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Plus, compare and contrast: Donald Trump calls mom of Rachel Morin, jogger murdered by illegal immigrant: ‘Deeply touched.’

DON SURBER: NYC sees Trump was right.

The story not reported often is better than the one not reported. And in this case, the story reported is pretty darned good: A man stalked the illegal alien who raped a 13-year-old girl and with the help of neighbors, beat the crap out of him and tied him with a belt until police arrived. . . .

That paragraph is telling for what it doesn’t say. The paragraph does not say the rapist (the illegal alien admitted the rape) was stalked and beaten. There is no mention of tying him up. Instead in NYT’s world, people just held the man.

In an earlier age, NYT might crusade against vigilantism and maybe it still will. Its story was sympathetic to the rapist “After his arrest, Mr. Inga told officers that he had a drug problem” and downplayed fears of rape, “Sexual assaults by strangers are relatively rare. Only about 20% of rapes are committed by someone who is a stranger to the victim” — only 20%. The Me Too movement is not only dead but with a wooden crucifix driven through its heart.

But I doubt NYT or the rest of the Democrats want to draw attention to this case because it points out that violent crime and the number of illegal aliens are rising under Biden.

What NYT and the rest of the propagandist media decried as racist when Donald Trump said it 9 years ago has been shown to be the truth.

On the upside, the crowd that beat him was made up of immigrants too. They haven’t been denatured by the U.S. legal and educational system yet.

Plus: “The 77% who say illegal immigration is a crisis or a major problem are not saying that because there is too few illegal aliens.”

The priorities of our ruling class — shrinking population, “degrowth,” open borders, climate hysteria, trans-rights, etc. — are not those of the voters. That’s why the ruling class is working hard to make sure that voters don’t matter.

FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF GIANT SUVs: 2024 Toyota Sequoia Interior Review: Everything Is Huge but Thoughtfully Designed. I do not like the big screen. It doesn’t say if you can turn it off, but you can opt for a smaller one. Plus: “The finer radio and navigation controls have all been relegated to the touch screen. That’s an inevitability. However, we applaud Toyota for keeping the climate controls as hard buttons and switches below the screen. Here, you can control fan speed, temperature, fan direction, defogger, and available seat heating and cooling all with button taps. Much less distracting.”

Knobs and buttons are superior.


It’s a good thing Milton Friedman isn’t running the show anymore or this would be bad.


BIDEN, TRUMP EXEC ORDERS COMPARED: Every executive order issued to date by President Joe Biden and all of them signed by his predecessor are sorted by topic, and the results show each chief executive’s true priorities, according to The Epoch Times’ Beth Brejle.

PROBABLY BECAUSE OF MY SUV: Earth’s rotating inner core is starting to slow down — and it could alter the length of our days. “Since scientists started mapping Earth’s inner layers with detailed seismic activity records around 40 years ago, the inner core has rotated slightly faster than the mantle and the crust. But in a new study, published June 12 in the journal Nature, researchers found that since 2010, the inner core has been slowing down and is now rotating a bit more slowly than our planet’s outer layers.”

No word yet how this will affect hurricane season but you know it will be bad.

XI’S GOTTA HAVE IT: ‘Only Pirates Do This’: China Wields Axes and Knives in South China Sea Fight.

The Chinese coast guard came in small boats with axes, long knives and spears.

They used the crude weapons to slash and puncture the Philippine military’s rubber craft. One Chinese boat rammed a Philippine boat at high speed, severing the thumb of a Filipino seaman who was holding on to the side of his ride.

During Monday’s frantic events in the South China Sea, the Chinese coast guard crew also boarded a Philippine boat, smashed its outboard motor and communications equipment, and grabbed the Filipino crew’s cellphones. They seized seven disassembled rifles that were packed in cases for delivery to a Philippine outpost, the Philippine military said.

“Only pirates do this,” said Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr., the Philippine military’s chief of staff. “Only pirates board, steal, and destroy ships, equipment and belongings.”

The incident, described by the Philippine armed forces, marked a sharp escalation in China’s use of forceful tactics and intimidation against a U.S. ally in the South China Sea. Its coast guard had never wielded bladed weapons and spears in its previous sea confrontations with the Philippines.

There’s hardly anyone around able to push back, so of course, they escalated.