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ALIENS: The Oldest Known Burial Site in The World Wasn’t Created by Our Species.

Well, sort of: “Critically, they also belong to Homo naledi, a primitive species at the crossroads between apes and modern humans, which had brains about the size of oranges and stood about 1.5 meters (five feet) tall. . . . Engravings forming geometrical shapes, including a ‘rough hashtag figure’, were also found on the apparently purposely smoothed surfaces of a cave pillar nearby.​”

I wonder if they’re truly a different species or if, as with Neanderthals, Denisovans, etc., more-modern humans could interbreed with them. A quick web search suggests that there’s no evidence that they did, but that evidence could be buried in a cave somewhere.

THIS IS A DUMB TIMELINE, BUT A FUNNY ONE: WATCH: Hamas Simps Show Up at Jake Tapper’s House, What Happens Next Is Hilarious.

To set the scene, the protesters showed up and started shouting into a bullhorn about how Israel bombed the Al-Ahli hospital. As RedState reported in late 2023, the hospital was not bombed. Rather, the parking lot area was hit by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket that fell short. While the “Gaza Ministry of Health” initially claimed 500-700 dead, the actual death toll was around 25 people. It was one of the first major hoaxes of the war. Apparently, these protesters didn’t get the memo. More likely, they just don’t care because they lie like they are breathing.

Regardless, amid the protest, something hilarious happened.

If you can’t watch the video, Tapper’s kids come to the window and start blaring the Star Spangled Banner. They then begin laughing and waving, triggering the every-loving mess out of the protesters. . . . They get so mad when you make fun of them, which means making fun of them is absolutely the right choice.

It helps that they’re so ridiculous, too.


JULIETTE OCHIENG: The Grudges: Eating popcorn on the sidelines. “It’s fascinating to watch on social media as people and groups worry about their ethnic blood lines dying out or being diluted. Be advised, I’m not talking about ethnic genocides, which are always wrong and always evil. I’m talking about those who are up in arms about interracial/inter-ethnic relationships, intermarriage and integration. Especially confusing are black Americans who go on about those of our number who procreate with non-black persons.”

Hi Readers! I have been working on a follow up book to “Men on Strike” and need your help with a title.

What title do you like best for a book on men?

A) The Men’s Center: Men Speak Out on Dating, Marriage and Life in 21st Century America.

B) Men Speak Out: What Men Really Think about Dating, Marriage and Life in America.

C) Men Speak Out: What Men Really Think about Love and Life in America.

D) Other (put in the comments).

OF THE UNELECTED BUREAUCRACY THAT HAS SEIZED POWER: Fauci Was Just a Symptom. Jeffrey H. Anderson takes a rigorous look at Fauci’s record, from AIDS through COVID, and the repeated unsubstantiated (or outright false) claims by him and the public establishment about the Covid mRNA vaccines and drugs like AZT, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and remdesivir. He notes that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while routinely dismissed as a “vaccine denier” by the mainstream press, has often been spot on with this criticisms of Fauci and the establishment, especially when it comes to their authoritarianism.

The crux of the problem with our public health establishment is the consolidation and centralization of power and money. Such power and money is often placed in the hands of people like Fauci who are either incredibly incompetent or (as Kennedy thinks) appallingly corrupt. The only genuine solution would seem to be to break up the monopoly. Whether it is public health research or “climate change” research, a tiny group of career federal employees should not be allowed to control the purse strings, agenda, and messaging for a nation of 330 million people. Perhaps the solution, at least in the public health vein, is to split the NIH’s $50 billion annual budget among the states on the basis of population, with no federal strings attached.

Whatever the remedy, however, America needs to free its scientists from adherence to bureaucratic groupthink and once again encourage intellectual inquisitiveness and genuine scientific discovery. Such uncorrupted scientific inquiry is essentially incompatible with having almost all scientific funding be funneled through a small cabal of self-interested bureaucrats. It is this arrangement, coupled with the willingness of elected officials to defer to him, that made Fauci so powerful and permitted him to do so much damage.

As uniquely unscrupulous, power-mongering, and slithering as Fauci is, he is more the symptom than the disease—the effect rather than the cause of an overbearing and largely unchecked administrative state. So long as Congress and executive-branch leaders continue to allow the likes of Fauci to wield unconscionable levels of power on the basis of position rather than merit—in a way that is almost entirely detached from voters—American science, and republican government, will continue to suffer.

Read the whole thing.

BUT IT’S VERY INCONVENIENT FOR ACTIVIST GRIFTERS: Minority Success Is Possible. Data on legal immigrants’ economic performance make clear that blacks can succeed in America.

SO U.S. V. RAHIMI IS OUT, and the Supreme Court upheld the ban on gun possession by those subject to a domestic violence civil protective order. I was out to a long lunch and just got home, so I’ll have something to say later after I’ve read it, but here’s a summary from SCOTUSblog.

However, if, as the majority says, “firearm laws have included provisions preventing individuals who threaten physical harm to others from misusing firearms,” then does that call into question bans on gun possession by those convicted of nonviolent felonies? It has long been my position that far fewer crimes should be designated as felonies, and that the due process clause and the Eighth Amendment should set limits on what sorts of crimes can be made felonies. But I’ll read the opinion before I say more.

UPDATE: More thoughts from Eugene Volokh.

DISPATCHES FROM THE BLUE ZONES: Oakland Residents Celebrate Juneteenth By Shooting At Each Other. “For all the talk of California having the toughest gun control in the nation, gangbangers seem to have no problem obtaining weapons. Evidently the California Democratic establishment only wants to disarm the law-abiding.”