October 1, 2022

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Biden CDC Awarded Millions To Soros-Funded Activist Group Suing DeSantis.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: The GOP Cavalry Arrives: Republicans recover after summer stumbles.


MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis. “Want to be Hitler? You don’t have to hate Jews, invade Poland or grow a silly mustache. There’s only one thing you have to do: Win an election against the left, or even look like you might.”

THIS WAS NEVER ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WANTED: People still want boy-girl divide in school sports.

When hundreds of Virginia students left classrooms this week to protest Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s effort to scale back pro-transgender policies in schools, it was heralded by some media outlets as a slam-dunk sign that teenage LGBT rights have won out.

But coming on the anniversary of when former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe blew his chance in the 2021 election battle with Youngkin by suggesting parents shouldn’t tell schools what to do, it reminded others that the issue is far from closed. In fact, Youngkin’s office sent Secrets a handful of stories about parents walking out of school board meetings across the commonwealth to protest proposed policies to give transgender students new rights, such as the right to enter bathrooms or participate in sports as their desired sex, not the one “assigned at birth.” . . .

And as much as the media want the students to win, new polling shared exclusively with Secrets found overwhelming opposition to liberal gender rule changes. Importantly, with the elections just over five weeks away, most voters would punish candidates who promote biological boys competing in girls’ sports, as former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas did.

The Sept. 14-18 CRC Research national survey was somewhat large: 1,600 likely voters, split 52% women and 48% men. Its margin of error of plus or minus 2.45 percentage points didn’t come into play much because the gaps were so large.

On the basic question of letting men participate in women’s sports, the margin was over 2-1. Asked about President Joe Biden’s plan to reform Title IX, 63% said they oppose it and 25% said they support it. Among those most passionate about the issue, 49% said they strongly oppose the changes, compared to 11% who strongly support them.

Only Biden Democrats back the Biden plan, and by a hair: 44% to 41%. Nearly all Republicans, 85%, oppose it.

A key reason, as Thomas found out, is that most believe letting men compete with women undermines the achievements of women and Title IX itself.

Well, it’s meant to. And people know that:

When asked if they agree or disagree that “the transgender movement undermines significant opportunities and essential protections for women,” 57% agreed and 29% didn’t, according to the CRC Research results.

What is surprising in those results is that Democrats agreed, 45%-36%, that the changes hurt women.

This is a small group of Gentry Class activists, trying to move the culture via media bullying.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: NHDem Chair Buckley: Schools Must Keep Secrets or Parents Will ‘Beat Their Children to Death.’

The reaction from New Hampshire Republicans was immediate.

“The Biden administration labeled parents as ‘domestic terrorists,’ and now the chair of the New Hampshire Democrat Party is claiming Granite State parents beat their kids to death,” said Leavitt. “The Democrats’ hatred for parents who simply want to be involved in their children’s education is disgusting. It’s rooted in the fact that Democrats like Chris Pappas are funded by powerful teachers unions who want total control over our public education system. While Pappas continues to side with Joe Biden and radical bureaucrats, I will continue to stand with Granite State mothers and fathers.”

“I think Ray Buckley’s comments are reprehensible and an insult to parents,” said Bob Burns, the GOP candidate challenging Rep. Annie Kuster, who voted with Pappas to kill the parental notification bill. “Education in New Hampshire is and should remain local, and parents should have oversight into their child’s education.”

“Parents have a right to know what’s going on in and outside the classroom,” said the NHGOP via Twitter. “This is disgusting. Your NH House Dems voted for this!”

Earlier: Youngkin’s midterm advice to GOP: It’s the “kitchen-table issues,” stupid.

STAY COMFORTABLE THIS FALL: Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair. #CommissionEarned

GREAT MOMENTS IN SELF-AWARENESS: Biden renews vow to bring ‘decency’ back to politics despite slamming ‘MAGA Republicans.’

During an event at the White House Friday, President Joe Biden said one of the reasons he ran for the nation’s highest office was to “bring back some decency and honor” to politics, particularly related to how “we talk about one another, the way we deal with one another,” even though he labeled “MAGA Republicans” an extremist threat just a month ago.

