June 30, 2022

CRAMMING THE NARRATIVE DOWN OUR THROATS ISN’T PERSUADING FOLK????   60% of Americans say people can’t switch genders, up from years past: poll.


THEY’VE BEEN GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED FOR SO LONG…  What’s going on with our commercial airlines?

WATCH THE MARXISTS GO CRAZIER AND CRAZIER:  More reasons no one should take J6 testimony seriously.

THE ONLY TRUE INFLATION RELIEF IS IF THE LEFT IS OUT OF POWER:  Concerned California Politicos Propose Inflation Relief Package.

OH, GOOD. JUSTICE NOT-A-BIOLOGIST INCOMING:  Justice Breyer Retiring Thursday.

SRI LANKA, HERE WE COME!  Chemical Shortages Affecting U.S. Farms Described as ‘Off the Charts”.

BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE BUBBLE IS:  Why Are The Angriest Abortion-Ruling Protesters In Deep-Blue States Where There Will Be No Impact?

June 29, 2022

BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS RUN BY WOKE BAIZUO TYPES: The Vanishing Moderate Democrat: Their positions are popular. So why are they going extinct?

Well, and also because most of the “moderate” Democrats were frauds — see Al Gore — so nobody would buy that act anyway.

YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME. In this case, it’s the Oregon Supreme Court, and I was on the losing side. But still right!

As Uncle Mal says:

OPEN THREAD: No one expects a symphony orchestra. “This is the epitome of ‘No one asked for it, but it’s exactly what we needed’.”

GOODER AND HARDER, CALIFORNIA: West Hollywood Defunds Police for ‘Safety Ambassadors.’

LIBS OF TIKTOK: The people who have accused me of inciting violence are now calling for violence.

The Left has relentlessly tried to get me banned from Twitter by calling me a domestic terrorist who’s inciting violence simply because I post about drag queen events that are advertised publicly. Now, the Left—including some of the same individuals who’ve called me a “terrorist”—have been making actual calls to violence with no repercussions.

For about a week straight, I was subjected to a vicious campaign to have my account permanently booted from Twitter. Leftists, especially Ari Drennen from Media Matters and hacks from the SPLC, put out hit piece after hit piece claiming I was “going to get someone killed” for posting about drag queen events for children. All of the events I post are already publicly advertised on social media but they argue that I have subjected those that hold these events to “targeted harassment” by reposting them.

One leftist in particular who was hurling accusations at me was a woman (?) by the name of Alejandra Caraballo, who allegedly works for Harvard and self-identifies as a “Wise Latina.” Alejandra took to Twitter to say, “I don’t know how much clearer I need to be that Libs of TikTok is a stochastic terrorist[…] Twitter needs to put a stop to this before people are killed.

* * * * * * * *

Our “Wise Latina” friend Alejandra resurfaced to voice her opinion about the SCOTUS reversal, saying, “The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again. It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public[…] these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.”

It’s a classic example of what James Lindsay calls “The Iron Law of Woke Projection.”

CALIFORNIA’S GREAT AMERICA AMUSEMENT PARK TO CLOSE IN 10 YEARS: “California’s Great America in Santa Clara now has an expiration date. The park operator Cedar Fair announced Monday that it sold the land and ultimately will close the park. The company sold the land for about $310 million to San Francisco-based company Prologis. They also said they’ve signed a deal with the buyer to continue to run the park for ‘up to 11 years’ before finally closing it down at the end of their current lease. In a statement, they said the park should continue to look and feel the same to visitors — at least in the short term. Visitors to the park on Monday were shocked to hear the news. Several employees at the park said they learned the news of the sale on Monday as well.”

THE BANNINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES: Twitter Suspends Jordan Peterson After He Tweets ‘Ellen Page Just Had Her Breasts Removed.’

Twitter suspended famed psychologist Jordan Peterson’s account after he tweeted about a transgender surgery performed on Elliot Page, nee Ellen Page, former Oscar-nominated actress.

Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila tweeted at Elon Musk, “Wow. @jordanbpeterson got a twitter strike. No more twitter until he deletes the tweet. Definitely not a free speech platform at the moment. @elonmusk.”

In the tweet prompting Twitter’s suspension, Peterson wrote, “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

Twitter wrote that Peterson had violated its rules for “hateful conduct,” apparently because used Page’s given name; Page now goes by Elliott. He also referred to Page as “her,” thus implying Page is a woman.

Earlier: Here’s Your Daily Reminder That You Can Threaten Scotus Justices But the Babylon Bee Has Been Banned Since March for Misgendering Someone.

