaign volunteer for socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), who showed up at Republicans’ practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game and shot congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), a congressional staffer, a lobbyist, and two Capitol Police officers. (Hodgkinson had tried to wipe out the entire GOP leadership.)

Expect no movie about Floyd Lee Corkins, who in August 2012 entered the offices of the Family Research Council in downtown Washington and shot a security guard. Corkins pled guilty in February 2013 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to charges of committing an act of terrorism while armed, assault with intent to kill while armed, and interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition. Corkins was angry that the Family Research Council is against same-sex marriage. “They endorse Chick-fil-A and also Chick-fil-A came out against gay marriage, so I was going to use that as a statement,” prosecutors quoted Corkins as telling investigators.

There won’t a film depicting the acts of Nicholas Roske, who came to Washington in June to attempt to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If Hollywood even did do such a project, Roske would be portrayed as an innocent kid who got lost one night in Washington, D.C. He’d be played by Chris Evans, who also played Captain America. His parents would be played by Alec Baldwin and Mia Farrow.

* * * * * * * *

Although it dates all the way back to 2006, conservatives still honor the great German film The Lives of Others. It depicts the terror, violations rights, hypocrisy and intrusive abuse of the Stasi, the German secret police under communism. We are right to celebrate this great film, yet it is unfortunate that in the years since its release nothing on the right has emerged to match it.

But plenty on the left view the East Germans as the good guys in that movie.

INCENTIVES MATTER: Seniors Are Moving From High-Tax States To Low-Tax States.

COLORADO: Broomfield poised to pass numerous gun rights restrictions despite near certainty of lawsuits. “Broomfield’s involvement in the ‘regional approach’ to gun control comes as no surprise, as the mayor, one other council member and the wife of another council member have close ties to gun control activist organizations Mom’s Demand Action, Gifford’s Law Center, and Every Town for Gun Safety. Two of the groups have written most of the language being used in the ordinances.”

DEAL OF THE DAY: Marino’s Men Genuine Leather Dress Belt. #CommissionEarned

HMM: How polio came back to New York for the first time in decades, silently spread and left a patient paralyzed. “How polio reemerged in New York this year remains the subject of investigation, but public health officials believe the virus originated overseas in a country that still uses the oral polio vaccine. American health officials stopped using the oral vaccine more than 20 years ago because it contains live virus that can — in rare circumstances — mutate to become virulent, but it is still common in other countries.”

FEAR OF LEARNING SOMETHING: Harvard Law students walk out on pro-life scholar before she started speaking.

But give them credit — Yale Law students probably would have chased her off the stage, with the encouragement of school diversity officials.

HOW LONG TILL IT’S ILLEGAL TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN THE U.S.: If that strikes you as a nonsense question, you haven’t been paying attention. Check out my latest PJM column and, if you are an outspoken believer, make note for future reference of the civil liberties defenders mentioned.

AUSSIE ‘FOOTIE,’ BIG SCREEN ‘BROS’ AND THE ‘YUCK FACTOR:’ Al Mohler Jr. is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in Louisville. In his “Briefing” podcast today, he explains in detail the linkages among an Australian football executive’s firing, the total cinema flop of “Bros,” the first “gay rom-com’ from a major film producer, and the reality of the “Yuck Factor” in how many Americans view LGBQT issues.

It’s a bit lengthy at 27 minutes, but Mohler is an extraordinarily articulate, well-informed and careful thinker who is, for a seminary president, extremely attuned to the tone and temper of American public discourse. His comments on the Yuck Factor are especially relevant.

GLEICHSCHALTUNG: Medical Groups Ask DOJ to Criminalize Speech and Dissent Against Transing the Kids.

HOT! HOT! HOT TAKES!:  At long last, Jim Allan’s review of the Heriot-Schwarzschild book, A Dubious Expediency:  How Race Preferences Damage Higher Education has been published in Constitutional Commentary and is available on SSRN.  The review is titled “A Quota By Any Other Name.”

Maybe, just maybe, it will cause you to want to rush out and buy the book.

FIGHT THE POWER: Change these ‘unconstitutional’ policies, legal organization tells 12 universities.

