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Lorenz’s current employer is the Washington Post, which also shed a lot of its staff late last year – despite, as Lorenz points out, having the potentially limitless financial backing of ‘billionaires’. Four years ago, the Washington Post had to pay out a whopping $250million to a schoolboy it falsely accused of being a racist. It was later revealed that the teenager, Nicholas Sandmann, was actually the victim of harassment. He was widely condemned in the media, which assumed, because he was wearing a MAGA cap and was anti-abortion, that he must have been the bad guy, without bothering to check the facts.

Despite this and many other instances of journalistic malfeasance, Lorenz thinks Americans should feel really, really sorry for the poor old* mainstream media.

Watching this once-vital part of American public life crumble before our eyes is undoubtedly alarming. But far more alarming has been the depths of the self-delusion and corruption into which the American media have sunk in recent years.

This is what Lorenz gets most wrong in her impassioned little speech. She seems to imply that journalists deserve special protection because they are so darn virtuous. Their jobs are so important. When, in reality, the mainstream media have outraged and alienated at least half of the American population. Mainstream journalists have been the main purveyor of government disinformation on topics ranging from Russiagate to the origins of Covid-19 to the culture war. They treat ordinary Americans as akin to domestic terrorists if they do not want boys in girls’ school bathrooms. Far too many media professionals exist in privileged bubbles and make their contempt for regular people – who they never tire of stereotyping as racist, sexist, homophobic mouthbreathers – abundantly clear.

And now we should feel sorry for them? It’s a little late for that.

Indeed. As John Nolte writes, in a post titled, “Left-Wing Media Collapse Marches On — Vice, BuzzFeed Sell Off Parts:”

A mere four years ago, Vice [Media] purchased Refinery29 for — wait for it, wait for it — $400 million. So Vice paid $400 million for Refinery29 in 2019, and now Vice itself is valued at less than that, at $350 million.

This is the not-so-slow-motion collapse of an ideology and attitude.

At long last, this young, ignorant, smarter-than-thou, know-it-all, effete, smug way of delivering news and lifestyle content has run its course. People are sick of the attitude, sick of being lied to, sick of being told how to live, how to speak, what to believe, and what does and does not make you virtuous.

The left’s rotting corpse institutions, including the media, Hollywood, and academia, are all facing an overdue reckoning. Take notice because these are joyous times.

* By the way, how old does Lorenz think that the DNC-MSM is these days?  ‘The Entire Journalism Industry Is In Freefall:’ Taylor Lorenz Vlogs The Death Of MSM As BuzzFeed, Insider And Vice Jettison Assets.

Opining on the sad state of journalism is Jeff Bezos’s vocal-fry champion,Taylor Lorenz, who said this week that “The entire journalism industry is basically in a free-fall,” and that the LA Times’ woes follow “months and months of layoffs in the media industry.”

“And it’s not just digital media sites,” she continues. “Local news has been obliterated, the newspaper industry is cratering, radio is essentially dead – aside from NPR which has been gutted.

Radio is dead? Area spinster apparently morns loss of Guy Lombardo, Benny Goodman and other big bands on AM radio. Otherwise, that must be big news to the millions of talk radio listeners, even after the death of Rush Limbaugh in 2021:


On Monday, journalist Taylor Lorenz shared a story about The New York Times’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas war and explicitly stated that the newspaper only allows right-wing opinions to be showcased in its publication.

The piece Lorenz shared blasts the Gray Lady as alt-right for condemning antisemitism and Hamas while noting “the left-wing tilt of higher education is not only wrong but dangerous.”

We here at Not The Bee have covered many of these right-wing moments at The New York Times, such as the instance where The Times lamented the lack of “kink” in The Little Mermaid remake.

There was also the story where the NYT promoted the traditionally conservative value of polyamorous sexual relationships.

The alt-right paper is also known for it’s very conservative headline about elections being bad for democracy.

Far more so than Woodward and Bernstein and Watergate, we must give credit to the WaPo’s Lorenz for finally exposing one of the greatest and carefully crafted long cons in American history:

● In the 1930s, Timesman Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer for whitewashing Stalin’s terror famine in Ukraine.

