CHANGE? ‘Very aggressive’ homeless camp crackdown coming in August, mayor says.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that enforcing rules against homeless people for sleeping outside doesn’t violate the Eighth Amendment’s “cruel and unusual punishment” clause.

On Thursday, Breed celebrated the ruling and said the city plans to change its protocols and may begin issuing criminal penalties against homeless people.

“Thank goodness for the change in the Supreme Court decision,” Breed said at an election debate hosted by a local firefighter’s union. “Effective August, we are going to be very aggressive and assertive in moving encampments, which may even include criminal penalties.”

Breed said last year that “compassion is killing people” so with the Supreme Court on her side, maybe something will finally change. But I’ll believe it when I see it.


THE SUCKINESS THAT IS CROWDSTRIKE: A Billion Blue Screens as Windows is Down Worldwide. “Around a billion computers are bricked worldwide, mostly corporate ones. This isn’t just an online service going down for a few hours. Every affected computer needs to be rebooted in fail mode and have a driver manually [deleted].”


WE MOVED A LOT WHEN I WAS A KID, AND I’M NOT DEPRESSED. Guess I dodged a bullet. Frequent house moves put kids at risk of depression as adults.

I think it did make me more resilient, though. And probably less prone to care what the crowd thought, since it would just be a new crowd next year anyway.

TANSTAAFL: Cost of Colorado’s free school meals program is ‘out of control.’

When Colorado voters approved “Healthy School Meals for All” two years ago, organizers behind the ballot initiative estimated the program would cost $115 million in its first year.

The actual costs significantly exceeded that — $166 million — leaving state lawmakers scrambling with the financial fallout.

“I don’t know why the costs have gotten so out of control,” said state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, R-Brighton, who serves on both the legislature’s appropriations and Joint Budget Committee.

It’s a government program. How is this so difficult for a Republican to understand?

DEMOCRACY DIES IN ATTACKING THE PARENTS OF AMERICAN-ISRAELI HOSTAGES: Washington Post Deletes Post ‘Mischaracterizing’ American-Israeli Hostage Parents.

The Washington Post took down a social media post which characterized the parents of an American hostage held in Gaza as ignoring the ongoing military operation. The parents of Omer Neutra attended the RNC this week in an effort to bring attention to those being held captive since Oct. 7.

“Omer Neutra has been missing since the Oct. 7 attack on Israel. When his parents speak publicly, they don’t talk about Israel’s assault on Gaza that has killed over 38,000 Palestinians, according to local officials. Experts have warned of looming famine,” the original social media post by the newspaper read.

The post immediately received backlash for asserting that Neutra was missing, not being held captive and that his parents should be advocating on behalf of the civilians in Gaza as well.

* * * * * * *

Though the Post deleted the original social media post, the sentiment still remains throughout the story.

“When the Neutras speak publicly, they don’t talk about the ferocity of Israel’s counterattack, which has killed more than 38,000 Palestinians and left nearly 90,000 injured, according to the Gaza Health Ministry,” the story reads.

If only the Czar knew what was going on at his newspaper. Flashback to June 23rd (which feels like a hundred years ago in terms of news cycles: “Jeff Bezos may have purchased the Washington Post. On paper he is the owner. But the left-wing activists who are masquerading as journalists are determined to not allow Bezos to run the paper he owns.”

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: The Remarkable GOP Convention.

There’s never been a political speech like Donald Trump’s address to the 2024 Republican National Convention. The former president’s narration of the attempt on his life was gripping television. When he kissed the fireman’s helmet of Corey Comperatore, the husband and father who was killed during the shooting in Butler, Pennsylvania, last weekend, he created an indelible image. The Trump who appeared on stage was humble, gracious, contemplative.

Then, a half hour into the speech, Trump began to improvise. He talked. And talked. He was the Trump we are used to seeing on the campaign trail: garrulous and sarcastic, cracking jokes, championing his record, describing goals for a second term. At length. The speech must have set a record for longest convention address. If Trump wanted to prove he could speak with greater passion and for a longer period of time than President Biden, he did so. He also left this television viewer exhausted.

The Trump who spoke for 91 minutes on Thursday evening was a slightly more subdued version of the man who has been at the center of politics for almost a decade. Yet much of the convention was spent trying to convince Americans that Trump is more than the person they’ve watched on the news since 2015.

* * * * * * * *

By the time the red, white, blue, and gold balloons fell from the rafters of the Fiserv Forum, there was no doubt that Donald Trump has revamped the Republican Party in his image. This united and energetic party believes that it is on the verge of a great victory. It left Milwaukee in a state of excitement. While, in a basement in Delaware, the Democratic Party is in a state of crisis.

As Jim Treacher writes, “Joe Won’t Go:”

He’s been in Washington since before Twitter. Before CNN. Hell, before Watergate! He was lying to reporters when Obama was still popping his zits in Honolulu.

The old man is a damn barnacle. They’re gonna have to scrape him off, and it might just put a hole in the hull.

Joe Biden doesn’t know much anymore, but he still knows how power works. My money’s on the old bastard giving everybody two middle fingers till they close the casket.

Me? I choose to remember the happier times:

Now watch him drop out 10 minutes after I post this. It would serve me right for acting like I know what I’m talking about!

Heh, indeed. That video is a reminder of why Joe won’t go. He’s spent his entire career climbing the greasy pole, then having to suck up to Barry for eight years to get to where he is now. No wonder he’s so reluctant to throw it all away.



Every affected computer needs to be rebooted in fail mode and have a driver manually removed.

Most corporate computers given to employees don’t let users do this themselves. Even if they could, imagine every single double-digit IQ wagie trying to handle a moderately complex task when many don’t even know what a file is anymore.

I can’t stress enough the scale of this happening.

This should give you some indication of the scale:

Mac and Linux are fine alternatives and often have a lower TCO.