“When I ran, I said one of the reasons I was running was to restore the soul of America. Bring back some decency and honor in the way we talk about one another, the way we deal with one another,” Biden said during an event celebrating the Jewish new year.

Sounds like a great idea — when will Biden start to implement it?


NOBODY EXPECTS THE JAN. 6 INQUISITION: Jonathan Turley: Why does a congressional committee care what Ginni Thomas “believes”?

Select committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) left the voluntary interview with the Committee to report, according to Politico, “she still believes false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.”

Ok, so what? Millions of people hold the same view. They have a right to hold that view. There was never any evidence that Thomas participated in any violence and had simply encouraged White House and other officials to challenge the election.

Remember: Democrats are allowed to claim elections are tainted, and Democrats are allowed to engage in political violence. Republicans are not allowed to even think about such things without having the weight of the politico/media establishment come down on them.

Plus: “None of the media even raised the question of whether such interviews could be viewed as harassment or pressure on a member of the Supreme Court.” It is, and it’s intended to be.


Rod Dreher “Law of Merited Impossibility” states: “‘It will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it.’”

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Policymakers caused the coming recession — don’t let them blame COVID and Ukraine.

If, as seems increasingly likely, the United States and world have a hard economic landing next year, of one thing you can be sure: Policymakers both at home and abroad will not assume responsibility. Rather, they’ll point to COVID, a once-in-a-century health crisis, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the primary causes of our economic woes.

The truth of the matter, however, is different. Without a series of egregious policy missteps in a number of the world’s major economies, we could have avoided a hard world economic landing.

But they’ll act as if it’s something that just kinda happened.

September 30, 2022

SABOTAGE? IF SO, WHAT ELSE IS VULNERABLE? Are the Undersea Cables We Depend on Vulnerable to Russian Sabotage? (VIP, use code AMERICAFIRST for 25 percent off.)

JOURNALISTS: TOOLS OF SATAN OR JUST MENACES TO CIVILIZATION? Associated Press: Confessionals are a “clergy loophole.” “The Associated Press published a piece this week casting the confessional seal as sinister. That its reporters would even think to turn a prosaic defense of this venerable privilege into a scandal is a measure of our secularized times. Only until recently would anyone dare suggest that priests be coerced into revealing what they hear in confession. That cause over the years has been restricted to a handful of rabidly atheistic politicians. But now, apparently, the AP has joined it.”

OPEN THREAD: It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

HOUSE CALL: SpaceX, NASA look at launching Dragon to service Hubble Space Telescope.

JOHN HINDERAKER: Macron vs. Meloni. “France’s Emmanuel Macron, like a number of other world leaders, has denounced Italy and its incoming Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. I will chalk that up as a mistake. I don’t think a lot of people have seen this amateurishly-filmed response by Meloni, but it is scorching. It is not hard to understand why colorless leftist leaders fear Meloni and denounce her as a “fascist.” I think that means she gives speeches that are effective and that people like.”

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis. “Want to be Hitler? You don’t have to hate Jews, invade Poland or grow a silly mustache. There’s only one thing you have to do: Win an election against the left, or even look like you might.”

HMM: How long older adults will live comes down to 17 often surprising factors. This is interesting:

Kraus and colleagues launched their inquiry at an opportune time, having been directed to a cache of 1,500 blood samples from a 1980s longitudinal study that enrolled older people.

The banked samples had been drawn in 1992 when participants were at least 71 years old and then stored at the NIH. They were scheduled for destruction, but the researchers arrived in time to transfer them to Duke for analysis.

The blood samples had the additional fortuitous feature of being drawn at a time that preceded the widespread use of medications such as statins, which could have skewed the results. More good luck: study participants had been followed for several years and had filled out questionnaires about their health histories and habits.

Never throw out those old samples.

TELL KIDS THE TRUTH: You’re Not So Special.

“No one is you, and that is your superpower!” reads a sign at Brian Huskie’s school. “Ridiculous,” he writes on SubStack. “Imagine being 16 years old and believing that. That you are unique and special and different from everyone else and that’s what gives you your power.”

Young people have potential, he writes. But there’s nothing unique about that. While they may be the hope of the future, they’re not superheroes in the present. “For the most part, they don’t have any particularly useful insights,” Huskie writes. “They haven’t accomplished anything meaningful.”

