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NYT AND EPOCH TIMES HEAD-TO-HEAD: Compare and contrast how the publication once known as the Old Gray Lady and the emerging media power, The Epoch Times, report on consecutive days how Biden and Trump are approaching Black voters.

DOD GOING TO THE DOGS: To do drug-testing, that is, which DOD isn’t supposed to be doing, according to the White Coat Waste Project.

IS NIH THE BIGGEST ABUSER OF THE FOIA? A bunch of internal emails obtained by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic make it clear senior NIH officials were coached by none other than NIH FOIA officials on how to evade the transparency law.

Now the House panel has opened an investigation and FOIA/transparency-in- government advocates like US Right to Know and Open The Books are hoping this could be the start of something hugely important. The subcommittee is part of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.


NO, THE HOUSE SPEAKER’S STAFF IS NOT “REELING:” One of the congressional “insiders” digital newsletters even led its coverage of aides leaving Speaker of the House Mike Johnson with the familiar question: ” Will the last one left please turn out the lights?”

In fact, as I report this morning on The Epoch Times, Johnson has a low staff turnover rate, compared to all of his House colleagues, and he pays generously.

Have a thankful Memorial Day! And big congrats to Joseph Newgarden for two in a row at Indy! Last-lap passes for the win two years in a row is simply incredible.

UPDATE: EricinDallas and DJ9r, y’all are exactly right. Fixed. And thank you for pointing it out.

PREDICTION: That $2.8 billion settlement between NCAA and college players will effectively professionalize college sports, especially football. The deal includes revenue-sharing between the schools and players, but it won’t be long before the schools will be able to force revenue sharing with the players on their merchandise, commercials and appearance revenues. That will in turn pressure schools to drop eligibility limits, thus enabling popular (i.e. profitable) players to remain “enrolled” for years after their undergraduate “work” is completed in order to keep playing and producing revenue.

Anybody else remember the days when the college all-stars played the NFL champion each year?

TEETH FOR THE FOIA: No one has ever gone to jail for violating the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). And we wonder why politicians and career bureaucrats alike thumb their noses at the public’s right to know?

BEGINNING OF SECTION 230’S END? House Energy and Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on communications and technology appears set to move forward a bipartisan bill to suspend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 on Dec. 31, 2025.

The suspension would take effect if Congress has not approved and the President has not signed into law a reform or outright repeal. of Sect 230. That section is the one that exempts social media giants like Facebook from being held accountable for publishing content that promotes sex trafficking, suicide, child abuse, illegal drugs and much else.

ABOUT THE CYRUS CYLINDER: King Cyrus was a VIP dude in the ancient world and Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet, had a lot to say about him. Kyle Butt explains on HillFaith why King Cyrus is still a VIP dude 2,500 years later.

WHAT THE PRO-PALESTINIAN PROTESTS ARE REALLY ABOUT: In the third and final installment of his essential-reading series on Saul Alinsky and the current wave of Radical Left-led pro-Palestinian protests, Richard Pollock explains why “it’s not about Israel, it’s about political power, Stupid.” Here. In America. Instead of the Constitution.


ANTI-SEMITISM AT THE WASHINGTON POST: The editors of the Washington Free Beacon appear to be right on target.

UPDATE: I somehow missed that Instapundit’s Ed Driscoll much earlier in the day had a superb deep-dive into this disgrace.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ABOUT CHURCH? Empty pews are becoming a more common sight in thousands of churches across the country and the average age of attendees is steadily going older. But the latest video on HillFaith from the Colson Center offers three solid reasons why going to church on Sunday is good medicine for body and soul.

BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT ISRAEL: Richard Pollock explicates a superb piece of historical reconstruction reporting in the Jerusalem Post by Alex Winston. The point is to correct the recurring crude distortion by the radical Left and Islamic Jihadists¬† of the truth that the movement that led to the re-founding of Israel after WWII was part of a world-wide anti-colonialism crusade.

ISN’T THIS INTERESTING! Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) has an interesting donor in Pennsylvania who just happens to be the best buddy of Turkey’s Erdogan. Just coincidental, right? Right??