On Monday night, Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) sent letters to 12 universities across the country demanding that they change “unconstitutional” policies that impede students’ freedom of speech.

The Roswell, Georgia-based nonprofit primarily identified potential free speech violations, with eight letters challenging bias reporting systems, which professors and students use to report on the so-called offensive speech from their peers.

Two letters challenged university policies that regulate on-campus flyers and another two highlighted restrictions on students’ ability to manage recruitment tables on public property.

SLF sent the 12 letters to: Southern Utah University; Clemson University; University of South Carolina, Columbia; University of Maine, Orono; Santa Rosa Junior College; Iowa State University; Bowling Green State University, Illinois State University; Rutgers University; Miami University of Ohio; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; and Louisiana State University.


YOU CAN GIVE STUDENTS ‘EQUITY’ — WHATEVER THAT MEANS IN THE MOMENT — OR YOU CAN TREAT THEM EQUALLY BUT YOU CAN’T DO BOTH: Public schools are losing white, middle-class students. “New York City’s education officials hope ‘to create more equitable schools, while trying to prevent middle-class families from abandoning the system,’ writes Closson.”

WELL SAID: “That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.”

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: Trump Has His Lawyers Firing on all Cylinders, Hope He Keeps It Up. “What the people running Biden’s brain, Congressional Democrats, and the corruptomedia don’t grasp is that their relentless attacks are merely making Trump grow stronger. Each time they give him a chance to counterattack his legend among the faithful grows.”

STAND UP TO THE LEFTIST CULTURE OF VIOLENCE: Providence (RI) Whistleblower Teacher Ramona Bessinger Threatened At School By Student Protest Leader.

Students act this way because the administration communicates that there will be no consequences.

GEORGE LEEF IS NOT HAPPY WITH UT: Woke Capture at UT-Knoxville: Despite efforts by state legislators, the institution remains committed to DEI nonsense. Some of that is turning around — I can attest that the atmosphere is different than it was a couple of years ago — but the long march through the institutions goes both ways.

PRETTY PLEASE HELP US OUT OF THIS HOLE WE DUG: White House launches last ditch effort to dissuade OPEC from cutting oil production to avoid a ‘total disaster.’

You know, maybe Biden would have better luck if he hadn’t called the Saudis a pariah state.

SHOCKER: Expert: FBI undercounts armed citizens stopping attacks.

SCHEDULED FOR NOON, EASTERN TIME: SpaceX Crew 5 mission set to lift off for International Space Station.

WHAT WE WERE PROMISED: Flying Cars, Routine Passenger Trips to Space Stations and Moon Bases.

What we got: Exploding Electric Bicycles.



Please consult with your insurance company to see whether the eBike was covered by your homeowner’s policy.

Do not taunt happy fun bike.

TRANSMADNESS: A New York Father Is Fighting for His Daughter’s Body and Soul. “So the father is now facing the mother, the courts, and the state in trying to gain full custody and ensure that his daughter, now 11, grows up normally, without introducing chemicals into her body. He wants the girl to be able to express herself but to do so without drugs or surgery that will change her forever.”

OKAY, THIS HAS OFFICIALLY BECOME A THING: 12 Federal Judges Join Boycott, Refuse To Hire Yale Students As Law Clerks.

The judges joining the boycott, all of whom requested anonymity in order to speak freely, cited a series of incidents where they say free speech has come under attack at Yale Law …

The law school’s ideological monoculture also poses a problem for vetting clerkship applicants, some judges said, because there are simply no professors whom they trust to recommend conservative clerks.

The feeder judge told the Free Beacon that he had long relied on Amy Chua, a left-leaning but heterodox Yale Law professor, for recommendations, but that the law school has made it a “speech and thought crime” for students to associate with her.

This could start to actually have an effect, potentially pushing Yale Law out of its #1 slot in the rankings. Dean Heather Gerken has to be worried about how that will affect her deanship.


Stern left his house for the first time in two years to dine with other A-listers, including Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, despite admitting it was ‘too much’ for the germaphobe.

Stern, 68, finally left his $20million ‘apocalypse bunker’ in Southampton to enjoy an Israeli meal at Laser Wolf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Friday night after he and his wife Beth were invited out by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, 54.