VOTERS: DO SOMETHING ABOUT INFLATION, GAS PRICES, AND PRODUCT SHORTAGES. Democrats’ response? Going Full Leeeeeroy Jenkins in the Culture War! Wow, They Really Want to Do This? Delusional Democrats Advance ‘Transgender Bill of Rights.’

QUESTION ASKED: Is Dobbs an Electoral Dud?

A majority of voters say the Court’s decisions will not “personally impact” their lives, which is roughly unchanged from May. That helps explain why progressives who insist that this is the moment to “discipline” the Court over its reckless jurisprudence haven’t found their audience. Only 38 percent of respondents back “expanding the Supreme Court” to blunt the influence of its conservative justices—results that are also “largely unchanged from September 2021.”

Meanwhile, Democrats were treated yesterday to the first real-world test of whether the Supreme Court’s decision had enlivened their previously unenthusiastic voting base. The results were ambiguous.

Voters turned out to cast their ballots in primary races in Illinois, New York, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Utah on Tuesday and, as of that evening, turnout “appeared to be typically sluggish” according to the New York Times. All the caveats apply: These states all have early-voting provisions, so many votes had already been cast by primary day, and there were fewer contested primaries on the Democratic side than the GOP’s. That said, however, “unaffiliated voters had returned more early ballots in Republican primaries than Democratic ones, a reversal from 2020 and 2018, election officials said.”

We cannot yet say that Dobbs won’t deliver Democrats from a drubbing at the polls in November. But there’s little indication of that yet. In fact, from what we have seen so far, the Court’s ruling might even be an electoral non-event. If future polls and primary results subsequently confirm that impression—if the overturning of Roe cannot salvage Democratic fortunes—this cake is well and truly baked.

Related: Guess Who Leads in the Generic Ballot After the Dobbs Decision?

Don’t get cocky.

THAT’S NOT GOOD: An Ancient Killer Is Rapidly Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists Warn. “According to new research, the bacterium that causes typhoid fever is evolving extensive drug resistance, and it’s rapidly replacing strains that aren’t resistant.” There is a vaccine.

OH, I THINK IT’S PRETTY OBVIOUS WHY: ‘Top Gun’ Hits Over $1 Billion and the Left Is Going Crazy: Here’s Why.

GREAT MOMENTS IN OBJECTIVITY: ABC News’ Jon Karl explains why he tweeted ‘thank you, Cassidy Hutchinson’ (and makes the hackery even worse).

More great moments in objectivity on display here:


LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Muscle Dysmorphia in Men: The Han Swolo Effect — Relatively new form of body dysmorphic disorder pumped up by advertising and media. Interesting. Gotta go now, time for my chinups and protein shake.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Bert And Ernie Both Contract Monkeypox. “‘Hey there, Bert, I don’t know if that bathhouse in Madrid was worth it,’ Ernie was heard saying as muppet CDC bolted the door to their studio apartment shut.”

‘LITIGATION IS LIKELY:’ California Just Doxxed Thousands of Gun Owners. “In a statement given to the Reload, California Rifle and Pistol Association president Chuck Michel said his group ‘is working with several legislators and sheriffs to determine the extent of the damage caused by DOJ’s doxing of law abiding gun owners. Litigation is likely.’”

FROM THE FOLKS AT LUCKYGUNNER, Thoughts on everyday carry.

NOW OUT FROM JOE PAPPALARDO: Red Sky Morning: The Epic True Story of Texas Ranger Company F.


TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Our Alleged President Has Spoken!

Stacy McCain responds with an old-school Fisking.

JOE SAYS, IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD GAS, BUY ONE: EVs Are Becoming More Expensive, Not Less.

WHAT TRUMP MIGHT HAVE DONE TO THE DEEP STATE: Jeffrey Tucker reminds that, while it’s long forgotten now, former President Donald Trump signed an executive order — 13957 on Oct. 21, 2020 — late in his tenure that would have taken a significant step toward bringing the permanent bureaucracy under control.

Biden, of course, reversed the order shortly after being sworn-in as Trump’s successor. Having had a small part in bringing about the Reagan Revolution’s partially successful reforms of the federal personnel system, I agree Trump’s EO could have made a huge difference. Coulda-woulda-shoulda.

I suspect a President DeSantis would resurrect something quite similar, but nothing short of a remarkably powerful, durable and united political will in both the White House and the Congress will be able to bring it to fruition.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Past-His-Prime Howard Stern Plays Media Like a Fiddle. “The press loathed Stern for decades, but reporters still gave him the copious coverage he craved. Now, Stern marches in lockstep with the press. He’s embraced most of its preferred narratives, which just so happen to overlap with the progressive agenda.”