ALL OF THE MSM’S BIDEN-TRUMP DEBATE QUESTIONS: You’re reading it first here … well, actually Daniel Oliver’s roundup of utterly predictable questions the MSM debate moderators will ask Biden and Trump is over at American Greatness.

THE TIMES, THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’ INDEED: Is this a political blockbuster-in-the-making? Latest Cygnal Battleground Survey of 1,500 Likely Voters in 39 key congressional districts finds that 55 percent of the Blacks responding consider the Democratic Party to be more extreme than the Republicans.¬†That’s a 20 percent increase over the responses in March when the same question was posed. Cygnal also found significants shifts away from the Democrats among married and college-educated women.


DID YOU KNOW WE ALMOST LOST THE INTERNET LAST MONTH?: It’s true, and Jonathan Bartlett has the scoop at Mind Matters. At the heart of this close call is a mysterious programmer by name Jia Tan, an obscure programming compression library known as xz, and an alert Microsoft software engineer.

UPDATE: Boy, good thing that Microsoft software engineer wasn’t as “alert” as I was while writing this original post. Y’all are the best copy desk editors in the business!

SO MANY LEFTIST ‘LOCAL NEWS’ OUTLETS: You may well have heard of States Newsroom or the Courier Newsroom because they are leading lights in the Left’s surge to dominance of what is left of local news reporting, according to Scott Walter of Capital Research Center (CRC).

It’s not to report the latest doings of your county board of supervisors or the local city council, however. It’s all part of the drive funded in part by $500 million from the John D. and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation, and more from other Lefty funders, including Arabella Advisors. Expect lots of school and local government-related DEI stuff.

On the other hand, there are a bunch of innovative Right Media operations moving ahead, too, and Walter provides some genuinely encouraging news about several of them. One especially intriguing project involves the Baltimore Sun, long ago one of America’s great daily newspapers, and Sinclair Broadcasting Group chief Dave Smith.

THOUGHTS ON FRIENDSHIP: Spent a bit of quality time jawing with a good friend from way back on Capitol Hill yesterday, and it sparked some reflections on HillFaith about why close, lasting friendships are uniquely human and so deeply vital to our individual happiness. And I share some thoughts on the ultimate Best Friend Forever as well, and point to a collection of 15 scripture verses that lay out the good, the bad and the source of friendships in blunt detail.

DO WORDS MATTER?: Well, the “right” words matter quite a lot actually if you are following Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals,” as clearly is the case with the radical Lefty activists and organizers behind the continuing wave of anti-semitic Pro-Hamas/Pro-Palestinian, former New Left protest riot trainer Richard Pollock explains in the second of a series of three explanatory columns.

This is essential reading for those who want to understand why the protests and riots continue unabated and why spineless liberal administrators on all of the “best” campuses are caving to the demonstrators’ demands faster than a greased deck of cards.

WHY BIDEN IS LOSING: Former Americans for Prosperity (AFP) chief Tim Phillips gets around and talks to a lot of folks across the country. He sees in a new column on Cyberreport “a jarring and growing disconnect” between decision-makers in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country.

‘THAT’ BUS AND ‘THAT’ GUY ‘THAT’ DAY: Aussie history teacher Frank Frederico grew up in a thoroughly secularized family and was a confident atheist by the time he graduated university. But then several years into a satisfying teaching career some stuff just happened to occur in a certain way and that changed everything.

WHITES NEED NOT APPLY: The Department of Veterans Affairs offers multiple training classes and workshops that are closed to Caucasian vets, reports the Washington Free Beacon’s Peter Hasson. Like the man said, some animals are more equal than others.

GOP TO GAIN FIVE SENATE SEATS IN 2024? Senate GOP campaign insiders tell The Epoch Times they are quite confident about retaking the Senate majority in November with a two-seat gain and a pickup of five is a reasonable possibility.


JEWISH VOTERS MOVING RIGHT: Republican campaign strategists see Jewish voters moving to the GOP in the biggest races of 2024.

MOST HILL AIDES BACK TERM LIMITS: Are you as shocked as I am by this?