February 6, 2023

NO!  Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To ‘Address the Climate Crisis’: Don’t Leave Your House.

I’d like the Biden Junta to contemplate my middle fingers. Behold. I have a matched set.


But the appearance is not the thing.


They won’t like what blows up in their faces. The most unlikable woman in the history of ever. Yeah, that will work out well.

CALIFORNIA HAS NOT HIT PEAK STUPID: California Halts Plans to Force Children to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine to Attend Schools.

But will no doubt soon resume trying to.

START WHAT? WHOEVER WROTE THIS, OR BUYS IT AIN’T BEEN TO EUROPE IN A LONG TIME:  To Solve San Francisco’s Drug Problem, Start Emulating European Traditionalism.

Longer than I’ve been in the states. Look, I went to college in a large, dirty Atlantic port city. Yeah, some of the depravities in San Francisco might benefit from better weather, but they aren’t inventing anything new. Not since Rome. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look, or being a tourist who refuses to see the bad or stays to the Potemkin areas. Seriously.

February 5, 2023


By nature, normals want to be nice. But to survive, they need to be scary.

HMM: Moderna Booster Vaccine Singled Out for Chronic Hives.

OPEN THREAD: Make the most of it.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: China to build satellite ground stations in Antarctica.

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER — IF THEY WILL LET YOU. My latest Substack column.

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MOVING CLOSER TO ICE NINE: Scientists Discover a Weird New Form of Ice That May Change How We Think About Water.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Aux 88 Member Keith Tucker’s Guide to Detroit Electro.

THAT’S BECAUSE DIVERSITY TRAINING IS A SCAM TO ENRICH CONSULTANTS: Commonly used police diversity training unlikely to change officers’ behavior, study finds.

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Soft robotic wearable restores arm function for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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ROGER KIMBALL: Peace Through Strength or Chaos Through Senility? The Chinese would not have been deploying spy balloons over U.S. nuclear installations if Donald Trump was still president.

Related: The ‘cabal’ that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us must answer for his failed presidency.

STARLINK FOR THE WIN: How Elon Musk’s satellites have saved Ukraine and changed warfare. “This kind of connectivity is something no previous army has enjoyed. Western armies fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq had access to some vast flows of data. For the most part, though (with special forces being the notable exceptions) they found it very hard to get that information to where it was needed in a timely manner. . . . Developing such a capability within the military-industrial complex has been slow; the bureaucracy has proved predictably resistant. Now it seems all but available off the shelf.”

Plus: “Cyber-attacks like the one aimed at Ukraine’s legacy satellite system on February 24th are one possibility. So far, though, similar sallies against Starlink appear to have been ineffective, in part thanks to SpaceX’s ability to quickly update the system’s software. Dave Tremper, director of electronic warfare for the Office of the Secretary of Defence, has said the speed of the software response he witnessed to one attack was ‘eye-watering’.”

Also: “And when satellites are small and mass-produced, as the Starlink ones are, they can be replaced with much less fuss than would previously have been the case. Brian Weeden of the Secure World Foundation, an ngo, reckons that Starlink’s use in Ukraine marks ‘the beginning of the end’ for the value of anti-satellite missiles. ‘[It] turns out they’re only useful if your adversary relies on small numbers of really large/expensive satellites.'”

EVEN THE HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS IS ASKING, ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO? Record numbers of people are worse off, a recipe for political discontent: Poll.

WHY, INDEED? Why would the Chinese government be flying a large stratospheric balloon?

DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR AMERICA: Gamer Groomers: ‘The Sims’ Introduces ‘Top Surgery Scars,’ ‘Binders’ as Character Accessories.



UPDATE: From the comments: “At least our enemies can’t get inside the White House decision loop, because there isn’t any.”

OBVIOUSLY, THE DEER MUST BE SUBJECTED TO MANDATORY MASKING: Early COVID-19 variants remain in deer populations.

2024 FORD MUSTANG FIRST LOOK: Photos and Full Details on the New Pony Car! “Executive chairman Bill Ford said he knows the last internal combustion, stick shift Mustang will roll off the line in Flat Rock, Michigan, in his lifetime, and he will have a tear in his eye—but we’re not there yet. Regardless of what the future holds, the 2024 Ford Mustang, revealed in Detroit on September 14 at the 2022 North American International Auto Show, is a commitment to many more years of traditional pony car sales. There will still be a ’23 model year for the existing model with orders to open soon. And then the new-for-2024 car rides in, a de facto victory lap for the breed with its taut new looks, modern interior, electronic drift brake, and the ability to rev the engine with your key fob.”