He’s a fan of psychologist Peter Gray, who asked in 2014: Why is Narcissism Increasing Among Young Americans? Since 1970, young people are more narcissistic and less empathetic, Gray writes.

Teachers need to stop telling kids that they’re wonderful just the way they are, Huskie concludes. They’ve got a lot to learn.

A New York Times’ photo showed a sign in a fifth-grade classroom: “The World is a Better Place With You In It.” Not true, writes Dennis Prager.

“We’ve had 50 years of telling young people how terrific, brilliant and special they are,” he writes. All this unmerited praise has created young and not-so-young Americans who are depressed, narcissistic and unable to deal with setbacks.

They wonder: “If I’m so great — if the world is lucky to have me — why isn’t life rewarding me?,” Prager writes. Where’s my participation trophy?

Your family may think the world is a better place because you were born, he concludes. Perhaps, in the future, you will make the world a better place. But you’ll have to do something other than exist.

Yes. If you want to be special, do something special.

COFFEE: IS THERE ANYTHING IT CAN’T DO? Study: Drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day for longer life, better heart health.

BE PREPARED: Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. #CommissionEarned

FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY: The Heroes of Hurricane Ian. “Ian gave untold numbers of Florida men and women the opportunity to step up and show the world what they’re made of. Sure enough, they did.”

DO REPUBLICANS CAUSE HURRICANES?:  The media can’t wait to blame DeSantis for Hurricane Ian.  Of course, that’s nothing new.  Bush got blamed for Katrina.  And the recent report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights put the blame on Trump for Hurricane Maria.  What’s interesting is how the blame gets assigned to the federal, state, or territorial level depending on where the Republicans are.

UM, BIG ONES? Best Bullets for Black Bear.

NEVER BEND THE KNEE: Ginny Thomas Ruins J-6 Committee’s Plan to Destroy Her.

READER FAVORITE: Official Creality Ender 3 V2 Upgraded 3D Printer. #CommissionEarned

BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS PRESIDENT KAMALA: Why is no one discussing the 25th Amendment option after “Where’s Jackie?” “When President Donald Trump was in office, the media talked constantly about the 25th Amendment. There were even reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein tried to invoke the 25th Amendment and replace Trump with Vice President Mike Pence. Now, however, the media area silent.” They know Harris is unelectable, even as an incumbent. They want Biden to stick around until they have someone to install in his place in 2024.

If you just remember that they’re pretty much always acting instrumentally, and in bad faith, the mysteries disappear.

A VALUABLE RESOURCE FOR COLONISTS: New evidence for liquid water beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: School officials texted Oakland shooting victims to not cooperate with police investigation: Sources. “Another disturbing headline about the shooting in Oakland comes from the ABC7 I-Team, law enforcement sources tell us school officials have sent text messages to shooting victims, instructing them not to cooperate with police. We’re hearing it’s a pattern, and some parents at the school are worried that a lack of action by school officials after previous incidents may have led to this escalation in violence. Law enforcement sources tell the I-Team, Oakland police investigators have obtained text messages from the shooting victims’ phones in which Rudsdale school officials tell them not to cooperate with police.

OH: Pro-Vax Doc Believes COVID Booster Accelerated His Cancer.

LONG STORY SHORT: Is antibiotic resistance good evidence for macroevolution? Maybe, maybe not, according to this animated Discovery Science video on HillFaith.

ENEMIES OF HUMAN FREEDOM, CREATIVITY: See, for example, the University of Michigan Health system, which I explain in my latest PJ Media column, fired Physician Assistant Valerie Kloosterman for refusing to use gender identity-based pronouns or prescribe certain gender dysphoria treatments. First Liberty Institute has given the system a deadline for making things right. Given the givens, I’d say the system would be well-advised to make the deadline.

YOU DON’T NEED A WEATHERMAN TO KNOW WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWS: Florida’s aquatic animals prepare early for storms like Hurricane Ian.

HE’S JUST TRYING TO OPEN NEW MARKETS: Planned Parenthood Director Claims That Men Can Get Pregnant During Hearing.

ADAMS AFTER DARK: Mayor Adams close to deal for Norwegian Cruise ship to house migrants in NYC waters.