‘I really had an exhausting weekend, emotionally, physically,’ Stern said on his radio show on Monday. ‘For the first time in two years I ventured out of the house. It was too much for me. It was too much. I haven’t been out in two years.’

Despite being in great company – rubbing elbows with the likes of Justin Theroux and Jon Hamm – the radio host said he was ‘in a panic’ the whole time.

‘I said to my wife: “I don’t want to go, I’m in a panic, I don’t want to get COVID.”

‘I know our president has told us the pandemic is over and everyone is walking around without masks…I still just don’t want to get COVID.’

Flashback: What Happened to Howard Stern?

Listening to this balderdash, you’d have thought that Clinton had led a saintly life, that she had been constantly set upon by jealous, corrupt inferiors, and that her career had been a spotless series of legislative and diplomatic triumphs. Buying into the notion of Hillary as a lifelong victim of the patriarchy, Stern seemed to be out to make up, in one interview, for every time he’d ever gotten a stripper to remove her top. One illuminating moment came when Stern praised Howard Zinn, the Communist author of A People’s History of the United States, a shoddy work of propaganda that has, alas, become a perennial best-seller and college text. Every Stern fan knows that Howard’s not big on books, so if he’s actually read Zinn’s opus, it’s likely his chief source of information on American history—a scary thought.

It was a stunning listening experience. When Hillary blamed James Comey (along with “the Russians and Wikileaks”) for her election loss, Stern went along with her, even though Comey had done Hillary a service by choosing not to prosecute her for clear violations of the Espionage Act. When she mentioned her emails, Stern didn’t bring up her private server or her destruction of the emails with BleachBit but instead agreed readily with her baffling claim that the emails had been “misinterpret[ed]”; when she criticized Trump’s “trade battles” and tax breaks, said that Trump was in Putin’s “camp,” and accused Trump fans (and not Antifa) of committing acts of violence around the country—and when she even knocked the booming Trump economy—Stern nodded along. He made no mention of Fusion GPS, the Clinton Foundation, her contorted version of the Benghazi episode, her dubious story about coming under fire in Bosnia, or anything else remotely scandalous in her (or her husband’s) past. Both Hillary and Stern took Joe Biden’s side in the Ukraine controversy and agreed that Trump’s famous phone call with the Ukrainian president had amounted to an “abuse of power.”

The entire interview was a case of kowtowing on an epic scale. Howard Stern, who rose to fame, in considerable part, by zapping fraudulent politicians, had now given one of the most sycophantic interviews of all time to a woman regarded by many as the most duplicitous pol of our era. It was a terrible comedown for a guy who’d earned a reputation for fearless honesty.

As Stephen Kruiser wrote at the start of year: Howard Stern Is Now Your Grandmother. “I wasn’t a radio guy but there was a time in the early ’90s when I set my alarm to listen to Howard Stern. He was that good. He was crass. He was insightful. Most importantly — for me — he was funny. He was also beyond edgy. Now he’s a bitchy, housecoat-wearing granny.”

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FBI WHISTLEBLOWER EXPLAINS MOTIVE BEHIND LAS VEGAS SHOOTINGS: In the interview, Guandolo said, “when you look at what actually transpired and put it together from a counter-espionage attack and counter-espionage look, the probability that was an ISIS attack is well over 90%.”

But: “He said the Special Agent in Charge of the Las Vegas FBI field office ‘got angry and dismissed it, and when presented with the information, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. dismissed it out of hand.'”

They wanted it to be white supremacists or Tea Partiers or something.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Former Northeastern University Staffer Is Charged With Staging Campus Explosion.

Jason Duhaime, 45 years old…was director of the Immersive Media Lab at Northeastern, but a university spokeswoman said Tuesday that he was no longer employed there.

Mr. Duhaime said Sept. 13 that he was injured when sharp objects blew out of a hard-sided plastic case as he opened it, but the next day officials said they were investigating whether he staged the incident and questioned whether there was any explosion at all.

