UPDATE NEWSPEAK DICTIONARIES ACCORDINGLY, COMRADES: The largest pilot’s union has its eyes on the important problems facing aviation.

No, not airplanes dropping out of the skies or pilots being hired based on (checks notes) melanin count and sex organs.

The Air Line Pilots Association doesn’t rock with minor concerns like that.

The world’s largest airline pilot union, Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), has urged the aviation community to stop using terms considered offensive to women and LGBTQ individuals, such as “cockpit.”Representing over 70,000 pilots globally, ALPA collaborates with a United Nations agency on its policies. Their 2021 diversity, equity, and inclusion language guide lists several terms and phrases to avoid, particularly “masculine generalizations,” to promote inclusion and equity.

The guide emphasizes that “inclusive language in communications is essential to our union’s solidarity and collective strength and is an important factor in maintaining flight safety.”

The guide suggests replacing “cockpit” with “flight deck,” citing that the former term has been used derogatorily to exclude women. It also advises against using terms like “manpower,” recommending “people/human power” instead, and discourages addressing groups as “guys” due to its non-inclusive nature.

ALPA also recommends avoiding “mother/father” and “husband/wife” to respect diverse family structures and same-sex couples.

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As noted two weeks ago in this space: 

In short, these liberal activists posing as journalists would in fact rather see the paper collapse then start to report stories in a fair and balanced fashion that can be seen as not tilting left.

Which is to say, the internals at the Post have, in a mere two weeks, gotten worse.

And that in turn means there is one seriously basic fact at the Post.

Jeff Bezos may have purchased the Washington Post. On paper he is the owner. But the left-wing activists who are masquerading as journalists are determined to not allow Bezos to run the paper he owns.

As Ira Stoll asked on Thursday: Who Will Be the Washington Post’s Next Owner?

Now the Post staff is worked up into a panic over a British former Wall Street Journal executive’s plan to bring in editors from the Wall Street Journal and the Telegraph to run the place. The supposed trigger is the British press’s use of “stolen” documents, but that seems like a pretext coming from the staff of a newspaper that published the Pentagon Papers. The real issue isn’t stolen documents (the Post staff didn’t mind when the New York Times published President Trump’s stolen tax return) but fear that the new Post management might curb the left-wing tilt. Whatever the motive, Bezos is under fire from his own staff, which is questioning his loyalty to the institution. One Post veteran editor and reporter, the biographer David Maraniss, posted on Facebook, “Jeff Bezos owns the Post but he is not of and for the Post.”

To which Bezos must be thinking, “I’m not? If I’m signing your paycheck, I’m ‘of and for the f***ing Post.'”

At least for now.


The woke take America’s foundational “city on the hill” mythos and reverse it—creating a photo-negative version of our national fable grounded in the same exceptionalist and Zionist mythos. In the new woke myth, America is no longer the global savior or promised land. Instead, America is responsible for everything bad in the world. There would be no human tragedies if not for Judeo-Christian “settler colonialists.” If it wanted to, the U.S. government could fix all contemporary injustice and even historical wrongs—the legacy of slavery, colonialism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, you name it. All it must do is wave its imperial magic wand and bring global misfortune to an end—starting in Gaza.

Wokeness, or whatever you choose to call it, is a photo-negative ideology that merely inverts the country’s old Ku Klux Klan-style ethnopolitical mythos and updates it for today’s secularized—pseudo-multicultural and self-hating—era of Anglo American liberal culture. In wokeness’s new mythic ideal, no longer should the dreaded “white working class” MAGA Trump supporters be on top; rather, they should be on the bottom (double entendre intended), while their opposite-world enemies—Black, trans, handi-capable, antifa sex workers—should instead receive institutional preferences via DEI and whatever more aggressive social engineering project is planned next.

