ROBERT SPENCER: Biden’s Handlers Think They Have a NATO Ally in Erdogan. But Erdogan Has Other Ideas. “To celebrate Erdogan’s victory, his followers gathered in Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque and screamed ‘Allahu akbar,’ which does not mean ‘God is great,’ as the Western establishment media routinely claims, but rather, ‘Allah is greater,’ that is, greater than your god. It is a declaration of supremacy with immense implications.”

SPACE: James Webb telescope discovers gargantuan geyser on Saturn’s moon, blasting water hundreds of miles into space. “Analysis revealed that the jets contained methane, carbon dioxide and ammonia — organic molecules containing chemical building blocks necessary for the development of life. It’s even possible that some of these gases were produced by life itself, burping out methane deep beneath the surface of Enceladus, an international team of researchers posited in research published last year in The Planetary Science Journal.”


Remarkably, however, Crawford H. “Chet” Taylor is entirely a figment of ChatGPT’s imagination. Tony Vanhuisen wrote:

Crawford H. “Chet” Taylor was never Governor of South Dakota and, in fact, I can find no evidence of such a person, at all. I will credit ChatGPT, though, that Governor Taylor is a plausible-sounding fictional governor.

The 14th Governor of South Dakota was not Chet Taylor (who again, doesn’t exist) but Tom Berry. Taylor is said to have served from 1949 to 1951; in fact, that would coincide with the second gubernatorial term of George T. Mickelson.

AI even produced a fake portrait of the fake governor:

AI is so good, it even gave “Chet” a second pocket square!

JEFF GOLDSTEIN: The White Face of Black Supremacy. “On Instagram, this middle-aged warrior for Social Justice has 330 thousand followers. Twitter? Mr McWhorter — who can safely be described as white as a debutante’s taint — has over half a million followers, to whom he offers such wisdom as this. . . . I bring all this up as a backdrop to my final words on the ‘CitiBike Karen’ affair. The facts, to the extent they continue to matter, are not in dispute — especially if what we are after is an accurate presentation of how to contextualize the 90-second viral video that threatened to ruin the life of Sarah Comrie, a white physician’s assistant, whom the left set about to turn into an objective correlative of white ‘Karenicity,’ of female whiteness weaponized as a means to consciously control and subjugate black men. . . . McWhorter was and continues to be one of the driving forces of this narrative, having recently appeared on TYT to once again bemoan the racism of Ms Comrie and the dangers she posed to black men as a direct result of her whiteness. Responding to Guest Host Sharon Reed’s leading prompts, McWhorter claims that he ‘never cared about a stolen bike’ (he did), but instead, that what he saw that ‘alarmed’ him was Ms Comrie’s response to having the bike she rented taken away from her by black teens, which response — calling out for help while they were trying to take her property — put their lives in jeopardy. Comrie’s life, conversely, was never threatened, nor does she have any right to even perceive it as such; after all, as a pregnant white woman surrounded by several black teenagers cursing at her and laying hands on her bike, to believe herself unsafe is merely proof of her implicit biases and her latent racism. She has nothing to fear from black teens throwing f-bombs her way; whereas they had every right to fear for their lives. Because black on white crime in New York is simply not a thing, whereas a white woman calling for help — and here McWhorter invokes Emmett Till — leads to instantaneous lynchings of black youth in 21st century New York City, the contemporary urban equivalent of 1950’s Selma, Alabama, or Jessup County, Mississippi, circa 1964. I mean, do you even sociology, bro?”

Plus: “To hear McWhorter tell it — and again, this hipster doofus reaches over 6 million people through his various social media presences, which is why this matters — the viral video led not to the vilification of Ms Comrie, but rather to a ‘narrative’ and a ‘press push’ that ‘vilified’ the black teenager whose name has still not been released, whose job has never been threatened, whose family has never received deaths, and whom local media, as well as a host of national outlets, didn’t immediately label a racist and a thief, nor demonize for his skin color.”

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: The Return of Good and Evil, Part 1.

And here’s Part 2. “Of the two attributes of intelligence, it is value-setting not problem-solving that may prove the most critical one of all.”

HOW OUR COLLEGE LEADERS CULL THE HERD: “Every so often, one of our college leaders blurts out the truth about their feelings and beliefs. In their public pronouncements, they always try to appear reasonable, when they’re actually intolerant and belligerent. That’s exactly what happened at Bakersfield College (BC) in California.”