The package had been accompanied by a rambling printed note that railed against virtual reality, the metaverse and Meta Platforms Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg. According to a photograph included in a court filing, the typed letter warned that Northeastern’s virtual-reality lab had two months to take down its operations “or else!!!!!” It ended with the warning, “WE ARE WATCHING YOU.”

Forensic experts found a draft of that same letter on a computer in Mr. Duhaime’s Northeastern office, created just hours before the alleged explosion, according to an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent’s affidavit included in a court filing unsealed Tuesday.

More details at Boston’s CBS affiliate: Northeastern University employee staged bomb incident, faces federal charges, FBI says.

In an interview described in the affidavit, Duhaime allegedly told investigators, “As soon as I opened it up, all this energy and, like, these things come flying out. And I had a long sleeve shirt, and they flew up underneath, basically, and hit my arm. The case went up and then it came down.”

The evidence refuted Duhaime’s claims. According to the affidavit, investigators found the case in question was empty and did not show any signs it had been exposed to an “explosive discharge of any time or magnitude.”

“The Subject Case was empty. The inside and outside of the case did not bear any marks, dents, cracks, holes, or other signs that it had been exposed to a forceful or explosive discharge of any type or magnitude. Likewise, aside from several fold marks, the Letter was pristine. It bore no tears, holes, burn marks, or any other indication that it had been near any sort of forceful or explosive discharge,” the agent wrote in the affidavit.

The affidavit continued, “Duhaime raised his sleeves for the Northeastern officer, revealing several small, superficial marks or bruises on his lower forearms. Duhaime’s shirt, however, did not appear damaged.”

A school-owned laptop in Duhaime’s Northeastern office contained a file of the bomb threat letter, written hours before the incident, investigators said.

“Forensic analysis of one of the computers seized during a search of the office at Northeastern University revealed the word-for-word electronic copy of the letter stored in a backup folder. Metadata associated with this file reflected a created date and time of Sept. 13 at 2:57, roughly four hours prior to when he called 911 to report the explosion,” U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins said.

“Throughout the course of our investigation, we believe he repeatedly lied to us about what happened inside the lab, he faked his injuries, and wrote a rambling letter directed at the lab threatening more violence,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Joseph Bonavolonta said.

Bonavolonta said Duhaime “wanted to be the victim,” but would not comment on a possible motive or ideology.

“In this case, we believe Mr. Duhaime wanted to be the victim, but instead victimized his entire community by instilling fear at college campuses in Massachusetts and beyond,” he said.

The FBI probably enjoyed the old school nature of a suspect allegedly lying to them after the past few years: Bombshell LA Times Report: FBI Misled Judge Who OK’d Warrant for Beverly Hills Seizure of $86 million.

IF IT WEREN’T FOR FAKE HATE CRIMES, HOW MANY HATE CRIMES WOULD WE HAVE? Ex employee charged with staging fake explosion at Boston’s Northeastern University.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: 91% of American CEOs preparing for a recession — a long one.

UNHEALTHY IN SO MANY WAYS: Diverse Fat Activist Gets Paid to Lie to Children About Nutrition for Corporate Profit.

FROM LAURA MONTGOMERY:  His Terrible Stall: A Science Fiction Lost Colony Adventure.


His Terrible Stall: A Science Fiction Lost Colony Adventure (Martha's Sons Book 5) by [Laura  Montgomery]

On a lost and stranded colony world, with his brother’s family at risk, Peter Dawe will do what he must to protect them.
A lost starship’s settlers turn one valley on an alien planet into a terraformed replica of Earth. The rest of the planet offers only hardship and madness. Despite the oasis First Landing provides, the ship’s crew fled decades earlier with their fabricators, spacecraft, and knowledge when those controlling the valley threatened their freedoms.
The ship’s crew founded a separate colony on the southern plains. From there they spied on their former passengers, always fearful that the richer valley would come to take what they had. Even after a generation, the loathing persists.
A man in exile—
Peter Dawe faces an arid existence in a brother’s secret northern outpost. His work there has meaning and purpose, but when asked to journey to the southern settlement to help recover stolen weapons his brother needs, Peter has to defeat his own belief he shouldn’t expect too much from life.
A brother’s quest—
Determined to find the missing rifles, Peter works his way through supposed friends and allies to catch the real thieves. But can he overcome the prior generation’s ruthless plans to stop him when his own life hangs in the balance?
His Terrible Stall is the fifth book in the gripping science fiction colonization series Martha’s Sons. If you like driven heroes and strange worlds, you’ll want to throw yourself into this one.
Pick it up now to join the hunt!