Wokeness represents modern American culture’s inability to come to grips with the failure of the country’s greatest LASP myth—the “American dream.” A mythos that denies the importance of socioeconomic class and tells us everyone can live in their own liberal-individual “success” bubble; occupy a home bubble with an individual fenced in yard; arrive at work in a protected individual metal automobile bubble. Watch personalized entertainment and, at all times, have a fully liberal-individual experience—judged entirely on its own personal merits. In the end, wokeness represents the post-liberalism of the fools. For, it recognizes the indelibly unfair outcomes of liberal capitalism but—as with the “socialism of the fools” that antisemitism so often represents—wokeness scapegoats its way toward a new system of racial stigmatizing as the solution. Instead of all non-Anglos and non-Protestants being the source of inferiority, a photo-negative KKK mythos has erected from the frustrated minds of academics disgusted with their own society. A wannabe multicultural nativism where “deplorable” “straight white men” are the source of all cultural backward inferiority and, therefore, everything wrong with the world. In the end, wokeness is not a true rebellion but merely a bizarro redrawing of old American ethnopolitical prejudices.

Yet bizarro Superman is still Superman. All the distinguishing aspects of the character remain recognizable even when artists draw his color scheme differently and reverse the giant “S” on his chest. The same principle applies with wokeness’s photo-negative, white supremacy mythology, which consists of the LASP-exclusivist bigotries of the Klan now inverted to target “white people.” Key to photo-negative thinking is its attempted reversal of the postwar Judeo-Christian alliance, which features radical Islamists—not as backward terrorists—but as the progress parade’s lead baton twirlers. At the core of the Marxist paradigm lies something scholars call the “labor metaphysic.” The phrase connotes the idea that only the working class can bring about true revolutionary change—not the peasants, nor the farmers, nor the bourgeoisie. In wokeness’s new revolutionary metaphysic, Marx’s beloved proletariat has been replaced with a progress-flag collage of morally superior, third world “people of color” and they/them nonbinary heroines. The discordance of queer activism with Palestinian activism is ignored by the woke because to acknowledge that Islamist political culture is violently anti-queer destroys their QTPOC revolutionary metaphysic, which the woke must believe is actionable for the rest of their photo-negative fantasy to hold. As with Marx’s folklore of all the workers of the world uniting to overthrow capitalism, global “decolonialization” can arrive only when all non-European “persons of color”—and “LGBTQ2SIAA” non-heterosexuals—unite and lead humanity to the intersectional Shangri-la.

Here the Palestinians play a central role. Palestinians—as reigning intersectional grand champions—represent the “true Jews” of the bizarro America that the woke wish to manifest into existence. And if, as prophesied in Deuteronomy, Jews must return to their homeland for Christ’s second coming then, through photo-negative logic, the Palestinians—as bizarro Jews—must have a state, which will be the true Israel. Then, and only then, can the day of true global liberation finally arrive.

Read the whole thing. The late Roger Scruton discussed the left’s “culture of repudiation:”

In all of his political writings, Scruton takes on the Left for scorning existing norms and customs, and for promoting a “culture of repudiation.” The Left is “negative.” It dismisses “every aspect of our cultural capital” with the language of brutal invective: accusing every defender of human nature and sound tradition of “racism,” “xenophobia,” “homophobia,” and “sexism.” Like 1984’s “two minutes of hate,” this language tears down, intimidates, and can never build anything humane or constructive—it is nihilistic to the core. At the same time, Scruton wants to reach out to reasonable liberals who eschew ideology and who still believe in civility and the promise of national belonging. His conservatism can discern the truth in liberalism (another Aristotelian trait) while the partisans of repudiation see half the human race as enemies.

But it’s both a culture of repudiation and the creation of a mirror universe worldview of how the rest of us see history and culture.

WOEING: Astronauts stranded in space face further setback to return home.

Nasa has again delayed the return of two US astronauts currently stranded on the International Space Station.

Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Sunita Williams were due to return to Earth on June 26 after faults with the Boeing spacecraft forced the astronauts to remain aboard the space station two weeks longer than planned.

