TULSI GABBARD RESPONDS TO KAMALA’S ATTACK ON J.D. VANCE AS “LOYAL ONLY TO TRUMP, NOT TO OUR COUNTRY:” “She’s talking about J.D. Vance, someone who enlisted in the Marine Corps after… 9/11… putting his own life on the line in service to our country….”


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But isn’t this just a 2019 campaign ad from Trump with “Trump-Vance” tacked on at the end? A-Ha respond to Trump’s ‘Take on Me’ campaign video: ‘Even blind pigs can find truffles.’

—The London Independent, October 2nd, 2019.



‘WITHOUT EVIDENCE,’ NBC BLASTS ‘CONSERVATIVE PUNDITS AND LAWMAKERS’ ON SECRET SERVICE DEI. More and more “news” articles are popping up with this “without evidence” line. This jarring tell simply means “we don’t want you to believe the upcoming claim.” NBC even spends the next few paragraphs discussing the very evidence cited by DEI critics (female agents in the video being a foot shorter than Trump, or seemingly out of position). Maybe the critics are wrong and the weight of the evidence is against them, but they’re not “without evidence.” Saying they are is incompetent journalism.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER! Biden’s physician uttered the dreaded M-word in his covid diagnosis last night:

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the president’s physician, said in a note that Biden, 81, “presented this afternoon with upper respiratory symptoms, to include rhinorhea (runny nose) and non-productive cough, with general malaise.”

At Commentary, John Podhoretz responded:

In the most pregnant turn of phrase in 45 years, his own press office presented us with a letter from Biden’s doctor explaining that the president had taken the test because of his symptoms, which included a feeling of “malaise.”

That word was, of course, the takeaway from the speech that unofficially announced the futility of the Jimmy Carter reelection effort 14 months before Carter faced Ronald Reagan—and Carter never even said “malaise”! It was just what emanated from his discussion of what was ailing the country, which was not his bad leadership but a “crisis of confidence.” Carter’s effort to shift blame to the American people’s own spiritual condition was the marker of his doom. Its use again in 2024 suggests an unseen Straussian hand at work in the levers of the universe, planting esoteric messages about the end of Joe Biden’s career in his own press statements.

Since an economic malaise tends to go hand-in-hand with a leftist in the White House, as I wrote in 2011: Welcome Back My Friends, to the Malaise that Never Ends.

1979 was also the year of Jimmy Carter’s infamous “malaise” speech. As [Steve] Hayward wrote in volume one of The Age of Reagan:

The New Republic [called] the speech “pop sociology stew” filled with “servile flatteries.” “Carter seems to think that teaching us to sing ‘Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella’ can be a substitute for leading us in out of the rain. Fortunately, he utterly lacks the rhetorical skill for such a con job.”This represented a striking turnabout for The New Republic. When Carter first declared the energy crisis to be the “moral equivalent of war” in the spring of 1977, The New Republic editorialized in a vein that anticipated the Carter of July 1979: “To us, whatever contraction of affluence this country may suffer over the next few years appears no more than a byproduct of the contraction of the spirit we are already suffering.” A labor leader who had supported Carter in 1976 complained that “The fault is his, not ours, and asking us to say something nice about America is like Gerald Ford telling us to pin on little lapel buttons and ‘Whip Inflation Now.’” And naturally Carter’s message rubbed Reagan the wrong way: “People who talk about an age of limits,” Reagan said, “are really talking about their own limitations, not America’s.”

To his credit though, last year, an Insta-commenter noted, “Carter didn’t give a speech soon after his (honest) election in front of a national monument back-lit blood red with two Marines flanking either side describing his political opponents as traitors.”

Last night, Biden’s doctor inadvertently channeled Jimmy Carter. Today, one of Biden’s supporters is channeling his opponent:

Exit question: Was this the moment when everything went pear-shaped?