JONATHAN ADLER: The Sackett Oral Argument and the Problem of Defining “Waters of the United States: The justices wrestled with the problem of identifying a clear, coherent, and administrable definition to constrain federal regulatory jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.”

If you can’t clearly define a federal power, then it should not exist until you can. One of the bedrock principles of our constitution is supposed to be that federal powers are limited and defined. If you can’t limit it and define it, it’s not a federal power. (Note: My opinion not necessarily that of the Supreme Court.)

THOSE CARBS TURN TO BLOOD GLUCOSE NEARLY AS FAST AS YOU EAT THEM:  White rice is as bad as candy when it comes to heart health: study.

PRICES ARE UP NEARLY 25% IN AUGUST:  Here’s why the US is facing a butter shortage ahead of holidays.

ANY EFFORT AT TOTAL CONTROL OF INFORMATION IS AN EFFORT AT TOTALITARIANISM:  When few control the flow of information, we all suffer.

SOME BITS OF HOPE:  Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud.

THE JUNTA EMBOLDENS ALL THE BAD ACTORS:  North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, Residents Take Cover.

CLOWN WORLD:  Green Goblin Gang Terrorizes NYC Subway.

JUST DOING ALL THEY CAN TO PROP UP THE MULLAHS:  Biden Admin’s New Maritime Deal Proposes Handing Over Share of Israel’s Gas Reserves to ‘Iranian Puppet-State in Lebanon’.

BEHOLD, MY SHOCKED FACE:  Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: FDA Misled the Public About Ivermectin.


Even if the numbers weren’t sus and the sequence of events weren’t sus as all get out.



October 4, 2022

WELL, YOU KNOW, EXCEPT WHEN HE’S A REPUBLICAN, THEN ANYTHING’S FAIR: “By the way, mocking a man for doing something that you associate with women reflects sexism and homophobia.”

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The dual-fuel capability is very useful #CommissionEarned

LISTEN, SUG, DON’T FORGET TO SAY YOUR PRAYERS: Tucker Carlson is right: We should be very, very concerned about a potential nuclear war.

When I was in elementary school, I vividly remember the TV movie The Day After. It was a fictional story about a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union over NATO. Over 100 million Americans watched it in 1983. It was later broadcast in Russia in 1987.

The movie depressed President Ronald Reagan and helped drive him to curtail nuclear proliferation. I remember being scared after watching it in the second grade and many adults buzzing about it.

After all, what’s more terrifying—and also more conversation-worthy—than civilizational annihilation?

Since the 1950s and throughout the Cold War, the specter of nuclear war haunted American, European, and Russian psyches, as a real possibility that could literally mean the end of humankind. All over contemporary political squabbles.

Today, it feels like we are closer to nuclear war with Russia than at any other time in my adult life. Over Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened it. Prominent former U.S. officials casually discuss nuclear strikes as an “option.”

And nobody seems to give a crap!

In the ‘80s we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Worrying. Making TV movies about it. Presidents taking action over it.

In 2022, James Madison’s flute and Herschel Walker take precedent instead, apparently.

One of the few places I have found the appropriate level of alarm over this was Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program on Monday night. On it, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald accurately laid out the reason for the establishment media’s disinterest in this issue. And why people are hesitant to talk about it.

Flashback: The Unexpected Return of Duck and Cover.

With a 2022 twist! Don’t forget to wear your mask when you’re in the fallout shelter:

Here’s a link to the referenced document if you want to see it for yourself.

(Classical allusion in headline.)

BOB MCMANUS: George Soros-backed DA realizes that soft-on-crime ‘reforms’ are a failure.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Twitter Employees go Berserk over Elon Musk (Video).

DON’T GET COCKY: Rumors of the Death of the Red Wave Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

OPEN THREAD: Chat away.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Documents: USPS Has Been Spying On Gun Rights Supporters and Conservatives.