Mayor Eric Adams is finalizing a deal with the Norwegian Cruise Line to house migrants on one of its massive cruise ships and dock it at Staten Island’s Homeport, The Post has learned.

Adams wants to lease the luxury liner for at least six months and use it to house and process migrants before they enter the city’s shelter system, a source familiar with the matter said.

The migrants would be allowed to come and go while staying on the ship, the source said.

Preliminary estimates show the plan will be “cheaper” than erecting another tent city similar to the one the city plans to open in the Bronx at the Orchard Beach parking lot, the source said.

Once again, life imitates Saturday Night Live’s classic “Dukakis After Dark” Sketch, when painter Leroy Neimann, played by Kevin Nealon, tells Jon Lovitz’s dejected Dukakis that his latest painting is titled, “‘What Might Have Been.’ It shows the nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz after its conversion into a floating shelter for the homeless.”


A MILLION HIPPIES AND CRYSTAL LADIES LOOK SMUG: Case study: Remission of metastatic breast cancer may have been due to use of cannabis oil and magic mushrooms.

JIM TREACHER: Lawyer Who Firebombed Cop Car for George Floyd Doesn’t Want to Be in Jail Anymore.

We’ve all been there: It’s Friday night, you’ve had one too many vodka shots, a black guy in a city 1,000 miles away just got killed by the cops, you’re sad and angry about a bunch of other stuff, and…

Well, okay. So maybe. Possibly. Perhaps… you firebombed one little police car. Out of all the law enforcement vehicles in the entire world, maybe one of them caught on fire because of your actions. Not 100. Not 10. Not even two. Just one single solitary teensy-weensy cop car.

Does that mean you should go to jail? For, like, years?

Josh Christenson, Washington Free Beacon:

A left-wing lawyer who pleaded guilty to firebombing a police cruiser is asking for a commutation of her sentence, pointing to the fact that she was inebriated at the time of the offense and coping with “unprocessed trauma,” according to court filings.

Attorneys for Urooj Rahman argue the self-described human-rights activist was “numb, disassociated, and inebriated” when she threw a Molotov cocktail into a New York City police car during the George Floyd riots in May 2020. Lawyers say Rahman was also reeling from her many “abusive partnership relationships” and processing “early trauma” from being taunted as a Muslim after 9/11.

I haven’t watched every episode of Perry Mason, but I definitely missed the one where he railed against the system and shouted, “I hope they burn everything down. Need to burn all police stations down and probably the courts too. This sh** won’t ever stop unless we f***in’ take it all down. The only way they hear us is through violence.”

STACEY LENNOX: A Winning Midterm Strategy for Republicans.

THANK YOU, DR. OBVIOUS: Hospitals in coastal areas at greater risk of flooding during hurricanes.

In other news, hospitals in New England more vulnerable to blizzards than those in Florida.

VIDEO: Doddering old man wanders off again – FEMA can’t save him. “Biden wanders away from the podium as his FEMA administrator attempted to lead him in another direction.”


“Kyrsten Sinema sold us all out.”

“Kyrsten Sinema facilitates fascism!”

“Parents: make sure to give your children all the attention they need, so they don’t grow up to be Kyrsten Sinema.”

Social media posts like this targeting Senator Kyrsten Sinema accrued hundreds of thousands of likes and shares this week.

What did the maverick Arizona Democrat do to prompt this unhinged outrage? Simply take a stand for the filibuster, part of our system of checks and balances that keeps us free, a position that until quite recently was uncontroversial even among Democrats.

“The danger of eliminating the 60-vote threshold is that the Senate becomes the House,” Sinema said at an event earlier in the week. “And I remind everyone, I left the House and ran for the Senate for a reason.”

The senator made a compelling case for maintaining the Senate filibuster, which requires 60-votes to pass legislation instead of a bare majority, 50 votes.

“When Republicans are in control, they pass a little bit of crazy legislation,” she argued. “When Democrats are in control, they pass a little bit of crazy legislation. And the job of the Senate is to cool that passion.”

In sharp contrast: The Humiliation of Joe Manchin.

