October 5, 2022

SIGH:  Medical Associations Demand DOJ Investigate Critics Of Gender-Affirming Care.

JUST DOING ALL THEY CAN TO PROP UP THE MULLAHS:  Biden Admin’s New Maritime Deal Proposes Handing Over Share of Israel’s Gas Reserves to ‘Iranian Puppet-State in Lebanon’.

BEHOLD, MY SHOCKED FACE:  Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: FDA Misled the Public About Ivermectin.


Even if the numbers weren’t sus and the sequence of events weren’t sus as all get out.



October 4, 2022

WELL, YOU KNOW, EXCEPT WHEN HE’S A REPUBLICAN, THEN ANYTHING’S FAIR: “By the way, mocking a man for doing something that you associate with women reflects sexism and homophobia.”

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LISTEN, SUG, DON’T FORGET TO SAY YOUR PRAYERS: Tucker Carlson is right: We should be very, very concerned about a potential nuclear war.

When I was in elementary school, I vividly remember the TV movie The Day After. It was a fictional story about a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union over NATO. Over 100 million Americans watched it in 1983. It was later broadcast in Russia in 1987.

The movie depressed President Ronald Reagan and helped drive him to curtail nuclear proliferation. I remember being scared after watching it in the second grade and many adults buzzing about it.

After all, what’s more terrifying—and also more conversation-worthy—than civilizational annihilation?

Since the 1950s and throughout the Cold War, the specter of nuclear war haunted American, European, and Russian psyches, as a real possibility that could literally mean the end of humankind. All over contemporary political squabbles.

Today, it feels like we are closer to nuclear war with Russia than at any other time in my adult life. Over Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened it. Prominent former U.S. officials casually discuss nuclear strikes as an “option.”

And nobody seems to give a crap!

In the ‘80s we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Worrying. Making TV movies about it. Presidents taking action over it.

In 2022, James Madison’s flute and Herschel Walker take precedent instead, apparently.

One of the few places I have found the appropriate level of alarm over this was Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program on Monday night. On it, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald accurately laid out the reason for the establishment media’s disinterest in this issue. And why people are hesitant to talk about it.

Flashback: The Unexpected Return of Duck and Cover.

With a 2022 twist! Don’t forget to wear your mask when you’re in the fallout shelter:

Here’s a link to the referenced document if you want to see it for yourself.

(Classical allusion in headline.)

BOB MCMANUS: George Soros-backed DA realizes that soft-on-crime ‘reforms’ are a failure.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Twitter Employees go Berserk over Elon Musk (Video).

DON’T GET COCKY: Rumors of the Death of the Red Wave Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

OPEN THREAD: Chat away.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Documents: USPS Has Been Spying On Gun Rights Supporters and Conservatives.


@nanilemons #biden #computerscience #motivationalquotes #programmerhumor ♬ original sound – Claudio Rivera


Bush made the remarks during an interview on ABC News’ “Good Morning America” when co-host George Stephanopoulos noted that Bush was one of the Democrats who has “stuck by” the position despite it being unpopular with Americans.

“Are you worried at all that that could hurt some of your colleagues going into the midterm elections?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“The thing about ‘defund the police’ is we have to tell the entire narrative,” Bush responded. “People hear ‘defund the police,’ but you know what they’ll say, say ‘reallocate,’ say ‘divest,’ say ‘move,’ but it’s still the same thing.”

“We can’t get caught up on the words,” Bush continued. “People spend more time focusing on the word ‘defund’ than they spend on caring and addressing the problem of police violence in this country.”

Related: 7 Minutes of Democrats Saying Defund The Police.


But it’s not just China destroying itself: Mask Mandate Reinstated At Rutgers After Faculty Legal Action: When Rutgers lifted its campus-wide mask mandate last Monday, its unionized professors filed a legal complaint with the state.

HOPE IT DOESN’T SPRING ANY NEW LEAKS WHILE IT’S WAITING: NASA pushes back Artemis 1 launch to November.