● In 1953, the Times published an obituary for Joseph Stalin which should be in the dictionary as the very definition of “fawning:” Stalin Rose From Czarist Oppression to Transform Russia Into Mighty Socialist State.

● More recently, then-editor “Pinch” Sulzberger was quoted by New York magazine as saying in 1991, “[A]lienating older white male readers means ‘we’re doing something right.'”

● It was during that era that former Timesman Peter Boyer described the atmosphere in Sulzberger’s newsroom as “moderate white men should die,” according to William McGowan in his exceptional 2010 book Gray Lady Down. The following decade, then-editor Howell Raines, who was responsible for serial fabulist Jayson Blair joining the paper’s staff, described his preference towards diversity over a quality product in a classic Kinsley gaffe: “This [hiring] campaign has made our staff better and, more importantly, more diverse.”

● In 2004, the Gray Lady’s then-ombudsman Daniel Okrent famously wrote, “Is the New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? Of course it is.”

●This past October: NYT: A Week Later, Hamas “Fails to Make Case” that Israel Struck Hospital; UPDATE: “Editors Note”?

Marry yourselves to terrorists in haste, repent at leisure? The New York Times has all but redefined ‘leisure’ in this old axiom with its ever-so-slow retreat from its initial report that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza.

A week ago, the NYT and every other American media outlet swallowed that Hamas claim without question while sourcing it from “Gaza’s health ministry. Even after Israel provided video of the failed rocket launch by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and radio communications from Hamas confirming the incident as friendly fire, American news media declared that the IDF hadn’t “proven” their case.

Now, a week later, the ‘Paper of Record’ grudgingly admits that the claim came from Hamas and never did have any evidence supporting it. The headline itself is a marvel in the annals of modified limited hangouts (via Power Line):

As America’s Newspaper of Record reported in mid-October: New York Times Patiently Awaiting Zoom Call From Hamas To See What They Should Print Today.

That’s nearly a century of subterfuge, as the Times spent article after article building a nearly impenetrable false front that it was a leftist “Progressive” newspaper. Fortunately, one woman at the Washington Post has finally managed to crack one of the greatest and most brilliantly conceived scams in journalistic history

AREA SPINSTER DIVES FOR FAINTING COUCH: WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz Is Bent Out Of Shape Again, You Guys.

The comparisons were happening so frequently that Lorenz felt the need to comment on it, making the entire situation exponentially worse for her and so much more fun for spectators of Twitter wars (a modern bloodsport). Lorenz had to “spend all day dealing [with]” what she felt was an “ongoing misogynistic hate campaign” fostered by fans of Fox News anchor and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson and “Libs Of TikTok.” She shared an update to her Twitter — which I thought had been cancelled — on her big feels.

Apparently all the attention Lorenz was getting was “overwhelming” and she’s having a tough time dealing with the “level or hate [and] threats” she’s been getting. It’s unclear if the hate and threats were as a result of her finding her doppleganger in Raichik, or over the fact she doxxed Raichik back in April 2022, almost destroying her life and career.

The Washington Post published personal information on Raichik that helped people online find her address. While Twitter users were quick to point out the aesthetic similarities between Lorenz and the founder of “Libs of TikTok,” most of the hatred aimed at the social media celebrity and sometimes-journalist stemmed from her treatment of Raichik.

Flashback: Are There Any Adults at the Washington Post?


On Friday, Musk responded to a tweet from Ariadna Jacob, who wrote: “I’m not famous and I wasn’t a public figure either when Taylor Lorenz asked for my address, said it wasn’t for publication and then proceeded to dox me in the NYT with the address she had assured me she wasn’t going to publish. The article was shared many x on Twitter.”

Musk responded to the tweet: “Such shameful behavior will not be tolerated going forward.”

While many conservatives typically oppose online censorship, it seemed as though there was a near-unanimous consensus from the right side of the political spectrum that this was not a typical censorship case.

Podcast host Tim Pool tweeted: “Taylor Lorenz finally got suspended for all the awful things she’s done.”

“Banning Taylor Lorenz is the best thing Elon Musk has done for this website,” said digital strategist Caleb Hull.