THAT’S A WELCOME CHANGE FROM THE USUAL LAWLESSNESS: Biden Scales Back Student Loan Debt Relief Because He Knows the Plan Is Illegal.

GREAT MOMENTS IN #METOO: “Traumatized” by Kavanaugh, #MeToo Snowflake Journalista Runs to Al Franken.

As part of her promotional tour, Lithwick did an extended interview with her old friend … Al Franken. Franken, a former Saturday Night Live writer and personality, resigned from the Senate in 2017 among accusations of sexual misconduct. There were eight accusations in total, including Leeann Tweeden, a radio news anchor, who says Franken groped and forcibly kissed her during a USO tour in 2006, before the former comedian was a senator. Tweeded says Franken “aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth” when the pair rehearsed a skit that featured a kiss. A photo emerged showing Franken looking at a camera while pretending to grab Tweeden’s breasts as she was sleeping.

Imagine if such a photo showing me or Brett doing something similar ever came out.

Imagine Dahlia’s trauma.

Read the whole thing.

LAUGHING WOLF’S TAKE ON PUTIN’S ANNEXATION, ANTI-WESTERN, FOREVER WAR SPEECH: Well, Shit. “I really want to go back and re-listen to his words and phrasing, but I believe Vladimir may have just repudiated every arms treaty, strategic or otherwise, in effect. That Russia would not be bound by efforts to reduce her defense by other powers who were already in violation of said treaties and using them to keep the Rodina down. Huge, and I suspect this is going to get overlooked in the short term. Oh, it was also the reason for my ‘Oh. Shit.’ twitter post.”

Read the whole thing.

DEAL OF THE DAY: CARTMAN Warning Triangle DOT Approved. #CommissionEarned

THE NEW SPACE RACE: SpaceX again doubles the world in upmass.

In its quarterly reports on orbital space launches, the BryceTech analysis firm tallies upmass by each launch provider. During the second quarter of 2022, the report found that SpaceX delivered 158.7 metric tons to low Earth orbit, ahead of China’s space corporation CASC at 38.8 tons, Roscosmos at 17.2 tons, United Launch Alliance at 13.0 tons, and Arianespace at 9.8 tons.

Small potatoes for now … SpaceX alone doubled the rest of the world in the amount of payload delivered to orbit. It launched four times the mass of the entire nation of China. The bulk of this mass, of course, was composed of Starlink satellites as the company builds out its low Earth orbit megaconstellation.

Musk uses Starlink to create the demand SpaceX needs to generate the profits required to develop Starship to move even further ahead of the competition.

It’s about as clever a business model, certainly at this scale, as any of us is ever likely to see.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: Mitt Romney’s Tedious Treachery Shtick Has Worn Thin. “Mittens masquerades as a man of deep principles. In reality, he’s a base political opportunist, no different from most politicians.”

WHY IS HIGHER EDUCATION SUCH A CESSPIT OF BIGOTRY: University of Vermont under federal investigation for alleged antisemitism.


JUST DO IT: NASA Considers Using SpaceX Crew Dragon to Extend Hubble Telescope’s Life.

MITTENS: No Surprise: ‘Liz’ Romney Stabs Mike Lee in the Back.

DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR AMERICA: FBI allegedly engaging in ‘purge’ of conservative employees, retaliating against whistleblowers.

MARK JUDGE: Unserious Moonlight.  A review of Moonage Daydream. (Written and directed by Brett Morgen, PG-13, 135 minutes, in theaters.) David Bowie was the glorious product of a classical Western education, but a new documentary traffics in clichés.

How fascinating, penetrating, and wonderful “Moorage [sic—Ed] Daydream” might have been had Brett Morgen slowed down and taken the time to examine the books that made Bowie Bowie. Rather than the usual narrative of the kid who discovers the Beats and goes on to embrace revolutionary politics, it may have shown David Bowie as the glorious product of a classical Western education.

Read the whole thing. I saw Moonage Daydream (in a surprisingly empty theater) this past weekend in Fort Worth. Deafening soundtrack, albeit with a good use of surround sound, and overall, very far removed from the typical A&E Biography sort of documentary. If you’re not familiar with the broad overview of Bowie’s history, you may emerge completely baffled by its seriously trippy style. But between the imagery and Bowie’s narration, I thought it did a good job of getting into the Thin White Duke’s mindset at the various points in his career, even if, as Judge writes, it could have been so much more.