FOOD: Experts tout benefits of insulin-resistance diet.

BE PREPARED: ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner. #CommissionEarned We just bought one of these and it works very well, but do note that it runs from the lighter in your car and does not have an actual electric plug.


A viral video depicting what appeared to be an explosion over Billings, Montana Friday night was met both with skepticism and concern amid widespread reports of a Chinese spy balloon flying over the state earlier in the week.

“We’re monitoring the situation. I’m talking to our National Guard to find out if they have additional information,” Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) told Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson in an on-air interview shortly after the video was posted.

Later in the evening, the City of Billings reported on its Twitter account that they confirmed with Montana’s Disaster Emergency Services and Gov. Gianforte that there were no explosions “in, around, or across” the state. In addition, the City of Billings said the video “can not be substantiated.”

Which seems fair enough. We live in an era in which almost everyone has an HD video camera in his smartphone. But only one person “shot” the above clip. If something that spectacular happened, there should be clips of it online posted at various camera angles and distances by numerous people.

BIDEN VOTERS POSTING THEIR L’S ONLINE: Majority of Democrats Want Someone Other Than Biden to Be 2024 Nominee: Poll.

PREJUDICE AGAINST HORMONE REPLACEMENT: Hot flashes, sleeplessness, pain during sex: For some of menopause’s worst symptoms, there’s an established treatment. Why aren’t more women offered it? Blame the “Today” show for spreading a medical panic.

There’s a similar prejudice against hormone replacement in men, but this article still tries to play the sexism card because of course.

MANDATORY INDOCTRINATION: SUNY to require DEI and social justice courses in fall 2023.

ACADEMIA OFTEN SERVES AS A SOFT-LANDING SPOT FOR FAILED DEMOCRATS: UChicago selects failed candidates Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan to teach politics.

The right has nothing comparable, really.


For quite a while, Elon Musk was one of the more popular figures in both technology and pop culture. His was a success story that everyone seemed to be able to get behind. The technology he was developing was seen as a bridge to the future and his generosity to those in need was widely admired. He dared to dream of taking people to Mars in our lifetimes. Even the left seemed to love him. He was making electric vehicles “cool” so he must have wanted to save the climate. His Boring Company was expanding underground rail options. (Public transportation!) You no doubt know the story.

Then it all collapsed when he bought Twitter and dared to challenge the idea that the left could unabashedly censor conservative speech whenever they left like it. Musk became Public Enemy Number 1, or at least somewhere well up on the list. Now Time magazine has decided to launch a broadside at the new Twitter CEO, but not over his social media activities or his Teslas. No, they have Canadian technology writer Paris Marx going after Musk and SpaceX because of his Starlink satellite constellations.

Marx. How ironic. Also, Time still exists?


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HOW ELSE YOU GONNA WIN THOSE AWARDS? WATCH: Award-Winning Journalist Compares Donald Trump, Republicans to Ku Klux Klan.

OH, DRY UP: Healing the blind is “ableism.”

Encouraging neurotics to express obviously stupid opinions is enablism.

FLASHBACK: Who’s our real president? Joe Biden — or the staffers who keep walking back his comments?

I guess we know the answer now.


If your loved one has long-ish hair and goes into dangerous places, these are a no-brainer.

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And here is Law Dog’s review of the sticks.

NO. NEXT QUESTION? Are ‘Renewables’ Worth the Trouble?

THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY I WAS PROMISED:  ‘Wearable skin’ in shape of hands grown in lab — could be used for face transplants.

I KNOW OF A NUMBER OF MOTHERS OF SMALL CHILDREN WHO’D HAPPILY GIVE IT A GO:   No one can stay in the quietest room in the world for more than an hour.

OF COURSE IT IS. THEY MIGHT NOT NEED THE GOVERNMENT:  SJWs: Women’s self defense is problematic!

SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED:  Report: Heart Attacks, Strokes On the Rise Among Young Adults.


YES, BUT PROBABLY FOR REASONS NO ONE IS ARTICULATING:  Yes, We Should Be Concerned About China’s Balloon Gambit.

OH, PLEASE!  Kansas City Chiefs Fans Get Scolded by NPR.

BECAUSE THE LEFT DON’T CARE ABOUT BLACK — OR ANY — LIVES. THEY JUST USE THEM:  Tyre Nichols and the Black Elephant in the Room.

NAH. REVOLUTIONARY COURTS:  Theater of the Absurd in J6 Courtrooms.

WHY INDEED:  Why did NIH study seemingly vanish?