YOU HAD ONE JOB: Asrock sabotages its own motherboards with RAM slot sticker. “All helpful information and perhaps it’s understandable that Asrock would want to highlight it — maybe a lot of people were returning motherboards after putting one DIMM in the wrong slot and watching their computer fail to boot. But there had to have been a better solution than sticking a piece of paper directly on top of hundreds of sensitive electrical contacts, complete with adhesive. Several users reported that the sticker tore when they removed it, leaving behind a sticky residue and an incredibly delicate cleanup job. Buyers ready to assemble brand new, screaming-fast Ryzen 7000 desktops with these very pricey motherboards were not amused. Some had luck removing the stickers by applying heat beforehand, but others were left with a sticky mess that made their RAM slots inoperative.”


Flashback: Fauci and other health ‘experts’ are messing up monkeypox just as they did COVID, Ebola and AIDS.


LIFE IN THESE UNITED STATES: Planned Parenthood to launch first-of-its-kind mobile abortion clinic in Midwest.

TRUTH ABOUT PRO-CHOICE MOVEMENT’S ROOTS: An Amicus Brief filed in the Oklahoma State Supreme Court by Liberty Counsel lays out in brutal detail the facts about the roots of the abortion movement in the racial genocide program of the Progressives’ eugenics movement. You want to talk about systemic racism? Exhibit A is the map of Planned Parenthood clinic locations.

CHECK YOUR CHEESE: FDA warns of listeria outbreak linked to brie, camembert cheeses.

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BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Harry Styles endorses Beto O’Rourke for Texas governor.

HOW IT STARTED: Zuckerberg: Facebook Throttled Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warned Of Potential ‘Russian Propaganda.

Legal Insurrection, August 25th.

How it’s going: Facebook to purge thousands of workers in ‘quiet layoffs.’

The New York Post, today.

IF THEY DON’T, HISPANICS MIGHT: Could Black Voters Give Control of the Senate to the GOP?

WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN? Masks saw more than 90% of deaf people struggle to communicate during pandemic.

PROPOSED FREEDOM CAUCUS RULES WOULD OPEN UP HOUSE: Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) explains how new rules could restore the “Peoples’ House” to the people’s representatives.

NO JOKE: Brief of The Onion as Amicus Curiae of Petitioner.The Onion files this brief to protect its continued ability to create fiction that may ultimately merge into reality. As the globe’s premier parodists, The Onion’s writers also have a self-serving interest in preventing political authorities from imprisoning humorists. This brief is submitted in the interest of at least mitigating their future punishment.”

LIVING IN A GRIZZLY PARADISE: Bear visits California home to eat trash, swim in pool.

THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Federal ‘anti-terrorism’ funds flowed to zoos, museums: watchdog report. Good to see Uncle Sam wisely spending our tax money, as usual.

THE LEFT WILL DO ANYTHING — ANYTHING — TO DESTROY THE FAMILY: California Passes Law to Lure, Keep, and Mutilate Children.

HMM: Musk offers to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share.

Related: Mystery Person in Elon Musk Texts Who Encouraged Billionaire to Destroy Twitter Is Ex-Wife.

The mystery person known only as ‘TJ’ in court documents made public last week during Twitter’s lawsuit against Elon Musk has been revealed as the billionaire’s ex-wife Talulah Riley, according to a new report from Bloomberg News.

Riley, a British actress who had small roles in HBO’s Westworld and the FX miniseries Pistol, encouraged Musk to destroy the entire social media platform.

“Can you buy Twitter and then delete it, please!? xx” Riley texted Musk on March 24, according to the documents filed in court. “America is going INSANE.”

Riley’s middle name is “Jane,” according to Bloomberg, which is why she appeared in Musk’s phone as TJ, a mystery to most people when the texts first surfaced. Riley continued sending texts on March 24, apparently upset that the account for right-wing parody website Babylon Bee was suspended from Twitter for referring to a trans woman as “Man of the Year.”

“The Babylon Bee got suspension is crazy. Raiyah and I were talking about it today. It was a fucking joke. Why has everyone become so puritanical?” Riley texted to Musk.

I like the cut of her jib. I can see why Elon married her twice. Though I suppose there must have been a reason he divorced her twice, too. . . .

BLAME THE BREAD, NOT THE BUTTER: Eating refined grains may bring on heart disease earlier, study says.

