May 22, 2022

AOC MAY TALK LIKE AN IDIOT, AND LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT, BUT DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU: SHE REALLY IS AN IDIOT:  AOC touts ‘zero emission’ engagement ring made with ‘recycled gold’.

SOME OF US HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN:  Forgetting the Genocide of the Yezidis.



It really is the mote in their eye.

FOR THE TIMES THEY ARE ACHANGING:  Yet another worm is turning, this time in the skateboarding world.

SHE HATES EVERYONE:  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Really Hates Christians .

DON’T LET PEOPLE COUGH IN YOUR FACE, DON’T FRENCH STRANGERS:  WHO Warns Monkeypox Could “Accelerate” During Summer, CDC Alerts US Doctors As Virus Reaches 13 Countries.

And under absolutely no circumstances believe Chinese-lackey WHO.

YEAH, SURE, WE’LL GO FOR THAT:  ‘Imagine The Compliance’: Pfizer CEO Pitches Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills.

What happened to body autonomy, again?


IF THEY WERE AN ENEMY POWER ATTEMPTING TO STARVE US AND DESTROY US, WHAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT?  During Grilling by Manchin and GOP Senators, Interior Secretary Promises Offshore Leasing Plan Within Six Months.

LET ME ASSURE YOU THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE:  After 100 Monkeypox Cases Reported in Europe, WHO Calls Emergency Meeting.

And because of this you should be deeply suspicious:  Alarm Sounded Over WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty.

Not. One. More. Time. Ever.

We need to be very loud and clear now: Fool me once, shame on me, try to fool me twice and it’s your head on a spike.


BOOT OTHER FOOT AND ABOUT TIME:  Biden border injunction.


That’s what our would-be rulers are. Ignore them.

May 21, 2022

OPEN THREAD: Shout to the top.

COLLUSION: McKinsey’s consulting work with Russian weapons manufacturer draws scrutiny in Washington. “McKinsey has come under scrutiny in Congress for its work with state-owned companies in China, with lawmakers questioning if the company should be awarded national security-related contracts given its extensive presence in China. McKinsey also faces accusations of ignoring possible conflicts of interest when it advised both opioid manufacturers and officials regulating opioids at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

TO BE FAIR, THAT’S JUST BECAUSE SHE’S DISHONEST, SELFISH, AND AWFUL: Whitmer Pledged To Cut Her Pay for Duration of Pandemic. She Gave Up After Five Months.

GOOD LUCK, GUYS: Russia tries to rebound in Ukraine as prospects for victory fade.

Russia’s original battle plan has failed. Their current plan seems to be to throw some stuff at the wall and hope something sticks, while doing as much damage to civilian infrastructure as possible. Their next plan, I predict, will be trying to withdraw with as much (spoiler: not much) of their combat capability as they can preserve.

I EXPECT JOHN CARTER TO EMERGE, THOUGH I WOULD PREFER DEJAH THORIS: ‘Dog door’ on Mars found by Curiosity rover is a rocky ‘doorway into ancient past,’ NASA says.

OLD AND BUSTED: Learn to Code.

The New Hotness? Learn What’s a Joke! This story about the NLRB going after the Federalist over a tweet is outrageous.

It was a joke on Twitter, an obvious one, but a left-wing activist decided it was a violation of the law and made it into a federal case which took nearly three years for the courts to set straight.

The whole thing started in 2019 when employees at Vox staged a walkout:

More than 300 Vox Media employees staged a walkout on Thursday as staffers and management failed to come to an agreement for a union contract after more than a year of negotiations.

The walkouts affected Vox Media’s group of popular websites – such as Vox, SBNation, The Verge, Eater, Recode, Curbed, and others – and some were not publishing new content on Thursday.

“Our unit members are taking their sites dark today to show management how important these issues are to us,” tweeted the account for the Vox Media Union.

Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist, found it amusing that a left-leaning, pro-union website was being shut down over union troubles and he posted a joke about it on Twitter:

Read the whole thing.



SCIENCE, UNSETTLED: Researchers Just Found That Kidneys Act on Blood Differently Than We Thought Before.


AS LONG AS IT MISSES: Asteroid 4 times larger than Empire State Building to fly past Earth.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Maine Superintendent Told Staff To ‘Slow The Process Down’ After Parent Requested Gender Material Be Removed From Classroom. A Maine school superintendent told school staff to slow walk the process after a dad asked the school to remove gender identity materials.