Elsewhere in lefty freakouts over losing their monopoly on Twitter: Soros-Funded Wikipedia Casts Musk Journo Suspensions as ‘Thursday Night Massacre.’

UPDATE: On the other hand:

OLD AND BUSTED AT THE WAPO: Woodward and Bernstein.

The New Hotness? Taylor Lorenz Lashes Out at Younger, More Successful Journalist in Cruel Anti-Semitic Tirade.

“Notable what gets framed as a ‘buzzy media startup,'” Lorenz seethed. “If u start off rich, have a rich spouse, rich friends, don’t follow any journalistic ethical rules, and focus your content solely on serving the interests of extremely powerful rich ppl, you can go far!”

A number of Twitter users observed that Lorenz’s rant was rife with projection and petty jealousy. [Bari] Weiss is younger*, better looking, and more successful as a journalist and as a human being. Why wouldn’t Lorenz be jealous? But that was hardly the most scandalous aspect of the so-called reporter’s public tantrum. Weiss also happens to be Jewish, and Lorenz’s tweet was a textbook example of an anti-Semitic trope about how all Jews are rich and powerful, conniving, and immoral.

Lorenz has a history of targeted harassment against Jews. Earlier this year, for example, she publicly identified—or “doxxed”—the anonymous woman behind the popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.” Doxxing is an explicit endorsement of physical violence. The woman who operates the account is Jewish. Lorenz also attempted to ruin the lives of four Instagram influencers by revealing their true identities. They are the daughters of a prominent Jewish political activist. Coincidence?

Related: Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

Flashback: Are There Any Adults at the Washington Post?

I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE THAT TAYLOR LORENZ WOULD ‘BULLY’ ANYONE JUST TO GET A STORY:  Taylor Lorenz, NY Times ‘maliciously destroyed’ TikTok talent agent’s business: suit.

Other things I find it hard to believe:
That Wuflu came from China.
That Dr. Fauci is a fraud.
That inflation is not our friend
That parents who oppose CRT are not terrorists.
That Santa doesn’t pay his elves a living wage.
That we can’t extract energy from unicorn farts.

Oh, wait, that’s not me. That’s the average democrat. My bad.

TAYLOR LORENZ STILL KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK AT THE WAPO: Washington Post issues two corrections after stealth-edit scrubbed false claim from Taylor Lorenz report.

The Washington Post issued two lengthy corrections to its report from its “internet culture” columnist Taylor Lorenz, which was previously stealth-edited.

Lorenz wrote an article Thursday about how content creators were the real winners of the explosive Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation lawsuit that concluded this week due to larger followings and spikes in revenue during the six-week trial.

* * * * * * * *

After Fox News previously reached out for comment and published its story about the stealth-edit, the Post issued a correction at the bottom of Lorenz’s report.

“A previous version of this story inaccurately attributed to Adam Waldman a quote describing how he contacted some Internet influencers. That quote has been removed,” the Post wrote. “The story has also been amended to note The Post’s attempts to reach Alyte Mazeika and ThatUmbrellaGuy for comment. Previous versions omitted or inaccurately described these attempts.”

The Post later followed with an even lengthier correction, this time at the top of Lorenz’s article that read, “The first published version of this story stated incorrectly that Internet influencers Alyte Mazeika and ThatUmbrellaGuy had been contacted for comment before publication. In fact, only Mazeika was asked, via Instagram. After the story was published, The Post continued to seek comment from Mazeika via social media and queried ThatUmbrellaGuy for the first time. During that process, The Post removed the incorrect statement from the story but did not note its removal, a violation of our corrections policy. The story has been updated to note that Mazeika declined to comment for this story and ThatUmbrellaGuy could not be reached for comment. A previous version of this story also inaccurately attributed a quote to Adam Waldman, a lawyer for Johnny Depp. The quote described how he contacted some Internet influencers and has been removed.”

Late on Friday, the Post quietly changed “correction” to “editor’s note” while maintaining the text of the errors.

And the hits just keep on coming:

Earlier: The Washington Post and Taylor Lorenz Lie to Smear (and Maybe Deplatform) Law YouTubers Who Got the Amber Heard Defamation Story Right.