DAVID HARSANYI: Some Helpful Ideas For Biden’s Impeachment. “Let’s hope that Republicans don’t limit themselves to a presidential impeachment, either. There might be numerous reasons to investigate Attorney General Merrick Garland, but none deserves more scrutiny than his role in chilling dissent by intimidating parents who opposed critical race theory and Covid mask mandates.”

US AND THEM: Roger Waters: “I’m absolutely not antisemitic, absolutely not,” but…”during our interview, Waters argues that some Jewish people in the U.S. and U.K. bear responsibility for the actions of Israel, ‘particularly because they pay for everything.’”

Flashback: Wish You Weren’t Here: Roger Waters’ Jewish Problem Catches Eye of Award-Winning Filmmaker.

ARE YOU A VEGETARIAN? Or a Processed Food Junkie? “The modern plant-based/non-red-meat diet people also believe that their diets have a halo of health around them. They believe what they’re doing is better for the environment, better at conserving resources, healthier, and allows them to live a life where their guardian angels are constantly high fiving each other. Unfortunately, what many of them are doing is anything but all that. In truth, their diets are often unhealthy and environmentally harmful. In short, crap. . . . People who eat a modern-day plant-based diet have made, in effect, a pact with the Devil. The Devil, in this case, is food manufacturing conglomerates who, in trying to appease the better angels of plant-based eaters while also prying open their wallets, have turned many a plant-based food into a UPF, or ultra-processed food.”


BREAK THEM UP: RNC Says Google Spiked Over 22 MILLION of Its Emails in September Alone.

Previously: Hotel Googlefornia. “Even if you don’t use Google, the Menlo Park data giant still has you and some of your most deeply personal information deep in its servers.”

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY (EURO EDITION): Thousands of German Stores on Brink of Closure As Energy Prices Skyrocket.

R.I.P. LORETTA LYNN. She was 90.

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VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR WEEKLY INSANITY WRAP: Biden Must Resign, Period. “Joe Biden must resign, he’s gotten so weak, even though the alternative is clueless Kamala.”

  • GOP House candidate Hung Cao shows the world how’s done
  • Restoring parental rights catches fire while radical teachers want to ‘burn down the system’
  • White Lives Matter says… Kanye West?

So much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

THERE SHOULD BE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY FOR WHAT THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION DID TO SRI LANKA: Sri Lanka’s IMF Saga: Once again, the country is forced to seek a bailout from the IMF – with all the costs and benefits that entails.

Flashback: In Sri Lanka, Organic Farming Went Catastrophically Wrong.

YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A REASON TO SHOW UP: Reverse GOP nightmare: What if rural voters stay home?

UPDATE: Hey, here’s an idea: Why Greens Can’t Keep Angry Farmers Down on the Farm, in the Netherlands or Globally.

DIVESITY PROBLEM: 5 out of 11 University of Georgia humanities departments have zero Republican professors.

STACEY LENNOX: The GOP Must Capitalize on the Huge Opportunity in Front of Them With Hispanic Voters. “Biden is almost 10 points underwater on border security and immigration with Hispanic voters. Twenty-five percent of Hispanic voters put those issues in their top two. When asked about them separately, 59% say border security is their most important issue. Another 43% have cost of living among their top two issues, with 35% selecting jobs and the economy. Biden is -13 on the economy and -25 on the cost of living. The GOP needs to take a wild guess that these are the most important concerns in the community as a whole and not some vague, separate category based only on ethnicity. Only 11% put healthcare in the top two issues, and 14% selected abortion.”

ZOMBIES: Students recite woke pledge during white coat ceremony.

65 YEARS AGO: On This Day In Space: Oct. 4, 1957: Sputnik 1 becomes 1st human-made satellite.

FALLOUT: Nvidia Closing Offices in Russia, Ceasing All Activities There.

REALCLEARINVESTIGATONS: Why Greens Can’t Keep Angry Farmers Down on the Farm, in the Netherlands or Globally.

LITTLE KIM WANTS ATTENTION: North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan.