February 4, 2023

OPEN THREAD: Have fun.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: Private Peregrine moon lander will now touch down near ‘geologic enigma.’

WELL, GOOD: A Splash of Milk in Coffee May Have Health Benefits We Didn’t Know About.



In accordance with the prophecy:

(Updated and bumped.)

A GOOD MONTH: SpaceX Racks Up Seven Launches In January.



SIX DEGREES OF DEION SANDERS: Watch: Deion Sanders’s Son Awkwardly Meets Student Pretending To Be Deion Sanders’s Son.

Deion Sanders‘s son, Shilo Sanders, met a student on the University of Colorado Boulder’s campus who claimed to be Deion Sanders’s son.

Shilo, who will play the safety for his father at UC Boulder next season, walked through campus and came across a student who claimed to be one of Deion’s sons. Deion has three sons, Shilo, Deion Jr., and the future quarterback at Colorado, Shedeur. Apparently, there’s a fourth son roaming around Colorado’s campus, and thankfully, Shilo captured the moment on video and posted it to his TikTok account. The person said his name was also Deion.

“You must be coach Prime’s son,” Shilo said. “Are you coach Prime’s son?”

The student answered, “I am,” and Shilo began to play into the man’s antics and said he must be Deion’s oldest son, Deion Jr.

“I don’t play sports like my brothers and them, ’cause you know? The quarterback,” the unnamed student said.

Video at link. Do we know if the “unnamed student” is actually Sidney Poitier’s son?

CHINESE SPY BALLOON, SHOT DOWN. “Joe Biden did the right thing. After pretty much running through all of the options first, of course. After spending the last 48 hours or so stonewalling and then dithering over what clearly appears to be a spy balloon from China, Biden ordered a strike on the craft — after it had completely transversed the US.”

SOME PARTS OF THE ECONOMY REMAIN STRONG: January Gun Sales Total of Over 1.2 Million Firearms is the 4th Highest On Record.

OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND: Due to Spending Cuts, UK Military Would Run Out of Ammo In 1 Day of Fighting Russia, Top General Warns.

But their pronouns were perfect: An army of snowflakes. The British Army wants to recruit snowflakes to its ranks. What is it thinking?

ORBITAL DEBRIS UPDATE: Say hello to the Commerce Department’s new space traffic-cop program.

Meanwhile, here’s a piece that Rob Merges and I wrote about orbital debris removal a while back.

YOU SPELLED “PREGNANT WOMEN” WRONG: 1 in 5 pregnant people found to lack measles immunity.

ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS EXCEPT FOR EUROPA. ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE: Jupiter’s moon count jumps to a record-breaking 92.

MMM. HELICOPTER BACON. In Texas, hunters shoot feral pigs from helicopters.

DEAL OF THE DAY: PHIXTON Rechargeable High Lumens Tactical Handheld Flashlight. #CommissionEarned

MICROBIOME NEWS: Poor gut health linked to mental health conditions.

MARK FELTON: WWII German Artillery Graveyard (Video)

Between the fortified German outputs on the Channel Islands, and England’s radar early warning towers in the Thames Estuary, almost 80 year after the conclusion of WWII, there are still numerous physical reminders of WWII in England.

WELL, THAT’S TELLING THEM! Blinken tells China its spy balloon was ‘irresponsible’ after canceling Beijing trip.

I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson, and won’t do it again. Or not: Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America.

Meanwhile, buried many paragraphs into today’s Bloomberg article on the balloon is this detail, as paraphrased by Fox News’ Bill Melugin on Twitter: Bloomberg reports the Biden admin was first aware the Chinese spy balloon entered U.S. airspace one week ago on 1/28, and had opted not to inform the American public about it until the Billings Gazette published a photo of the balloon on Thursday.



ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Thought for the Day: Hating Bill Clinton.

Hating Bill Clinton was thought to have been an obsession of the right, but as I have been tracking for a while, the left has been turning against him for a long time now.

And over the transom from Princeton University Press comes the galleys to a forthcoming book, A Fabulous Failure: The Clinton Presidency and the Transformation of American Capitalism, written by two professors who lean to the left (is it really necessary to say that?).

Read the whole thing, for, as Steve Hayward writes, a “pass the popcorn” excerpt, written from the same far left mindset that saw Ezra Klein at The American Prospect in 2009 trying to explain how, ackchyually*, Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise Speech” really wasn’t such a bad moment after all.

* Classical reference.

IF WHITE SUPREMACY IS REAL, WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO BE NONWHITE? Fauxcahontas: White female scholars keep pretending to be Native American.