THEY’RE BOTH MAKING EARLY MOVES: Who Will Replace Biden in 2024, the Prince of Hair or Governor LGBTQIABBA2S+?

READER FAVORITE: Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife. #CommissionEarned

NATIONALIZE ALL THE SOCIALISM! Nationalize ‘Big Oil’? Are You Crazy?

PERSONALLY, I WAS EXPECTING A MOON-SHATTERING KABOOM: What happens when a rocket hits the moon? It’s not always what astronomers predict.

“MILTON FRIEDMAN ISN’T RUNNING THE SHOW ANYMORE:” Fourth of July BBQ price up $10 one year after White House celebrated 16-cent discount.

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: How the pandemic and social distancing have changed our perception of time.

FALLOUT: Russian Industry Faces Code Crisis as IT Providers Pull Out.

“All industries are facing the same problems,” Dunaev said. “Many processes in modern units are controlled by software.”

The exodus is a challenge for the nation’s oil and gas industry, where domestic software accounts for only 5% to 10% of industry-specific tools and is often “suboptimal,” according to First Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin.

The situation is made worse with the depletion of Russia’s traditional oil deposits, forcing producers to tap hard-to-recover reserves that require more complicated equipment and programs if the country wants to maintain output at current levels.

Just what the world needs right now: Less oil.

KEVIN DOWNEY JR’S WOKE WEDNESDAY: Disney’s Creepy Baymax Character Just Got Creepier, Teaches Kids How to Shop for Tampons for Women AND Men.

IN THE BIDEN ERA, IT’S COME TO THIS: Doctors urge caution over tampon shortage: Avoid DIY products.

TEXAS: Harris County Democratic Judge Indicated For ‘Official Oppression.’ “Jordan was briefly taken into custody and released Monday on a $500 bond from the 339th District Criminal Court under Judge Teiva Bell. Although Official Oppression charges under Texas Penal Code are a Class A Misdemeanor, such cases are referred to felony courts for prosecution.”

KAMALA WHO? “Her name hasn’t appeared in The Washington Post in 20 days.”

Plus: “Would Jennifer Rubin like to revisit the notion that Kamala Harris finally found her moment and her message? I can’t see that there’s anything there.”

WELCOME BACK, CARTER! Oil industry agrees. Refineries likely not coming back online under current conditions.

UNSURPRISING: Payday Lenders: More and More, DC’s Leftists Are Siding with Big Business.

While the GOP has become a multiracial party of the middle and working classes, the Democrats are the party of the rich/woke white people and their poor dependents. And the latter are growing increasingly restive.

IT’S SO NICE HAVING THE GROWNUPS BACK IN CHARGE: White House Face Plants Doing Damage Control After Migrant Death Disaster.



SPACE: NASA aims to launch the SLS rocket in just 2 months. “After more than a decade and more than $20 billion in funding, NASA and its litany of contractors are very close to declaring the 111-meter tall rocket ready for its debut launch.”

It seems silly saying SLS will launch “in just two months” for a rocket that was supposed to have first flown in 2016, but here we are.

PUTTING OUT FIRE WITH GASOLINE: California’s Newsom Loads Billions Into the Cash Cannon to Pay Off Voters in November.

BE PREPARED: The Prepper’s Medical Handbook.#CommissionEarned

READER FAVORITE: RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool. #CommissionEarned

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Bed Bath & Beyond turning off AC in stores to save money.

Related: Bed Bath & Beyond CEO ousted as sales collapse 27%.

Is turning off the AC the way to bring customers back?

“SOMEONE COMPLAINED, AND IT WAS GONE.” Cornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust.

Hey, he was a Republican.

LET A THOUSAND MEMES BLOOM: Trump J6 Beast Mode Meme Fest.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: Let Beefdom Ring! “My mom taught me to never hate, but she is long dead and I’m a grown man. I will hate anyone or anything I choose. I’ve earned the right to detest the detestable.”

SHOCKER: Bad things are still happening in Uvalde.

2012 BARACK OBAMA IS UNAVILABLE FOR COMMENT. ALSO 2022 BARACK OBAMA. NATO declares Russia its ‘most direct threat,’ offers Finland, Sweden membership.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: 14,000 Army Guard Troops Could Be Axed Thursday for Refusing COVID Vax.

A friend suggests that Ron DeSantis should offer them relocation packages and use them as the core of his newly expanded Florida State Guard.

