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Police in Slovakia have fined a car owner whose dog was behind the wheel.

A speed camera photo, posted on Facebook, appears to show a smiling canine in the driving seat of a Skoda.

The car owner insisted that his pet — a brown hunting dog — had suddenly leapt into his lap.

But officers in the village of Sterusy, north-east of the capital, Bratislava, said footage showed this was not the case as there was no sudden movement in the car.

But why? He’s both a very good boy, and an excellent driver.

NEW YORK POST: Jamaal Bowman’s stunt is absurd, even for the Democrats. “On Saturday, in a move that shamed his party, his delegation and the state of New York, Bowman pulled a fire alarm at the Capitol as his party tried to delay a House vote on a stopgap spending bill. Pulled a fire alarm. It was as dangerous as it was immature.”

IF YOU WONDERED WHERE I’VE BEEN: I’ve been in a dry place and it had nothing to do with Burning Man. It’s good to be back.

J6 PEOPLE ARE FACING LENGTHY JAIL TERMS FOR LESS: Should Rep. Jamaal Bowman be expelled from Congress? “Bowman got caught trying to obstruct Congressional business and now he’s making up a story. Here’s the thing – Bowman started a charter school in the Bronx. He is the founder and former principal of the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action. He knows what a fire alarm looks like and how they are used. He knows it is not a door opener. Bowman assumes everyone is dumb enough to take his explanation and let it drop.”

Or that they’ll pretend to believe it because punishing a black Democrat is fraught. But: “It’s kind of insurrectiony, isn’t it? Obstructing the business of Congress. He did so before what is described as a high-stakes House vote occurred on a stopgap measure to temporarily keep the federal government funded, avoiding a shutdown. Democrats wanted the shutdown in order to blame Republicans for it and complained they needed time to read the 70-page resolution.”


September 29, 2023—Ottawa–Gatineau—Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Today, the CRTC is advancing its regulatory plan to modernize Canada’s broadcasting framework and ensure online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.

On May 12, 2023, the CRTC launched its first public consultations. After thoroughly examining all the evidence on the public record, including over 200 interventions, the CRTC is issuing its first two decisions.

First, the CRTC is setting out which online streaming services need to provide information about their activities in Canada. Online streaming services that operate in Canada, offer broadcasting content, and earn $10 million or more in annual revenues will need to complete a registration form by November 28, 2023. Registration collects basic information, is only required once and can be completed in just a few steps.

Second, the CRTC is setting conditions for online streaming services to operate in Canada. These conditions take effect today and require certain online streaming services to provide the CRTC with information related to their content and subscribership. The decision also requires those services to make content available in a way that is not tied to a specific mobile or Internet service.

You went full Ingsoc, Canada. Never go full Ingsoc.


The Kingmaker adventure continues.

When billionaire Jerry Neville is unable to deliver the improved program he promised his Chinese creditors, he and his team concoct a clever alternative that is as unexpected as it is horrifying.

Undaunted by his arrest, Hall and his friends continue their investigation into Neville’s web of influence, only to uncover unspeakable horrors.

They are joined by Jonás Perez, a young man groomed into joining Antira by his teacher at a vulnerable moment. Jonás is taught the true meaning of redemption by his boxing coach Father Gus, a former Marine sniper.

Kevin and Carolyn’s relationship blossoms, but can it survive Mei Hua’s devious charms?

Meghan wrestles with her own conflicted emotions as she struggles to come to terms with the true nature of her relationship with Neville.

In Due Process, the heart-stopping continuation of the Kingmaker Series, prepare to be enthralled by a riveting tale of courage, treachery, and the unyielding quest for justice.