THE ROTTEN ‘FRUIT’ OF REGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVISM: Writing on Townhall.com, Victor Davis Hanson captures the current state of affairs as American civilization plunges into the Abyss. What is so utterly frustrating about it is that it doesn’t have to be, and yet here we are … and there we will be if things don’t change dramatically and soon.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: Once Glorious California Is Now a Fascist Lunatic Asylum. “Gavin Newsom is a full-on fascist. I was fortunate to end my time in California before he became governor. The thought of him in the White House is petrifying. He comes from the same San Francisco political toilet that’s given us Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. People from the most radical part of an already radical state keep rising to power.”

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THEY WANT YOU TO SUFFER: Woke Portland mayor LAUGHS at woman’s safety concerns over growing homelessness.

THE WAR ON PARENTS IS TURNING AROUND: Glenn Youngkin-style parent-first movement wins 89% support. “The pro-parent movement that became a national political battle after the recent defeat of former liberal Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s call to kick mothers and fathers out of schools has been overwhelmingly embraced by the nation, even liberals. In an unusual survey about what goes on inside America’s schools, Rasmussen Reports said that 89% of voters believe that it is important for public schools to ‘fully inform parents’ about what is being taught to their children in classrooms.”

IF YOU’RE IN ONE, I’D ADVISE YOU TO GET OUT:  On Leaving Professional Organizations.

THE BIG QUESTION ABOUT JANUARY 6: If it was a plan for an armed rebellion, why weren’t the protesters/revolutionary using arms?

RECESSION? BITE YOUR TONGUE. Nike will offer major discounts on shoes, apparel following a report of excess product. “Consumers who are sick of the ongoing impacts of inflation are soon to experience a bit of relief following an announcement from Nike which plans to liquidate some of its products following a recent flood of inventory. . . . Nike wants to get rid of excess products sitting on its shelves and fast. Many sneakerheads have noted a variety of Jordan shoes and other Nike shoes that normally sell out quickly, collecting dust on shelves. Photos of these normally highly sought after shoes were posted on social media in an attempt to show the impacts of the ongoing economic downturn.”

MEDIA COVERAGE OF HURRICANE IAN: They are unsure of the problem, just that Ron DeSantis is to blame. “There is little surprise there would be hurricane response second-guessing in the aftermath of Ian since last week we saw the first-guessing when the press wanted to blame Governor Ron DeSantis for hurricane failures – before the storm even arrived. And the blame has arrived in full force. It is noteworthy that when a Republican is in the White House, the president is responsible for any failings in natural disaster response. When it is a Democratic president, we are learning that all criticism falls on a GOP governor…even when it is unclear what to blame him about. One local political outlet pretends that DeSantis was inactive ahead of the storm, something his communications team was quick to unravel.”

Plus: “DeSantis makes the clear point that the majority of the networks had staged in Tampa because they were assured that it would become ground zero. This was based on the projections of the federal agencies, which the governor was following. But now, he is to be blamed for not predicting the very late easterly turn of the storm that even the hurricane experts at the National Weather Service had not indicated could happen.”

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: In Latest Sign of Recession, US Manufacturing Growth Plummets to Two-Year Low.

BIG TECH’S CHICKENS, coming home to roost. “Just to remind us why everyone hates Big Tech’s content practices, we do a quick review of the week’s news in content suppression.”

CLAIRE BERLINSKI: Tannenberg Revisited.

The Russian plan—to seize Kiev with thunderclap suddenness, deposing the Ukrainian government and replacing it with a puppet regime—misfired. And as the weeks passed with Russian troops bogged down north of Kiev, it came to be realized that Putin’s legions were far less battleworthy than previously supposed. Confronted with the spirited resistance of the Ukrainian Army and people, the invaders faltered and recoiled. There were episodes of panic and rout. The Ukrainian countryside became littered with abandoned, burned-out tanks and vehicles: tangible, humiliating evidence of the Russian Army’s surprising incompetence.

