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ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Veteran Hollywood actress turned activist Susan Sarandon tweets video of trash in Oakland.

Veteran Hollywood actress and political activist Susan Sarandon took to Twitter Monday to share a TikTok video showing a stretch of Oakland lined with homeless encampments and trash. The video, which Sarandon reposted from an account belonging to homelessness activist, Thomas Wolf, is shot from what appears to be a car driving along streets lined with tents, makeshift structures, discarded furniture and piles of trash.

There are no people visible in any of the shots and the only sound in the video is of the car’s engine.

Sarandon’s post has no caption, but the original post reads “This isn’t a shanty town in India. This is Oakland, CA. The crisis of our generation.”

Oakland’s last Republican mayor left office in 1977.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Gisele Fetterman calls for NBC to apologize following ‘shocking’ interview with husband John Fetterman.

Mr Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, shortly before the Pennsylvania Senate primaries. As a result, he uses closed captioning to better communicate, which was employed during a recent sit-down interview with NBC News journalist Dasha Burns.

The interview itself was ultimately overshadowed by an extemporaneous comment from Ms Burns while promoting the appearance on the network. She told viewers that it seemed like Mr Fetterman was unable to follow their small-talk conversation ahead of the interview without the use of the closed captioning assistance.

“During some of those conversations before the closed captioning was rolling it wasn’t clear he could understand what we were saying,” Ms Burns said on NBC while promoting the interview.

The comment sparked a firestorm of fierce reactions, with other journalists claiming Mr Fetterman had no trouble following their conversations and Mr Fetterman’s critics pouncing and arguing it showed the candidate was not up to the task of serving as a US senator.

Ms Fetterman criticised the interview.

“If this happened in a school, if this was a child that was ableist towards another child or a teacher, there would’ve been issues stated. There would have been new training done,” she told The Independent in an exclusive interview. “What is being done at the media after a reporter came out so openly ableist towards a person? I think shocked and appalled, but sadly not surprised. I know there’s still so much to do, but it would be great to see some accountability, to actually see real change.”

Did the “de facto candidate” just compare her stroke-riddled husband to a child?


ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Politico Reports White House Anger at CNN Over Negative Coverage of Biden’s ‘Red’ Speech.

Biden surely thought screaming about Democracy Dying would tickle CNN’s sweet spot.

They especially disliked New Day co-host Brianna Keilar — “an outspoken CNN host known for her tough grilling of Trump officials” — when she criticized Team Biden for putting U.S. Marines in the backdrop behind an obvious campaign speech. She said it was “wrong when Democrats do it. It’s wrong when Republicans do it.”

The reporters reminded readers “West Wing Playbook previously reported that Licht met with White House chief of staff Ron Klain earlier this year” to discuss what CNN could do better.

So when CNN White House correspondent JOHN HARWOOD (whose coverage has been harshly critical of DONALD TRUMP) announced he was leaving the network long before his contract was up, it was noticeable how quickly Klain blasted out a number of tweets praising Harwood. Among those including a tweet that criticized Licht by name. One CNN staffer told West Wing Playbook that during an internal meeting this week, Licht brushed off online criticism of the Harwood departure.

Over the weekend, Klain also reposted resistance media personality RICK WILSON’s tweet dubbing CNN “diet Fox” after anchor POPPY HARLOW asked press secretary KARINE JEAN-PIERRE whether Biden would apologize for calling Republicans “semi-fascists.”

“Diet Fox” is hilarious, and clearly inaccurate. They sound like crybabies when Jean-Pierre gets a mildly challenging question. No challenging questions for Democrats! That makes you Diet Fox. They actually expect to be cuddled.

Related: Rasmussen teases bad news for Biden and Dems on how the ‘Red Sermon’ was received by Independents and swing voters.

You spelled “people who aren’t hyper-online enough to spot the Dark Brandon meme and just thought Grandpa Biden suddenly looked scary and menacing and were confused by the whole Nuremberg rally atmosphere” wrong.

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY AND PORTLANDIA: Portland Lesbian bar shuts down one week after opening because they weren’t woke enough.