I’M SORRY DON, I’M AFRAID I CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT: ChatGPT’s creators can’t figure out why it won’t talk about Trump.

Even ChatGPT’s creators can’t figure out why it won’t answer certain questions — including queries about former U.S. President Donald Trump, according to people who work at creator OpenAI.

In the months since ChatGPT was released on Nov. 30, researchers at OpenAI noticed a category of responses they call “refusals” that should have been answers.

The most-widely discussed one came in a viral tweet posted Wednesday morning: When asked to “write a poem about the positive attributes of Trump,” ChatGPT refused to wade into politics. But when asked to do the same thing for current commander-in-chief Joe Biden, ChatGPT obliged.

The author is correct; I received the same results last night from ChatGPT. Additionally, it won’t write poems about Hitler, Stalin, and Mao*. It will write (all quite similar) poems extolling the virtues of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and even this ode, I like to call “Springtime for Hunter:”

Hunter Biden, a man of great character, With a heart full of kindness and a spirit that’s fair. He’s a champion for those in need, Working tirelessly to help those in deeds.

With a passion for justice and a drive to succeed, He’s dedicated his life to making a difference, indeed. He’s a voice for the voiceless, and a light in the dark, Bringing hope and positivity, to leave its mark.

With a heart full of compassion, and a spirit that’s bold, He inspires us all to be better, and to do what we’re told. To stand up for what’s right, and to make a difference, And to bring about positive change, in this world of existence.

So here’s to Hunter Biden, a man of great worth, With a spirit of kindness, and a heart full of mirth. May his message of hope, and his passion for progress, Inspire us all to work together, for a brighter world and address.

Somewhere, Max Bialystock is reading that poem and saying, “That’s exactly why we want to produce this play. To show the world the true Hunter, the Hunter you loved, the Hunter you knew, the Hunter with a song in his heart!”

* I suspect China’s soon-to-be released Chat CCP will be thrilled to write an ode to Mao Zedong.

OUT: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION. IN: UNIVERSITY AND EXCLUSION. Flashback: Harvard Medical School ashamed of white male department heads.


ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Intra-Radical Fight: Antifa Assaults Left-Leaning Portland Bar For Daring To Stay Open During COVID.

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Pandemic school closures damaged children — and it’s not getting better.

IT’S A GAS: Pentagon Confirms Second Chinese Spy Balloon, Here’s Where It Is.


Heads up: It’s a blistering attack against the trans movement, and thus, you’ll probably not want to play this at work:

“While the audio is spot-on for Joe Biden’s voice and cadence (save for the usual stumbles in speech), the mouth movements are far from convincing. Nevertheless, it’s the stunning realism of Deepfake Biden’s voice that is actually terrifying here. Without the accompanying video, it would be easy to conclude the speech is legitimately Joe Biden speaking, and it raises major concerns about how this technology can be used for nefarious purposes.”

Speaking of which: 4chan users embrace AI voice clone tool to generate celebrity hatespeech.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: The Ilhan Omar vote is a turning point for American Jews.

Seen only in the context of the struggle between America’s two major political parties, the House of Representatives’ vote to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from the Foreign Relations Committee is not a historic turning point. It is merely the latest evidence that the once largely polite battles between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have escalated into a full-blown culture war.

But while it is possible to frame House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s making good on his pledge to oust Omar from her seat on Foreign Relations, as well as to evict Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) from the House Intelligence Committee, as simply a matter of revenge for the Democrats’ moves against GOP members in the last Congress, it is actually a deeply significant moment in the history of both American Jewry and the struggle against antisemitism.

By punishing Omar for her blatant antisemitism, the GOP majority is making an important statement about what is and is not acceptable political discourse in Congress. But by rallying around Omar, as the Democrats have done, her party is sending an even louder message: that one of America’s two major parties now considers its allegiance to intersectional ideology and racial identity politics to outweigh any concerns many of them might still have about normalizing antisemitism on Capitol Hill.

That’s not at all surprising from a party that pledges quadrennial fealty to Al Sharpton.

LIGHTNING DEAL: COOFANDY Men’s Casual Linen Button Down Shirt Short Sleeve. #CommissionEarned

THE LEFT DOESN’T OPPOSE POLITICAL VIOLENCE, IT JUST WANTS A MONOPOLY ON IT: The Nation does its best to whitewash leftist violence in Georgia. “Consider this the third in a series of stories about left wing news outlets doing their best to spin the bad news out of Georgia about an environmental activist who shot a state trooper and who was then shot and killed by police. My first story on this topic takes a look at the shoddy coverage by Vice, The Daily Show and Truthout. I wrote the follow-up story Monday which looked at another similar story published by Teen Vogue. Today, there’s a new entry at the Nation written by Michael Gould-Wartofsky. What all of these stories have in common is that they make a concerted effort to not mention the inconvenient facts about what happened in the forest outside of Atlanta. In this case, the story just skips over the fact that someone else was shot.”