It was tangible evidence as well of the faulty judgement of the aforementioned Western observers, many of whom lay a claim to military expertise. In the six months since the Russian Army’s defeat in the battle of Kiev became obvious, that evidence has continued to pile up. Stubborn resistance to the idea that Russia is losing the war may reflect a natural reluctance to admit that one’s judgement was at fault. Among the so-called nationalist conservatives, for whom V. Putin’s histrionic Russian nationalism touches a chord, it no doubt reflects ideological embarrassment: Their narrative of the Russo-Ukrainian War has been falsified. Others, perhaps the majority, may simply find it impossible to believe that a major world power, armed to the teeth, can be defeated in war by a much smaller country.

To all such prognosticators I would simply say, as I said at the time of the Battle of Kiev: Remember Tannenberg.

History buffs will want to read the whole thing.

WAR ON MEN: Why American boys are failing at school—and men are losing in life.

Sounds like something the Insta-Wife would write.

PJ MEDIA VIP ROUNDUP: Don’t forget that VODKAPUNDIT promo code if you’ve been thinking of joining us.

Matt Margolis: Kari Lake Proves She’s a Force to Be Reckoned With. “Lake didn’t bother waiting for the media to do their homework. She laid out her opponent’s radical abortion views, such as supporting abortion up until the moment of birth and opposing protecting babies that survive an abortion attempt.”

Ryan Ledendecker: Biden Just Landed in Puerto Rico, and We Know the Real Reason Why. “If you haven’t already guessed, I’ll let one of the New York Times’s latest tweets be the big reveal.”

Yours Truly: Ron DeSantis and Hurricane Ian: a Category 4 Media Fail. “So what was the media doing this weekend, while honest workers were helping Florida heal?”

AS THEY SHOULD BE: Wisconsin Voters Opposed to “Green” Agricultural Restrictions.

TELL ME AGAIN ABOUT HOW NURTURING AND COMPASSIONATE INSTITUTIONS WOULD BE IF THEY WERE ALL FEMALE:  Students recall ‘heinous s–t’ they experienced at elite private schools on viral TikTok.

I love fairy tales….

WHY NOT, EVERYTHING ELSE IS: It’s not your imagination: College students are getting worse.

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I THINK THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY IS SPENT:  Will Libertarian Candidates Again Deny GOP the U.S. Senate?

AND SCIENCE. AND MERE REALITY:  Biden Administration’s Manipulated Energy Policy Demonstrates Ignorance of History.

GREAT BRITAIN IMITATES MONTY PYTHON:  Britain Celebrates Climate Assistance and Gender Studies for Mexican Coffee Growers.

OUR ASSETS ARE ALSO NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S, EITHER FEDERAL OR ANY STATE:  Institute for Justice report cites abuses of civil asset forfeiture.


PEOPLE OF HONOR SAY WHEN IT’S UNBEARABLE:  Jonathan Haidt set to resign from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

TO BE EXPECTED WHEN THEY SENSE WEAKNESS:  Thanks Biden! OPEC+ To Make Major Cut In Oil Production.

TO CONSERVATIVES IN CALIFORNIA: IT’S TIME TO LEAVE:  Average National Gas Prices Up 11.1 Cents Thanks to the West Coast as California Hits New Records.

Let it sink.

LET’S GO BRANDON!  Happy One Year Anniversary to the Anti-Biden Let’s Go Brandon Chant.

THE NATION’S MONEY IS NOT BIDEN’S:  “The President’s Wallet”.

OH, WE DO, WHICH IS WHY WE NO LONGER TRUST ANY EXPERTS:  UN Official Says Quiet Part Out Loud: ‘We Own the Science and We Think That the World Should Know It’.

Also the only science the UN owns is the science of child sexual exploitation and theft.

ONLY IT WAS PUERTO RICO ON MARS:  Biden: ‘I was Sort of Raised in the Puerto Rican Community at Home Politically’.

October 3, 2022

UKRAINE: Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 3. “Ukrainian forces have made substantial gains around Lyman and in northern Kherson Oblast over the last 24 hours. The Russian units defeated on these fronts were previously considered to be among Russia’s premier conventional fighting forces.”

Much more at the link.

OPEN THREAD: Be here now.

SPACE: Firefly’s Alpha rocket reaches orbit on second launch.

ONE YEAR? IT FEELS MUCH LONGER: Happy Anniversary to ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Weight Lifting in Old Age Does More Than Just Keep Your Muscles Strong.

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