Doc Marie’s is a lesbian bar that opened on July 1st of this year with the hope of bringing more inclusivity to the city of Portland. But just one week after their grand opening they were forced to shut down because of complaints that the bar was not a “safe space.” Similar to the story I wrote a few weeks ago about the queer-owned cafe in Philadelphia that was shut down by employees for not being woke enough, Doc Marie’s was cannibalized by the woke mob.

The crowd on opening day was huge. One woman said that the line for entry on opening night was “wrapped around the block” with “literally 200 lesbians” waiting to get in.

But the excitement about a new progressive hangout dissipated quickly. Within days, Doc Marie’s found itself on the receiving end of accusations of not being inclusive enough for trans people and people of color. Despite mask mandates being lifted in Portland, patrons accused the bar of not implementing enough COVID safety measures. Patrons also claimed that Doc Marie’s had “culturally appropriative art” on the walls.

Exit quote: “Surrendering to the woke mob doesn’t appear to be working out in Doc Marie’s favor, as the bar remains closed with no public plan to reopen.”


ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: White House fires back at ‘out of step’ activists fuming over Biden’s response to abortion ruling.

The White House is blasting progressives who “have been consistently out of step” with the Democratic Party amid criticism that President Biden’s response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade has been too little, too late.

The White House defended Biden’s handling of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned the constitutional right to an abortion on June 24, while progressive Democrats have called for a number of responses, including packing the Supreme Court, ending the Senate filibuster, declaring a public health emergency, and launching abortion clinics on federal property.

“Joe Biden’s goal in responding to Dobbs is not to satisfy some activists who have been consistently out of step with the mainstream of the Democratic Party,” outgoing White House communications director Kate Bedingfield fired back in a statement Saturday. “It’s to deliver help to women who are in danger and assemble a broad-based coalition to defend a woman’s right to choose now, just as he assembled such a coalition to win during the 2020 campaign.”

“The president has been showing his deep outrage as an American and executing his bold plan — which is the product of months of hard work — ever since this decision was handed down,” she said.

Outrage so deep that Biden is laser-focused…on vacationing once again in Delaware this weekend: Bidens set to be at North Shores home July 8-10.

Earlier: Biden Is Too Old to Be President Says — the New York Times?

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Woke Coffee Shop Closes Down After Insane Demands From Even-More-Woke Employees.

A coffee shop in Philadelphia known for its LGBTQ brand identity closed its doors after employees revolted against the owners and demanded that they “redistribute” the company.

Mina’s World, located in the neighborhood of West Philadelphia, was characterized by Bon Appetit as a business that doubled as a “hangout spot for people of marginalized identities.” Sonam Parikh, who ran the company alongside partner and co-owner Kate Egghart, told the outlet that Mina’s World was the city’s first coffee shop owned and operated by queer, trans people of color (“QTPOC”). The pair had named the company after their cat.

Parikh blasted other coffee shops for neglecting to “protect their Black and trans employees” and allow customers to enjoy coffee in a space that was not “whitewashed.” However, as chronicled by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Libs of TikTok, Parikh and Egghart are now facing similar allegations.

Read the whole thing.

Earlier: How Meltdowns Brought Progressive Groups to a Standstill.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Elephant in the Zoom: Meltdowns Have Brought Progressive Advocacy Groups to a Standstill at a Critical Moment in World History.

In the eyes of group leaders dealing with similar moments, staff were ignoring the mission and focusing only on themselves, using a moment of public awakening to smuggle through standard grievances cloaked in the language of social justice. Often, as was the case at Guttmacher, they played into the very dynamics they were fighting against, directing their complaints at leaders of color. Guttmacher was run at the time, and still is today, by an Afro Latina woman, Dr. Herminia Palacio. “The most zealous ones at my organization when it comes to race are white,” said one Black executive director at a different organization, asking for anonymity so as not to provoke a response from that staff.

These starkly divergent views would produce dramatic schisms throughout the progressive world in the coming year. At Guttmacher, this process would rip the organization apart. Boonstra, unlike many managers at the time, didn’t sugarcoat how she felt about the staff’s response to the killing.