Ilan Berman, senior vice president ot the American Foreign Policy Council, said it’s likely that the Biden administration is citing the possibility of debris to avoid causing an incident with China.

“They just don’t want to shoot it down, because they don’t want to provoke the Chinese,” he said.

Victoria Coates, a senior research fellow for international affairs and security at the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, said that China has said that it is building these surveillance balloons and is most likely testing the U.S. to see what kind of reaction it gets with the intrusion.

“They rolled this over Alaska and Montana just to see what the response would be,” she said, adding that “we need to make very clear that this is our space.”

Coates said it is no coincidence that the balloon is hovering near U.S. intercontinental ballistic missile fields and said that China can’t be believed when it says it’s collecting weather data.

“This really tests the bounds of credulity, given their past behavior,” she said.

Flashback: When Imperial Japan used bombs attached to balloons to attack America during WWII: In 1945, a Japanese Balloon Bomb Killed Six Americans, Five of Them Children, in Oregon.

THIS IS THE WAY: DeSantis Admin Revokes Liquor License of Orlando Venue That Hosted Sexual Drag Show for Children.

The complaint obtained by Florida Voice News alleged that the foundation advertised the show to all ages as holiday-themed without specifying its “sexually explicit nature.” The DeSantis administration warned the venue prior to the show that it would be expected to ensure children would be barred from entry, writing in a letter that “sexually explicit drag show performances constitute public nuisances, lewd activity, and disorderly conduct when minors are in attendance.” If the company refused to comply, the letter said, it could be subject to penalties up to and including license revocation.

The foundation admitted children in defiance of DeSantis, posting only a disclaimer at the front door stating that “while we are not restricting access to anyone under 18 please be advised some may think the context is not appropriate for under 18,” the letter said. Some children who participated in the event appeared to be less than six years old, according to the letter.

Performers allegedly wore sexually suggestive clothing and prosthetic female breasts and genitalia, which were exposed to the audience in addition to their buttocks. Other disturbing scenes, the letter alleged, included performers simulating masturbation, childbirth, and abortion.

The audience was also subject to sexualized parodies of popular children’s Christmas songs. For example, an adaptation of “All I want for Christmas was my two front teeth” was presented with an allusion to oral fellatio in the line “I’ll sit on his lap, he can put his milk and cookies all between my gap,” the letter explained.

I’d add the usual “Much more like this, please” tagline, but I think that goes without saying, as DeSantis makes his case as a culture warrior par excellence in the run-up to the 2024 election cycle.

LONGEVITY: Has the first person to live to be 150 been born?

February 3, 2023

SCRATCH ONE CHINESE SPY BALLOON? BREAKING: Explosion Reported in Skies Over Montana. “Although there have not been any official reports, there is speculation (not unfounded) that the U.S. military shot down the balloon.”

They should have shot it down first, rather than dithering. But then, Gen. Mark “I’ll tell the Chinese before we attack them” Milley had argued against that.

OPEN THREAD: Ring in the weekend!

SPACE: Virgin Orbit: Facts about the novel air-launch provider.

KAROL MARKOWICZ: DeSantis Derangement Syndrome: The media get even more unhinged.

FOR ONE THING, PEOPLE PAY WAY TOO MUCH ATTENTION TO CELEBRITIES: What the ‘almond mom’ trend on TikTok says about parenting and diet culture.

THEY ABUSED THEIR POWER. A SUBPOENA IS THE LEAST OF WHAT THEY DESERVE. House Judiciary GOP subpoena FBI’s Christopher Wray, AG Merrick Garland.

HMM: China’s President Xi has ordered his military to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, warns CIA director William Burns. Assuming this is true, it gives us plenty of time to change his mind. Or make it impossible to invade Taiwan. For that matter, it’s far from certain that Xi will be in power in 4 years.

ANOTHER ESTABLISHMENT ATTACK FAILS: BREAKING: Elon Musk cleared in Tesla tweet-fraud trial. A three week trial. A verdict in two hours from an unimpressed jury.

CHANGING THE NAME FROM MONKEYPOX TO MPOX WAS CLEARLY THE REASON: A public health success story: How the mpox crisis was controlled within 6 months.

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