IF A LICENSE CAN BE GRANTED, THEN IT CAN BE DENIED: New Plan from Senate Democrats Would Make Your 2nd Amendment Rights a Privilege.

WITH DNC IN MIND, CITY BANS CARRYING URINE, FECES: Fertilizer Shortage? Try Peeing On Your Plants, Say Experts.

(Classical reference in headline.)

THAT’S MUCH SHORTER THAN M*A*S*H’S 11 SEASONS OF THE KOREAN WAR: Mark Felton on The Forty-Minute Korean War  of 1984 (video):

PRISONER OF WOKEZKABAN: Hurrah for new HBO boss uncanceling J.K. Rowling.

Along with the moves by Ron DeSantis, who refused to be bullied by Woke Disney; Elon Musk, who has vowed to unshackle speech on Twitter (if he ever actually buys it); and Netflix, which last week informed its squeaky-toy coterie of aggrieved activists that Dave Chappelle is more important than they are and “Netflix may not be the best place for you,” the rise of [Warner CEO David] Zaslav suggests that the Great Unwokening may already have begun.

The way things are going, it may soon be safe to state true things again.

Much more like this, please.

ICYMI: Austin Bay: America’s Next Wars: Lose One, Hold One?

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Rex Murphy: How ridiculous is it for universities to ‘cancel’ sonnets? Let me count the ways.

UPDATE: In response, Neo has composed a sonnet about cancelled sonnets, as part of a post titled: Now a university in England has rejected the sonnet as too white and Western.

(Updated and bumped.)


XI’S GOTTA HAVE IT! California Church Shooter Has Chinese Communist Party Ties:

The shooter who targeted Taiwanese congregants at a Southern California church is associated with a group tied to the Chinese Communist Party that calls for China’s takeover of Taiwan, Radio Free Asia reported.

David Chou, a 68-year-old Chinese immigrant who on Sunday killed one congregant and wounded five others at Geneva Presbyterian Church before being subdued by parishioners, in 2019 participated in an event hosted by the Las Vegas Association for China’s Peaceful Unification. The group is controlled by the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department and argues that “peaceful unification” between China and Taiwan “is the only way to avoid war.”

Eric Swalwell and Fang-Fang could not be reached for comment.

SORT OF LIKE WOKE POLITICS, REALLY: Most Mass Shooters Aren’t Insane, Their Actions are a Quest for Significance Gone Horribly Wrong.

MADE IN THE USA: Bifold Leather Wallet For Men. #CommissionEarned

THIS DOESN’T, OF COURSE, SAY THAT THE GOVERNMENT DIDN’T LIE: Plaintiffs Can’t Challenge Supposed Disinformation by Government Agency, Unless It Affected Them Specially.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Blue state COVID learning loss widened racial achievement gaps relative to red states: Study. “Teachers union and school districts were often involved in contentious battles over remote learning throughout the pandemic.”


SCIENCE, UNSETTLED: New research challenges established ideas about infant crying.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: California tries to ban guns on movie sets.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Loudoun County School Board Moves to Block Investigation of Sexual Assaults it Covered Up.

FASTER, PLEASE: Study: Drug could block inflammation, pain, restore function in spinal cord injury.

WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT WHEN THEY’RE WINNING? Growing Chorus Is Urging Ukraine To Sue for Peace in a Compromise With Putin: Beyond justice, there is no guarantee that a compromise involving Ukraine conceding territory that the Russian army currently holds would satisfy Putin. Well, yes.

A growing chorus in Washington and Europe is urging President Zelensky to lay down and play dead. If only Russia were permitted to eat up the Donbas region of Ukraine, they say, there would be peace in our time — just as there was supposed to be after Hitler was allowed to seize the Sudetenland.

This call is intensifying as the financial cost of America’s involvement in the European war is passing $56 billion and rising. As Republican fiscal hawks and Democrat doves are beginning to push back, Ukraine could become politically hazardous for President Biden as America hurtles toward the midterms.

The latest voice in this chorus is the New York Times editorial board, which often voices un-uttered White House sentiments and policy prescriptions. Now it is advocating a war-ending path. In an editorial Friday, the paper declared, “It is still not in America’s best interest to plunge into an all-out war with Russia, even if a negotiated peace may require Ukraine to make some hard decisions.”