REALLY, SHE ONLY NEEDS ONE:  Taylor Lorenz Offers More Excuses For Doxxing.

“I’m a horrible, amoral human being who would sell my grandmother into white slavery for money and media acclaim.”


However, in singling out Taylor Lorenz, what the political Right doesn’t understand is this is about politics and shutting down opposing speech. That is to say, speech that Lorenz or Kaczynski or the Daily Beast are ideologically opposed to. Of course, this is also about media power.

CNN is a multibillion-dollar media conglomerate that used the full weight of its corporate power to threaten a private individual with a Reddit account. In a newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos, Lorenz publishes a story with an individual’s name, professional license, and address information. It’s a struggle between one of the richest, most powerful men on the Earth and someone behind a Twitter account with less than a million followers (although that follower count is almost certainly about to increase).

Taylor Lorenz is not the ultimate problem. The problem is news outlets and infotainment companies using their outsize power and vast budgets to harass and doxx private citizens they disagree with. It’s a new journalistic model for an industry that sees its grip loosening on what news it can control and create (see the media freak-out over Elon Musk buying their favorite toy). Taylor Lorenz, for all her theatrics, is simply leading the charge.

Or as Glenn Greenwald noted at the start of the month: Your Top Priority is The Emotional Comfort of the Most Powerful Elites, Which You Fulfill by Never Criticizing Them.

JIM TREACHER: Taylor Lorenz Knows Privacy Is Reserved for Liberals.

Libs of Tik Tok is exposing the insane lies of people with an outsized influence on their community. These lunatics choose to put their gibberish on the internet. If they don’t want people seeing it, they should stop publishing it.

Libs of Tik Tok isn’t doxing anybody. Nobody’s privacy is being violated. The ongoing mental decline of the left, in their own public words, is being catalogued.

That’s why the left is now fighting back against an anonymous internet user who keeps presenting evidence they’d rather we didn’t see.

Related: Washington Post clearly hopes you won’t notice how they aided and abetted Taylor Lorenz in endangering Libs of Tik Tok’s life [screenshots]. “The Washington Post linked directly to libsoftiktok’s real estate license. the purpose clearly is to destroy this woman’s ability to feed herself.”

The link has since been removed, “Not because WaPo suddenly decided to grow a conscience, but because they got tired of being bombarded with questions about what the hell would possess them to ever do something like this and call it ‘journalism.’”

When the Washington Post declared in early 2009 through its then-subsidiary publication Newsweek that “We Are All Socialists Now,” it’s increasingly obvious the model they had in mind was East Germany and the Stasi.

Meanwhile, as America’s Newspaper of Record notes: Liberals Raise Concerns About Account That’s Making Them Look Bad By Just Sharing Their Actual Words.


Here’s a working link, and it does indeed show Lorenz as “excluded from the Wayback Machine.” It’s amazing what can be accomplished with Bezos bucks behind it.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I remember when the folks at the Internet Archive, which hosts the Wayback Machine, were raising money after the 2016 election based on their vows to resist Trump’s looming censorship. But to paraphrase Tom Wolfe, Fascism is always coming from Republicans, but always actually comes from Democrats.

WELL-MEANING, BUT UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS HELL: I’m not sure if the Oklahoma Legislature is just trolling mainstream media, but they have introduced a bill that would require impositions akin to “licensing” journalists and publishers. Real democracies don’t do that.

Yes, I’m sure that Taylor Lorenz and Keith Olbermann’s tests may provide interesting (and explanatory) results, but this could swing both ways. The bill would require that:

“Each individual reporter, producer, writer, editor, or any other employee involved in the production of content distributed by a media outlet is hereby required to:

a. complete a criminal background check conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation,

b. receive a license as prescribed by the Corporation Commission as provided in subsection C of this section,

c. complete a propaganda-free safety training course of no less than eight (8) hours as prescribed by the State Department of Education, which shall be developed in coordination with PragerU,

d. provide proof of liability insurance no less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00), and

e. submit to quarterly drug testing for illicit substances to be administered by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation”

Mind you, I’m a big fan of Prager, but honestly, I can think of many people, like myself, who consider vodka one of our “Precious Bodily Fluids.”