SHOCKER: THE ACLU DISCOVERS FEDERALISM. After Dobbs, the Path Forward Is Not Through the Courts. “While it may sound strange coming from the lawyer who heads the ACLU, the real path forward is not through the courts. We must turn to the political process and increase pressure on elected officials—especially at the state and local level. State Constitutions will provide opportunities for new advocacy. We can enact constitutional amendments and pass ballot measures that expand abortion rights and access, as we are doing in Michigan this November.”

SHOW TRIAL: Author blows whistle on Jan. 6 ‘melodrama’ and police beatings.


From your keyboard to God’s ear.

DEAL OF THE DAY: Beard Bib Beard Apron. #CommissionEarned

DON’T GET COCKY: Democrats spending millions to protect two blue state senators.

Less than a year ago, a GOP Senate victory in deep blue Washington state would have been unthinkable. But now, Democrats are spending millions on advertising in several once-reliable Democratic strongholds, including Washington, as Republicans build national momentum and push for new Senate pickups.

There’s a similar panic in Colorado, where Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary has also drawn millions of dollars in Democratic-funded ads to boost a far-right candidate, a massive last-ditch campaign to keep a moderate Republican off the ballot this fall.

Washington’s Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, meanwhile, has spent more than $1 million on television ads in recent weeks, including two attacking her Republican opponent, Tiffany Smiley, in a state President Joe Biden won by nearly 20 points.

Both sets of ad buys suggest that Republicans are pressing to expand the number of Senate races in which they might pick up a seat in the narrowly divided chamber — and Democrats are worried they may be becoming even more vulnerable.

Get’em skeered and keep the skeer on ’em.



Title IX campus officials are often highly-paid people with exceptional power. Harvard boasts more than 50 Title IX coordinators, more than 80 percent of them women. These careers depend on a steady stream of complaints. Too many people have too much invested in making campus sexual politics a problem that can’t be solved.

Bureaucracies don’t solve problems, they exploit them.

OH, I WOULDN’T BE THIS IS THE PEAK!  The Biden Administration Hits Peak Energy Absurdity.

“SCIENTISTS” ARE GOING TO DAMAGE OUR SANITY:  Scientists claim rocket launches are going to damage ozone layer.

THE EQUALITY WE NEED IS EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW:  When rights depend on one’s ideology.

HE’S NOT REALLY JOKING AS MUCH AS IT SOUNDS:  The Rapid Onset Ruling-Class Disorder Crisis.

SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT:  Analysis: Kamala Harris Is a ‘Petty Ass Bitch’.


THE JUNTA WOULD LIKE US TO HAVE AN ARMY:  Amid Recruitment Crisis, Defense Dept. Poised to Axe At Least 14,000 Army Guard Troops For Refusing COVID Injections.

IT FEELS LIKE 2020 NEVER ENDED:  This couldn’t have had a good effect on people’s health.

HILARY HASN’T BEEN A KID FOR ALMOST A CENTURY:  Hillary, The Comeback Kid? “Now Is Her Moment”.

AND THIS IS WHAT THEY’RE TRYING TO DISTRACT YOU FROM:  Joe Biden Voicemail to Hunter Indicates He Spoke to His Son About His Chinese Dealings.

THESE SHOW TRIALS AREN’T EVEN THAT GOOD A SHOW:  Multiple Reporters: Secret Service to Dispute J6 Committee Star Witness.

June 28, 2022


OPEN THREAD: Don’t run out of space.

FASTER, PLEASE: Venus Aerospace unveils its new dart-like Mach 9 hypersonic plane design. The subhed claims it will circle the earth in an hour, but it’ll have to go faster than 7,000 mph to do that.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: ‘The Jewish Factor, It’s Money:’ Biden Ambassador Pick Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Tirade.

BOMBSHELL? Surprise Jan. 6 Witness Claims Trump Grabbed Limo Wheel, Wanted to Join Capitol Protesters.

It’s two Trumps in one!

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): That didn’t last long:

As usual, the salacious stories about Trump turn out to be made up.

ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): From the comments: “Will someone in D.C. please dress up as a steering wheel and hold a dramatic press conference? ‘Ohhhh, he tried to grab me! And Mark Judge saw the whole thing!'”

Plus, this, via the open thread:

Also, from tonight’s Open Thread: “If the Ds are doing so awesome with the abortion issue, why did they change the news cycle with the bogus Trump steering wheel stupidity?”

THIS IS NEWS: Turkey lifts its objections to Sweden, Finland joining NATO.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To Prison In Spite Of Years Of Faithful Service To Nation’s Leaders.

I COULD USE AN ATTACK CAT: Cat chases bear away from owner’s driveway in British Columbia.

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