SHUT UP, THEY EXPLAINED: Biden and Education Department accused of muzzling conservatives.

BOB MCMANUS: Eric Adams is flunking his Rudy Giuliani moment on the border crisis.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT DEMOCRATS AND CHILD ABUSE? Tim Ryan Attends Fundraiser Hosted by Attorney Who Pressed To Minimize Payouts to Nassar’s Victims.

GREAT MOMENTS IN PROJECTION: Salon: first they come for the transgenders, then they will come for you.

Then they accuse us of being violent. Even “silence is violence.” They fake hate crimes every day to prove how awful Americans are too. Here’s their current rant:

Violence is central to fascism. It forms its origin myths and is one of the primary ways that fascism asserts itself. The power to engage in acts of violence against designated enemies with near-total impunity is one of the main reasons people join fascist movements. As history makes obvious, once fascists take control of a society they maintain and expand their power through violence.

In an era when the Republican Party, the “conservative” movement and the larger white right have de facto embraced fascism, political violence is a constant threat — and the “culture war” may no longer be largely rhetorical or categorical. Indeed, the struggle over cultural issues are a principal battlefield in the current struggle for American democracy.

Yep, America’s cities were burnt down in 2020 by White Supremacists, Crisis Pregnancy Centers are getting vandalized at the instigation of Ron DeSantis, and conservative mayors and governors have opened the doors of prisons and invited flash mobs to ransack stores. Right wing violence is rampant. Even exhibit #1 of right wing “violence”–January 6th riot–was mostly selfies and walking around the Capitol. The only person who died was shot in the back by a Capitol Police officer, although the president keeps lying and saying 5 people were killed. When Biden opens his mouth nothing but lies and made up words come out, it seems.

To be fair, Salon has been declaring Republicans to be fascists while begging for socialism to be nationalized for quite some time.

YEAH, PRETTY MUCH: Youngkin’s midterm advice to GOP: It’s the “kitchen-table issues,” stupid.

NORDSTREAM: Sigh. I shouldn’t do this, but…

I call them “incidents” for a reason. I grew up in overseas oilfields. I try to, by training, observe everything from as objectively neutral a viewpoint as possible.

In my experience when anything involving energy-industry hydrocarbons explodes … well, sabotage isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And honestly, when it comes to a pipeline running natural gas under Russian (non)maintenance, an explosion means that it’s Tuesday. Or Friday. Or another day of the week ending in “y”.

“But, LawDog,” I hear you say, “It was multiple explosions!”

Yes, 17 hours apart. No military is going to arrange for two pipes in the same general area to be destroyed 17 hours apart. Not without some Spec Ops guy having a fit of apoplexy. One pipe goes up in a busy shipping lane, in a busy sea, and everyone takes notice. Then you wait 17 hours to do the second — with 17 hours for people to show up and catch you running dirty? Nah, not buying it.

Lots to chew on at the link.

NOT A PUBLIC SCHOOL THIS TIME: 2nd grader kicked out of school after parents’ outrage over bathtub picture assignment.

DEAL OF THE DAY: Digital Meat Thermometer. #CommisionEarned

ROGER KIMBALL: Joe Biden and the Sovietization of America.

But what has been true of Joe Biden from before his administration began continues to be true. It is not he who was the architect of his performance, from the imperial stage set, of which Albert Speer would have been proud, to his hectoring attack on “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans [who] represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

THEY’RE FLAILING: White House in Turmoil, Planning Major Shake-Up.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Mortgage rates near 7%, cooling off housing markets.

ARIZONA: As Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward Alleges Maricopa County Broke the Law in the 2022 Primary Election, Groups Launch Drop Box-Watching Operations.

The Arizona Legislature was unable to get a bill passed this year clearly banning unmonitored absentee ballot drop boxes, so local activists are organizing schedules of volunteers to watch them, concerned after reports of unusual activity during the primary election this year. Existing law, A.R.S. 16-1005(E), prohibits absentee ballot drop boxes operated by entities other than the government, but legal disputes remain over how much the government is required to monitor them.

Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward told The Arizona Sun Times the party is working to facilitate addressing complaints from the absentee ballot drop box watchers that come in. “We are building the attorney network and the reporting structure so we can address problems as they happen,” she said. “We also have thousands of poll observers trained and we are working to make sure Maricopa County doesn’t break the law again in the general like they did in the primary.”

Keep an eye on ’em.

I NO LONGER KNOW IF THE BABYLON BEE IS GIVING THE JUNTA IDEAS OR MERELY PREDICTING THE FUTURE:  Russian Spy Awarded Presidential Medal Of Freedom For Being First Openly Transgender Traitor To Country.

ALL OF THE MOST AUTHORITATIVE MSM SOURCES ASSURE ME THIS NEVER HAPPENS:  Former Congressman Sentenced to Prison for Stuffing Pennsylvania Ballot Boxes.

IN THE END, IT’S HUMANS THEY HATE. THEY WANT US ALL DEAD:  Climate Activists Attacking Fertiliser Use, Mass Produced Food.

If environmentalism were a conspiracy of an hostile alien race against humanity, what would be different?

ANOTHER ACADEMIC COMMIE:  Richard D. Wolff and the ice cream cones.

THE BIBLE BELT DOESN’T BUCKLE THE WAY IT USED TO:  Georgia lawmaker comes out as nonmonogamous, plans to start a family with 2 partners.

“Muslim” eh? I wonder what they’d think of that in Saudi Arabia.

BETRAYING THOSE THEY SUPPOSEDLY SERVE:  Manchin electric grid takeover mirrored by KCC.


FOR THE TIMES, THEY ARE ACHANGING:  Only the woke don’t know they’re over.

IS IT A SIGN OF BAD CHARACTER THAT I HAVE TROUBLE FEELNG SYMPATHY FOR ‘HOLLYWOOD HIPSTERS’?  Notorious ‘Wall Street Whiz Kid’ con man now reportedly scamming Hollywood hipsters.

BUT, BUT, BUT LE LEMON REALLY WOULD LIKE TO:  Acting NOAA Hurricane Director Tells Don Lemon Twice You Cannot Blame Climate Change for Hurricane Ian.

QUIETLY, INEXORABLY, THERE IS A GREAT MIGRATION GOING ON:  Anti-CRT Parent Advocate Leaving New York City For The ‘Free State of Florida’.

PIERRE DELECTO HAS OUTSTAYED HIS WELCOME IN PUBLIC LIFE:  Reports: Mitt Romney Trying to Undermine Mike Lee Re-Election Effort.

I DON’T THINK ANYONE CARES ABOUT BIDEN’S OPINIONS:  Biden Puts Italy’s New PM Giorgi Meloni on the Same Level as Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping.

He puts half of American citizens (or more) on a level with Mussolini, after all.

QUIETLY SO AS NOT TO ADMIT THEY PUT YOU THROUGH H*LL FOR NOTHING:  CDC Quietly Drops Universal Masking at Nursing Homes & Hospitals.

THE MAN IS AN INTELLECTUAL MIDGET:  Obama On Immigration: GOP Fears People Of Darker Shades.

How about sane people fear people from broken cultures, who lack the skills to make it in a technological society?

And yes, people from broken cultures can acculturate and make positive contributions. But the likelihood falls with mass immigration, where they don’t need to adapt to the host culture.  Let’s make immigration safe, legal and rare.


THIS ONE IS STUPID ALL THE WAY DOWN:  Trans Army Major And Wife Attempted Russian Collusion.

September 29, 2022

DOESN’T THIS MEAN THAT CNN IS MISGENDERING THIS POOR DOCTOR?:  The doctor who was billed as the first openly transgender officer in the Army is indicted for passing confidential information to the Russians.  CNN forgot to mention the part about the doctor’s being a transgender celebrity in its article.  (The Washington Free Beacon didn’t forget.)

OPEN THREAD: Come, ye jolly commenters bold.

BLAME FAUCI, ET AL.: State data offer further proof that school lockdowns were a disaster for NYC kids.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: China seeks new partners for lunar and deep space exploration.

WELL, GOOD: Popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Eases Symptoms in Lung Disease.


Plus, Newspeak:

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