The recipe seems simple: End the Ukraine war in a way that would allow the invader, Vladimir Putin, to save face. If Ukraine ceded such territories as the breakaway “republics” of Luhansk and Donetsk and allowed Russia to maintain its annexation of Crimea, this thinking goes, Moscow would lick its wounds, declare victory, and end the war
The real winner in such a scenario, goes the argument, would be the Ukrainians, because they managed to wrestle the Bear and stay alive. By this light, all’s well that ends well. War over, everybody wins.

Yet Kyiv isn’t buying it.

Mr. Zelensky recently disclosed, in an interview with Italy’s RAI television, that this very compromise was offered to him by President Macron. His answer, Mr. Zelensky said, was a resounding no.

“We want the Russian army to leave our land,” he told RAI. “We won’t help Putin save face by paying with our territory. That would be unjust.”

Beyond justice, there is no guarantee Mr. Putin would be satisfied by a compromise involving a concession by Ukraine of territory currently held by the Russian army. Such border lines rarely remain intact, as invaders remain hungry for additional conquest.

To discourage future invasions, make this one extremely painful.

OUT ON A LIMB: Hillary Clinton Did It. “In short, the Clinton campaign created the Trump-Alfa allegation, fed it to a credulous press that failed to confirm the allegations but ran with them anyway, then promoted the story as if it was legitimate news. The campaign also delivered the claims to the FBI, giving journalists another excuse to portray the accusations as serious and perhaps true.”


READER FAVORITE: HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier. #CommissionEarned

I’M SURE THIS IS SOMEHOW TUCKER CARLSON’S FAULT: Chinese grad student allegedly attempted to murder cop in California.

WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING TO DO THAT WILL INVOLVE PUTIN-LIKE SANCTIONS? China Insists Party Elites Shed Overseas Assets, Eyeing Western Sanctions on Russia.

The ban, outlined in an internal notice by the party’s powerful Central Organization Department, could play a role in Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s efforts to increase his influence at a twice-a-decade leadership shuffle scheduled for later this year.

Issued in March, the directive prohibits spouses and children of ministerial-level officials from holding—directly or indirectly—any real estate abroad or shares in entities registered overseas, the people said.

Senior officials and members of their immediate families would also be barred from setting up accounts with overseas financial institutions unless they have legitimate reasons for doing so—such as study or work—the people said.

It isn’t clear if the rules apply retroactively, but family members of some senior officials have sold shares in overseas companies in order to comply, the people said. It isn’t known if the directive will be made public.

The directive came as Mr. Xi seeks to minimize geopolitical risks for the Communist Party amid concerns that officials with overseas financial exposure could become a liability if the U.S. and other Western powers impose sanctions against Chinese leaders and their relatives, similar to what was done against Moscow following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


UPDATE: A friend writes: “That CCP order probably has a lot to do with controlling high-ranking members. Overseas accounts and real estate are not only great investments, but safety valves. Bolt holes. I still think we should hit the PRC with about a $3 trillion sanction for loosing the Wuhan.”

I agree.

A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF AT BOEING: Boeing’s Starliner docks with International Space Station.

REMINDER, I’M ON THE NCLA BOARD OF ADVISORS: NCLA Clinches 1st Amend. Victory in NLRB Lawsuit over Ben Domenech Satirical Tweet, No Veiled Threat, Says Court. The claim was always bogus, of course.

COLLUSION: Report confirms White House had advance knowledge of the NSBA’s ‘domestic terrorism’ letter and promised ‘we have your back.’

Calling parents who disagree with educrats “terrorists” is a bad look. But it’s beyond looks. People should be prosecuted for what was done here. (Bumped).

BLACK LIVES MATTER KILLS BLACK PEOPLE EN MASSE: Anti-cop pols yawn as slay spike hits black Americans hardest. “While politicians were marching in arms with protesters claiming to care about black lives, they were actively making their lives worse. For black Americans who live in dangerous neighborhoods, removing the police has made them even more unsafe and has emboldened the criminal element that resides alongside the innocent.”

Black Lives Matter was always a scam. It was never about making things better for black people, and it hasn’t. But it’s enriched some people, and let a lot of woke white people pretend that their lives have meaning.

If that pretense cost a lot of black people their lives so be it. Nothing’s more important than letting woke white people pretend that their lives have meaning.