On Friday, Nasa said it was taking more time to review the thruster malfunctions and helium leaks that caused the first delay.

The ISS mission was Boeing’s first crewed space launch after more than a decade of planning, during which two launches had to be aborted at late notice.

It was scheduled to last only eight days, but helium leaks and issues with the spacecraft’s thrusters delayed its return by two weeks.

I’m sure the astronauts will be back on earth soon — well, sooner or later: NASA indefinitely delays return of Starliner to review propulsion data.


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OPEN THREAD: Happy Saturday.

ANOTHER “SCIENTIFIC” MYTH, BUSTED: The Mysterious ‘Ecocide’ Collapse of Easter Island Never Really Happened. “The myth of this so-called Rapa Nui ‘ecocide’ – held up for decades as a cautionary tale about overexploitation of natural resources – should be firmly relegated to the bin of outdated theories, scientists now say. This finding is just the latest in a mounting body of evidence that the Pacific Islander population’s decline had nothing to do with their way of living.”

It now seems likely that they were casualties of open borders: “In fact, the collapse so soon after European contact in the 1700s probably had more to do with the slave trade, enforced migration, and introduced pathogens.” I don’t see people being as eager to hold that up as a warning.

GREAT MOMENTS IN LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Anti-Israel activists protest AOC, Bowman primary rally.

Anti-Israel activists protested a Democratic Party primary rally for New York City congresspeople Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman on Saturday.

The event, which featured guests such as Senator Bernie Sanders, was according to the event website aimed at rousing supporters for canvasing before the Tuesday primaries — but the “squad” members faced opposition from within the progressive coalition.

Within Our Lifetime demonstrated outside the event, demanding that the New York politicians un-endorsed US President Joe Biden in his incumbent race for the White House in November, and for them to renege on their denunciation of the anti-Israel group’s June 10 protest of the Nova Music Festival Massacre exhibit.

Accusations of genocide

The activists accused Biden of supporting a supposed genocide in Gaza, and said that Ocasio-Cortez, Bowman, and Sanders had tied themselves to that alleged crime. According to footage published by WOL on Twitter, activists chanted “Over 40,000 dead, AOC your hands are red!”

Earlier: Sandy’s War: The AOC AIPAC Freakout. And at long last, the AOC-Nick Fuentes love fast!

DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR AMERICA: ‘Non-Binary’ Star of The Acolyte Has Total Meltdown, Writes Woke ‘Diss Track’ of Star Wars Fans.

[Amandla] Stenberg hasn’t been taking the criticism very well, and she recently had a total meltdown, writing a “diss track” of her critics. Prepare to read some of the dumbest, most woke lyrics in history.

“They spinning ‘woke,’ bastardize it and appropriate it. Last I recall, woke was something we created, speak truth to power, keep an eye out for you silly racists,” she says.

“Now they use it to describe anything they threatened by … it was all about people recognizing bigotry, the power of community, not fodder for your clickbait,” she exclaims.

Stenberg also says she has been “taking bullshit” from her critics for centuries, by virtue of having enslaved ancestors.

“I’m sick and fucking tired of suppressing my rage. 400 years of taking their bullshit to compartmentalize like my ancestors had to encaged,” she raps.

“If you don’t confront the pain that you live with it’ll manifest as addiction, disease, and hate. I’ve seen the infection repression can give ya, I’m not gonna be the next one sent to an early grave,” she says.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll bring the disillusioned fans back into the fold. What a great decision by Disney to hand hundreds of millions of dollars to a far-left director obsessed with “LGBTQ+ representation” who had zero relevant experience so she could go cast some ultra-woke social justice warrior to crap all over those who have made Star Wars the success it used to be. Absolutely brilliant.

How bad is the Acolyte? This bad:

Related: Disney VP Takes Leave of Absence After Date with Undercover Reporter for James O’Keefe.