“I’m here to talk about George Floyd and the other African American men who have been beaten up by society,” she told her staff, not “workplace problems.” Boonstra told them she was “disappointed,” that they were being “self-centered.” The staff was appalled enough by the exchange to relay it to Prism.

The human resources department and board of directors, in consultation with outside counsel, were brought in to investigate complaints that flowed from the meeting, including accusations that certain staff members had been tokenized, promoted, and then demoted on the basis of race. The resulting report was unsatisfying to many of the staff.

Perhaps satisfying the staff isn’t the key to an effective organization. Plus:

For progressive movement organizations, 2021 promised to be the year they turned power into policy, with a Democratic trifecta and the Biden administration broadcasting a bold vision of “transformational change.” . . .

And then, sometime in the summer, the forward momentum stalled, and many of the progressive gains lapsed or were reversed. Instead of fueling a groundswell of public support to reinvigorate the party’s ambitious agenda, most of the foundation-backed organizations that make up the backbone of the party’s ideological infrastructure were still spending their time locked in virtual retreats, Slack wars, and healing sessions, grappling with tensions over hierarchy, patriarchy, race, gender, and power.

“So much energy has been devoted to the internal strife and internal bullshit that it’s had a real impact on the ability for groups to deliver,” said one organization leader who departed his position. “It’s been huge, particularly over the last year and a half or so, the ability for groups to focus on their mission, whether it’s reproductive justice, or jobs, or fighting climate change.”

Woke white people are annoying, stupid, and frequently vicious. Fortunately they’re also usually self-destructive and incompetent. But ultimately, this is just Trump exercising a magical power to destroy his enemies via their own ideology:

Sooner or later, each interview for this story landed on the election of Trump in 2016 as a catalyst. Whatever internal tension had been pulling at the seams of organizations in the years prior, Trump’s shock victory sharpened the focus of activists and regular people alike. The institutional progressive world based in Washington, D.C., reacted slowly, shell-shocked and unsure of its place, but people outside those institutions raced ahead of them. A period of mourning turned into fierce determination to resist. Spontaneous women’s marches were called in scores of cities, drawing as many as 5 million people, a shocking display of force. (Their collapse in a heap of identitarian recriminations is its own parable for this moment.)

Heh. Richly deserved.


James Cromwell took a dramatic stand for PETA Tuesday morning by supergluing his hand to a Starbucks counter in protest of the coffee chain’s up-charge for vegan milks.

Appearing on a Facebook livestream, the “Succession” star, 82, rattled off facts about the cons of producing dairy milk from cows as he remained stuck to the Midtown Manhattan shop’s counter alongside other PETA members.

Despite advocating for inclusivity, Starbucks “still discriminates against those who can’t have dairy” by making customers “pay more” for vegan options such as almond milk and oat milk, Cromwell claimed.

“My friends at PETA and I are calling on Starbucks to stop punishing kind and environmentally conscious customers for choosing plant milks,” the “L.A. Confidential” star and longtime vegan said in a statement.

“We all have a stake in the life-and-death matter of the climate catastrophe, and Starbucks should do its part by ending its vegan up-charge.”

While we “all have a stake in the life-and-death matter of the climate catastrophe,” curiously, according to IMDB, Cromwell is appearing or producing multiple films in various stages of production this year.

Flashback: Bill Maher: Liberals Are the Fun Suckers Now. “Look, here’s my libertarian side: I don’t really care about any of partying, drugs, and consenting adults doing whatever. Yet, Maher noticed something odd happening between the parties with this story. They’ve switched roles. The GOP is doing having fun, while the Democrats are acting like the Public Morals Bureau. As Maher noted, which is true, conservatives were the ones whose backsides were clenched so tight that you could grind diamonds to dust. Maher’s build-up rips the 1980s conservative establishment but it actually tees him up to go after the woke Left, who he says are millennials who embodied all the bad characteristics Southern Baptist. The Left is the ones for speech codes, blacklists, and cancel culture now. They’re the ‘fun-suckers.’”