UPDATE: BLM supporters got what they paid for: The surge in support for the movement was purely about cleansing white guilt.

IS THE NEW MONKEYPOX OUTBREAK sexually transmitted?

Plus: “The irony is that we’re victims of our own success here to some extent. ‘The smallpox vaccine incidentally protected against monkeypox,’ Ed Yong notes. ‘And when new generations were born into a world without either smallpox or smallpox-vaccination campaigns, they grew up vulnerable to monkeypox.'”

I think we should have been vaccinating people against smallpox — which also provides considerable protection against monkeypox — all along. Sure, smallpox appears to have been eradicated, but if we’re wrong and there’s a “virgin field” smallpox outbreak it would be a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

THEY DON’T EVEN TRY TO PRETEND THAT THEY’RE NOT JUST DEMOCRATIC TOOLS: The media long knives come out for Herschel Walker.

PARTY OF SCIENCE: Just like the bees, the ‘Beepocalypse’ myth isn’t dying.

DEAL OF THE DAY: Mini Pocket Binoculars. #CommissionEarned

KNOW YOUR PLACE, PEASANTS: Brown University Students Extract Groveling Apology From Working-Class Watering Hole.

I remember when working-class watering holes would administer beatings to Ivy League students who got in their faces. In retrospect, that was probably a better world than one in which entitled snowflakes get their way.

FLASHBACK: Ron DeSantis has emerged as America’s awesome ‘shadow president.’

LOWEST SO FAR: Biden’s approval dips to lowest of presidency.

May 20, 2022

GAIN OF FUNCTION: Wuhan Lab Publishes Study Manipulating H7N9 Virus To Be More Lethal.

AUSTIN BAY: America’s Next Wars.



The people who are responding that he should just concentrate on doing tech stuff don’t get it. Nowadays you need a bodyguard of lawyers just to go about your business.

DAN MARKEL UPDATE: Wendi Adelson And Luis Rivera Take The Stand In The Retrial Of Katherine Magbanua In Dan Markel’s Murder.

I’ve been remiss in covering the trial this week, but Paul Caron has everything rounded up.

OPEN THREAD: When explanations make no sense, when every answer’s wrong. You’ve got to find a way to say what you want to say, break out.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY, SUPPLY CHAIN EDITION: Merchant mariners stranded on ships in Shanghai during COVID lockdown.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: On National Security | Drawing lessons from the first ‘commercial space war.’

ANALYSIS: TRUE. “It was a fraudulent firing from the beginning…. Just because George Floyd died, which was a national tragedy, doesn’t mean the social mob gets to go around demanding people get fired just because they are offended by controversial comments.”

Plus, from the comments: “America is in deep trouble if state universities think they did the right thing in censoring this man’s reasonable, learned speech.”

We either need better people running state universities, or to get rid of state universities.

THE CURSE OF CUOMO LINGERS: Hochul’s racial huckstering after Buffalo ignores NY’s violent-crime surge.

THE WOKE TSUNAMI IS RECEDING: Hurrah for new HBO boss uncanceling J.K. Rowling.

WE FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, EXCEPT WHEN IT MIGHT HURT UPSCALE WOMEN’S FEELINGS: Talk about deadly obesity risks in America? Fat chance.

OLD AND BUSTED: The Hawaiian Judges.

The New Hotness? Louisiana Judges! “A Louisiana federal judge blocked the Biden administration on Friday from winding down Title 42—a pandemic-related border restriction that allows for the immediate expulsion of asylum-seekers and other migrants.”


FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY: Embarrassing! He Brought a Knife to a Gunfight. “Everyone knows the Chicago Way: They pull a knife, you pull a gun. Then there’s the Florida Way: You pull a knife and he pulls a gun while his wife helpfully videos the whole thing for the police to use as evidence against you.”


THUG LIFE WRIT LARGE: Mountains of grain left to rot as Vladimir Putin ‘blackmails the world.’

YOUNG-ADULT WEBSITE* VOX.COM: The Depp-Heard trial has played right into the hands of far-right extremists.

Conservative media outlets have also promoted a one-sided narrative of the case; Vice recently reported that Ben Shapiro’s popular conservative news platform the Daily Wire has spent nearly $50,000 promoting ads about the trial on Instagram and Facebook — most of it trashing Amber Heard. The presence of these bad actors has, if anything, only exacerbated the vitriol Heard has received within the mainstream.