Michael Giordano went on a date arranged though an online service and got a lot more than he bargained for. His date was working for O’Keefe and prompted him with questions about what DEI looks like behind the scenes. Giordana said he’d personally applied for many jobs during his 11 years at the company and has seen more diverse candidates with less experience get the promotions. He says one of his friends in HR told him, “Look, nobody else is going to tell you this, Mike, but they’re not considering any white males for this job. They just aren’t.”

But Giordano wasn’t the only person who missed out because of race. He told a story about a candidate for a promotion who was mixed race, with one black parent and one white parent. He described this person as “half-black but didn’t appear half-black.” Giordano says a creative executive at the company interceded, saying something like “that’s not what’s wanted.” He added, “They wanted somebody in meetings who would appear a certain way and he wasn’t gonna bring that to the meeting.”

When it comes to casting their TV projects, Giordano said the company was very careful about what was said openly but suggested there were codes used to indicated what the bosses wanted to see. For instance, saying that they wanted something other than the usual suspects. But at times, Giordano said they were more blunt and simply said something like, “There’s no way we’re hiring a white male.” Giordano predicts that at some point there will be a lawsuit over these practices.

Video at link.

Flashback: A Word to the Wise Liberal. “This is a PSA to all male Democrat staffers: If a really hot chick goes on a few dates with you, there’s a 75% chance that she works for James O’Keefe.”

OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND: Whoever you vote for, the Blob wins.

Watch a clip of Yes Minister and it’s like looking at something from the political Cretaceous period, because Humphrey and Hacker were on equal terms. Today, when Hacker suggests a policy, Humphrey reminds him that he has devolved responsibility to the National Paperclips Authority, or it’s not within his power, or judicial review will stop it, or it’s against human rights law, or he’s bullying Bernard by asking him to turn up to work.

Rory Stewart tells alarming stories of civil service obstruction in his memoir. When he tried to stop aid going to jihadis in Syria, he was told it was not within his power, then that the decision came from a ‘small group’ of senior civil servants who outranked him. He called their bluff, exposing these excuses as false. But when he wrote to the prime minister, his draft was edited to remove his argument; when he reinserted it, they ‘lightly edited’ – i.e. re-removed – it. When he wrote his own letter to the prime minister’s foreign policy adviser, the chap refused to pass it on.

In my nine years in the House of Lords, I saw this at first hand. No matter how cogent my argument in the chamber, or even in a select committee, and no matter how polite the minister’s reply, most of the time she or he might as well have just been saying: Sir Humphrey says no. Who was the monkey and who the organ grinder? Parliament was mostly an elaborate charade. It was one of the reasons I decided to retire.

* * * * * * * *

Of course, ministers get to appoint the chairs of quangos but even that power is shrinking. Latterly, the Tories in government found that their preferred appointees were kept off shortlists by civil servants on some pretext or other. Partly this was ideological, anybody with a whiff of conservatism being deemed ‘not impartial’ (it happened to me), whereas lefties were fine, but a lot of it was just civil servants gradually expanding their power. I suspect the Starmer administration will not find it as easy as Tony Blair’s did to stuff their chums on public boards.

Wow, it’s a good thing nothing like that could ever happen to our Federal government…


The shape-shifting nature of the James Bond franchise makes it a window on each era’s vogues. Some of these fashion statements, comic stylings and approaches to action choreography have held up splendidly; others appallingly.

When settling on a ranking for all 25 films – we’ve excluded the series outliers (the 1967 Casino Royale and the independently-produced Never Say Never Again) – it’s hard to be definitive: many people might be kinder overall on the Pierce Brosnan era, or harsher on Roger Moore.

We’ve made the case for at least one entry that’s unfairly loathed, and dinged a few that have bigger flaws than generally gets admitted. By the time the next one comes out, maybe we’d reshuffle them all over again. But for now, here they sit.

The number one and two Bond movies should be pretty obvious to anyone even vaguely familiar with the franchise over the years, but number three is an excellent choice as well, and would have likely been the best Bond ever, had it starred Sean Connery.