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Bush made the remarks during an interview on ABC News’ “Good Morning America” when co-host George Stephanopoulos noted that Bush was one of the Democrats who has “stuck by” the position despite it being unpopular with Americans.

“Are you worried at all that that could hurt some of your colleagues going into the midterm elections?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“The thing about ‘defund the police’ is we have to tell the entire narrative,” Bush responded. “People hear ‘defund the police,’ but you know what they’ll say, say ‘reallocate,’ say ‘divest,’ say ‘move,’ but it’s still the same thing.”

“We can’t get caught up on the words,” Bush continued. “People spend more time focusing on the word ‘defund’ than they spend on caring and addressing the problem of police violence in this country.”

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But it’s not just China destroying itself: Mask Mandate Reinstated At Rutgers After Faculty Legal Action: When Rutgers lifted its campus-wide mask mandate last Monday, its unionized professors filed a legal complaint with the state.

HOPE IT DOESN’T SPRING ANY NEW LEAKS WHILE IT’S WAITING: NASA pushes back Artemis 1 launch to November.

YOU HAD ONE JOB: Asrock sabotages its own motherboards with RAM slot sticker. “All helpful information and perhaps it’s understandable that Asrock would want to highlight it — maybe a lot of people were returning motherboards after putting one DIMM in the wrong slot and watching their computer fail to boot. But there had to have been a better solution than sticking a piece of paper directly on top of hundreds of sensitive electrical contacts, complete with adhesive. Several users reported that the sticker tore when they removed it, leaving behind a sticky residue and an incredibly delicate cleanup job. Buyers ready to assemble brand new, screaming-fast Ryzen 7000 desktops with these very pricey motherboards were not amused. Some had luck removing the stickers by applying heat beforehand, but others were left with a sticky mess that made their RAM slots inoperative.”


Flashback: Fauci and other health ‘experts’ are messing up monkeypox just as they did COVID, Ebola and AIDS.


LIFE IN THESE UNITED STATES: Planned Parenthood to launch first-of-its-kind mobile abortion clinic in Midwest.

TRUTH ABOUT PRO-CHOICE MOVEMENT’S ROOTS: An Amicus Brief filed in the Oklahoma State Supreme Court by Liberty Counsel lays out in brutal detail the facts about the roots of the abortion movement in the racial genocide program of the Progressives’ eugenics movement. You want to talk about systemic racism? Exhibit A is the map of Planned Parenthood clinic locations.

CHECK YOUR CHEESE: FDA warns of listeria outbreak linked to brie, camembert cheeses.

MADE IN THE USA: New Balance Men’s Sneakers. #CommissionEarned

BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Harry Styles endorses Beto O’Rourke for Texas governor.

HOW IT STARTED: Zuckerberg: Facebook Throttled Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warned Of Potential ‘Russian Propaganda.

Legal Insurrection, August 25th.

How it’s going: Facebook to purge thousands of workers in ‘quiet layoffs.’

The New York Post, today.

IF THEY DON’T, HISPANICS MIGHT: Could Black Voters Give Control of the Senate to the GOP?

WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN? Masks saw more than 90% of deaf people struggle to communicate during pandemic.

PROPOSED FREEDOM CAUCUS RULES WOULD OPEN UP HOUSE: Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) explains how new rules could restore the “Peoples’ House” to the people’s representatives.

NO JOKE: Brief of The Onion as Amicus Curiae of Petitioner.The Onion files this brief to protect its continued ability to create fiction that may ultimately merge into reality. As the globe’s premier parodists, The Onion’s writers also have a self-serving interest in preventing political authorities from imprisoning humorists. This brief is submitted in the interest of at least mitigating their future punishment.”

LIVING IN A GRIZZLY PARADISE: Bear visits California home to eat trash, swim in pool.

THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Federal ‘anti-terrorism’ funds flowed to zoos, museums: watchdog report. Good to see Uncle Sam wisely spending our tax money, as usual.

THE LEFT WILL DO ANYTHING — ANYTHING — TO DESTROY THE FAMILY: California Passes Law to Lure, Keep, and Mutilate Children.

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