* * * * * * * *

To be clear, this isn’t an easy story of good and evil. It’s impossible to completely absolve Amber Heard, who has her own alleged history of violence, or frame Depp as a monster incapable of kindness, charity, and the positive energy that amassed him millions of fans to begin with. Yet you don’t need to do either of those things to acknowledge that this is a case about the deeply unfunny topic of intimate partner abuse and that the major points of this trial have already been decided in one court of law. The judge at the first trial in 2020 found Heard had proven 12 of 14 allegations of abuse. So far none of the trial testimony has substantially contradicted anything in Heard’s original claim of being a domestic violence survivor.

Culture critic Ella Dawson has a Twitter thread compiling reporting on the myriad ways in which this trial is not only destroying years of progress made against domestic abuse in the US, but also laying the groundwork for a culture in which bots and bad actors harass, vilify, and eviscerate all other prominent women who publicly name their abusers — like Gamergate, but times tens of millions of participants, and gleefully endorsed by people all across American culture.

That, above all — above the TikTok cat memers mocking Heard and Saturday Night Live dismissing the whole trial as “for fun” — is what’s absolutely jawdropping here. This trial, which amounts to a simple yes/no question over whether Heard had the right to call herself a victim of domestic abuse in a single sentence from that 2018 opinion piece, has somehow united far-right misogynists with middle-of-the-road liberals and geeky progressive fandom acolytes of Depp.


* Classical reference.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: Biden Judicial Pick Lied About Cop Killings. Now She Claims She Didn’t.

HISTORY: The Great Shooting Stance Feud.

WOEING: The New Air Force Ones Are Late, So the Old Planes Need More Cash, Official Says. “Air Force acquisition chief cites 2- to 3-year delay, which Boeing blames on subcontractor and supply problems.”

STAY FASHIONABLE: Leather Ratchet Belt 2 Pack. #CommissionEarned

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: James Baker buries Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in probe.

A former FBI official delivered devastating testimony Thursday against former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann — saying he’s “100% confident” the defendant denied acting “on behalf of any particular client” when he handed over since-debunked information linking Donald Trump and Russia.

“I think it was pretty close to the beginning of the meeting. Part of his introduction to the meeting,” former FBI general counsel James Baker told jurors in Washington, DC, federal court.

Baker’s account directly supports the sole charge against Sussmann as a result of special counsel John Durham’s probe into alleged law-breaking in connection with the FBI and Robert Mueller’s probes of purported Trump-Russia ties.

Sussmann, 57, is on trial on a single count of lying to the government during a Sept. 19, 2016, sit-down with Baker at FBI headquarters.



When you’re targeted by a clown show, the only proper response is to point and laugh.

BEING AROUND YOUNG, HEALTHY MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX EXTENDS LIFE AND FERTILITY: New research finds that male pheromones may improve health of females’ eggs. If I recall, there was an experiment with fruit flies that showed male fruit flies living longer and being more fertile when exposed to young female fruit flies.

HE’S A UNITER! Even Democrats Are Getting Sick of Presidentish Joe Biden.

IT’S ALIENS: NASA engineers investigate Voyager 1 spacecraft data mystery.

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: The left hates Elon Musk because he’s a twin threat that doesn’t tolerate BS.

Why does the left hate Elon Musk?

It’s simple, really: Because he can’t be controlled, and because he doesn’t tolerate BS.

The left can’t stand either. It insists on control, to the point of systematically eliminating or co-opting anything that might serve as an independent power center. (Their fear is justified: “Music clubs” turned out to be a major factor in Czechoslovakia’s 1989 anticommunist Velvet Revolution.) And it insists on not merely spreading BS, but on requiring people to repeat and endorse its BS as a sign of submission.

Musk is thus a twin threat. As the sometime richest man in the world, he has a lot of power, and it’s not under anyone else’s control. And he’s a nerd, with a nerd’s low tolerance for bull. Where more socially “polished” people would go out of their way to show fealty to leftist tropes popular among the Gentry Class regardless of their absurdity, Musk is happy to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

The naked emperors who want to rule us hate that. (Bumped).

UKRAINE WAR: Putin’s Latest Brilliant Masterstroke. “Three months into this stupid war, there’s zero sign of restraint or wisdom in either Moscow or Washington.”

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Shortage of contrast dye for medical scans leads to rationing, delayed procedures.

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