WOKE = BROKE Part Deux:

“We start with the best ingredients, cook from the heart, and let our food do the talking. No compromises, no matter what. Sustainability is at the core of all the choices we make, from our food to our planet to the future of farming. It’s in our DNA. After all, we’re chefs.”

Buzzword Bingo: “sustainability,” “heart,” “planet.”

BOOM goes the dynamite.




I WAS SAD TO HEAR THAT LOU DOBBS, host of Lou Dobbs Tonight died today at 78:

“The Great Lou Dobbs has just passed away,” Republican presidential candidate Trump said on his Truth Social platform. He added: “Lou was unique in so many ways, and loved our Country.”

The cause and place of his death were not disclosed in the statements.

He kindly interviewed me about my book “Men on Strike” when it came out in 2013 and seemed very concerned about the plight of men in the country:

KEEP FIGHTING, JOE! Defiant Biden Handlers Just Threw Obama, Schumer, and Pelosi Under the Bus and Then Backed Over Them.

“Can we all just remember for a minute that these same people who are trying to push Joe Biden out are the same people who literally gave us all Donald Trump? In 2015, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer pushed Biden aside in favor of Hillary; they were wrong then and they are wrong now,” the source told NBC News.

The source pointed to polling in the 2016 election that showed Hillary Clinton leading by as much as nine points.

“How did all this work out for everyone in 2016? Perhaps we should learn a few lessons from 2016; one of them is polls are BS, just ask Sec. Clinton. And two, maybe, just maybe, Joe Biden is more in touch with actual Americans than Obama-Pelosi-Schumer?” the source added.

That doesn’t sound like Biden is about to drop out of the race, does it? As I’ve said before, there’s more going on behind the scenes than just what the president wants. Jill Biden is wildly ambitious and shows no sign of wanting to give up the life of luxury her husband’s position provides. There’s also a laundry list of hangers-on both with Bide’s campaign and within the administration who do not want to lose their gravy train. If the president leaves the race, they will be largely sidelined, and they know.

Then there’s Biden himself. He’s a deeply egotistical man who will not want to go down in history as someone who gave up against Trump. Never mind that he’ll almost assuredly be blamed if he does drop out and then Kamala Harris goes on to lose. There’s no easy path out of the race for Biden that allows him to save face.

Related: “Republicans hold convention, Democrats crack up,” Byron York writes:

[T]he Trump team is rhetorically pressing on another angle, a crucial angle, of the Biden matter. If Biden has to pull out of the race because he is too cognitively impaired to serve as president starting next year, how is he in good enough shape to serve as president right now? For the Trump team, the word of the day became “coup.”

“This is nothing more than an attempted coup by the Democrat Party,” senior Trump campaign strategist Chris LaCivita told Politico Thursday. “They are actively engaged in an attempt, in my view, and a lot of people share this view, in deposing the president of the United States. Because, look, you can’t step down as a candidate for president because you’re cognitively impaired while still being president. The two are linked.”

“This is a political coup — let’s not call it anything other than what it is,” said Jason Miller, another senior Trump adviser, on Newsmax. “Democrats are running a political coup on their own candidate. Joe Biden … is the president of the United States right now. Here’s the important point: You can’t, as a Democrat or a member of the media, say Joe Biden has to drop out of the race but then he stays in as president. If Joe Biden leaves the race for president, he has to step down as president because that is saying he is too mentally incompetent to run the country.”

They have a point. And they will make it over and over regardless of how Democrats resolve their Biden problem in the coming days.

Mary Katharine Ham goes 20 minutes into the future:

UPDATE: Mark Halperin is also going 20 minutes into the future:

If true, how much must team Biden loathe Kamala? As veteran GOP consultant Liz Mair responds, “By not resigning, Biden is saying ‘Harris isn’t fit to be President.'” (Mair has a lot more to say; read the whole thing.)

UPDATE (10:00 pm): Meacham denies involvement:

UPDATE (10:19 pm): (The lack of) Life comes at you fast!