RIP SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR:  I do wish you’d understood just how much damage you were doing to higher education and to the aspirations of minority students when you decided Grutter v. Bollinger in 2003.

FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY [VIP]: Who Put This Meth in My Underwear? “It’s your much-needed break from the serious news, and this week we have a semi-truck/pontoon hybrid, the Great Underwear Break-In of 2023, and video of a wild airplane escape in Louisiana.”

ALMOST EVERYBODY LOVES THE SHRIMP: Red Lobster says unlimited shrimp promotion was too popular and too cheap. “Red Lobster’s parent company, Thai Union Group, disclosed earlier this month that the seafood chain took an unexpectedly large loss in the third quarter of the year because its $20 shrimp promotion wasn’t very profitable and was more popular than the company anticipated.”

I’m no restaurant industry expert but I could have guessed that $20 unlimited shrimp was going to be A) very popular and B) a money-loser.

WELL, JONATHAN CHAIT. “Did Chait listen to the whole context of Musk’s quote? I did. And I can tell you that Musk agreed with the proposition that it’s a free market and advertisers can go where they want. He also said that X is the best platform, that he’s making it good according to his standards, which he won’t compromise, and that advertisers will lose out if they avoid it. He said he looks forward to the ongoing competition and predicts he’ll win. If Musk were threatening to sue Disney for withdrawing its ads, Chait’s argument would make more sense.”

It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just part of an ongoing campaign by midwit journalists to convince their midwit audiences that Elon Musk isn’t as bright as they are.

Related: Meta’s Threads struggles to grow amid rivalry with Elon Musk’s X, ranking ahead of only Tumblr.

CHANGE? 14-year-old girl arrested in connection to 15 SF retail thefts, $30K loss.

A young teenage girl who police said was involved in over a dozen organized retails [sic] thefts of over $30,000 in merchandise in San Francisco was arrested, the San Francisco Police Department announced Thursday.

San Francisco police investigating organized retail crimes on the 800 block of Market Street had identified the 14-year-old girl as one of the suspects in a large number of retail thefts, SFPD said. The thefts were being committed by a “large group of juvenile and adult suspects” and stole merchandise totaling over $30,000, according to police.

When the city systematically goes after the organized crime rings, I’ll believe real change has come.