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THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY COULD BE INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY: Anti-Israel Radicals Are ‘Hopeful’ Kamala Will Cast Aside the Jewish State. They Have Plenty of Reasons To Be.

Anti-Israel radicals who resigned their government posts over President Joe Biden’s support for Israel are betting on Vice President Kamala Harris to adopt more hardline policies toward the Jewish state. It’s a good bet: Harris throughout her vice presidency touted her public opposition to Israel’s war on Hamas and praised campus protesters who have violently harassed Jews.

Harris, who is on track to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee following Joe Biden’s departure from the race, was among the first administration officials to chastise Israel for its conduct during the war. In December, just two months after Hamas slaughtered more than 1,200 Jews, Harris publicly broke with Biden’s support for Israel, saying the Jewish state had killed “too many innocent Palestinians” and “must do more to protect innocent civilians.”

Since that time, the vice president has repeatedly thrown her support behind anti-Israel protesters in America, saying they show “exactly what the human emotion should be, as a response to Gaza.” Such comments are driving “optimism” among anti-Israel elements in the Democratic Party, according to reports, with several administration officials who resigned over Biden’s support for Israel expressing hope that a Harris presidency will bring about a break in U.S. relations with the Jewish state.

Biden’s absence could make this week’s meeting with Netanyahu something else: Kamala Harris aide says VP will meet Netanyahu at White House, doesn’t announce time.

How much will she be rehearsing ahead of time? Too Fun to Check: Harris’ Mock Prep For … a Media Dinner Party?

JOHN PODHORETZ: Gone Biden Gone.

So, yes, Biden had to go. But the solution here is probably no solution. I’m not saying Kamala Harris can’t win the presidency against Donald Trump. The Lord is the only one who knows, and given how He’s altered reality for the past 25 days, I wouldn’t put it past Him to keep throwing us for loops because, let’s face it, we’re sinners and we’re bad and we deserve everything we’re getting. We have the greatest country on earth, the greatest constitution, the greatest economy, the greatest everything, and we’ve ended up fostering a political culture so generally nauseating that even Screwtape must be feeling a little sorry for us.

But left to her own devices and without some form of divine or demonic or newsy intervention, Kamala Harris is exceedingly unlikely to win the presidency. I say this because we saw her in action as a candidate for a year in 2019. She was so extraordinarily bad at it she had to drop out of the race in December before voters—any voters—let her know in no uncertain terms how much she stank up the joint. Had it not been for Biden’s pledge to pick a token vice president—I mean, when you say you’re going to pick a woman of color, you are literally tokenizing the office—she would likely be a relatively obscure member of the Senate.

Why do I say this? Because she’s been a relatively obscure vice president. She has not risen even to the barely discernible standards of the world’s least consequential office. Moreover, to the extent that people even think about her, they  just don’t like her very much. We know this because polling tells us so, not because Fox News tells us so. Her approval rating is 38.6 percent. That is very bad. It’s so bad that Donald Trump’s approval rating is higher.

What the Democrats who are now doing a St. Vitus Dance of ecstasy over the change in their fortunes are not reckoning with is that the entire appeal of the Democratic party in 2020 was its seeming stability as opposed to Donald Trump’s unsteadiness in a crisis. Well, the country has been in a crisis for 25 days as it reckons with the meaning of its infirm president, and you know which party looks unstable? It’s not Trump’s party.

In contrast, as Podhoretz writes at the conclusion of a post from yesterday titled, “Trump Is Now a Three-Fer,” “He’s the closest thing we have to an incumbent president now—and the candidate of change. And Kamala Harris has some major work to do to overcome the instability that has emanated from her party during the most unstable moment in American politics since the Florida recount.”

PAULA BOLYARD: The Worldwide IT Outage Isn’t Funny, but the Memes Sure Are.

We joked about the satiric tweet below on Saturday, but apparently, it really is entering “fake but accurate” territory: Windows 3.1 saves the day during CrowdStrike outage — Southwest Airlines scrapes by with archaic OS. “Southwest was often criticized for its outdated systems, but an old but proven operating system saved it (and its customers) from the stress that most other airlines were experiencing. Nevertheless, Southwest passengers weren’t 100% unaffected by the CrowdStrike crash, as many airports also encountered system issues. Aside from Windows 3.1, Southwest also uses Windows 95 for its staff scheduling system. It is a newer operating system — about three years younger than Windows 3.1 — but it’s ancient compared to today’s tech. Many of the airline’s staff have been complaining about it already.”

JOHN GILL CALLS INTO KAMALA CAMPAIGN EVENT: Slurring, raspy Biden calls in to Kamala Harris’ first visit to campaign headquarters: ‘I love you!’

Interesting gaffe by Kamala: “It is so good to hear our President’s voice. Joe, I know you’re still on the reco… on the call… and we’ve been talking everyday…”

As America’s Newspaper of Record notes, “America Just Kinda Curious If President Alive.”

Is it too much to ask for a photograph with Biden holding a copy of today’s issue of the New York Times?

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): A friend writes: “There’s nothing normal about this, and we should not be coerced into pretending there is.”


KAY HYMOWITZ: The New Girl Disorder. Why are young women so prominent in anti-Israel protests?

THEY’RE DEMOCRATIC IN NAME ONLY: So Just Literally No Democratic Process From the Democrats. And this is a lefty complaint.


ANOTHER UPDATE: A friend comments: “I increasingly think these anti-democratic orchestrations are done so openly as a demoralization tactic. What more do you need to see to understand this is ours, now?”



I mean, even the Dispatch crowd:

And a friend comments: “Oh my God, have Democrats so botched things that we’re about enter a cycle where people demand to see the DEATH certificate?!” Circle of life, man.


Maybe she expects to be sworn in as President by then.


ONE DOESN’T GO TO THE NEW REPUBLIC FOR ACCURATE GUN INFORMATION: Anti-Gun Writer’s Ideas Trip Over Themselves. “A recent article at New Republic shows us that not only are anti-gun arguments rarely fact-based, but that it’s hard to hide the truth: that they want to ban all guns. . . . At this point, we’ve gone from an argument against a weapon used in the shooting to a weapon not used, which is silly, but more importantly the writer has now tipped his hand while fumbling his arguments.”


THE MISSING MAN: Day two of the coup: where is the President?

Let us reflect for a moment on the exceeding strangeness, the un-normalcy, of all this. It is extremely strange for a President of the United States to end his reelection candidacy — and therefore to de facto end his Presidency — with a mere memorandum posted on social media. It is extremely strange for that President to issue a followup social-media post designating a successor, who immediately sets in motion the process of amassing the funds and power previously accrued to her predecessor. It is extremely strange for the President’s calendar to be concurrently cleared, including the cancellation of meetings with foreign leaders who are traveling to the United States specifically to meet with the President.

It is extremely strange for all this to happen without a single personal appearance, without even a video, without even a recording of his voice, without even a photograph, in an era where producing and sharing those things has never been easier.

There are many strange things afoot, it seems.