YOU WANT MORE ANTS? BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU GET MORE ANTS: Harvard Caves. “Harvard University’s highest governing body, the Harvard Corporation, reversed its decision to withhold degrees from 11 students who participated in an unlawful anti-Israel encampment, including a Pakistani Rhodes Scholar now set to attend the University of Oxford next year.”

AUTOS: GM shares sink 7% despite second-quarter beat as Wall Street fears ‘good times won’t last.’

Investors balked at pullbacks in growth businesses, waning upside during the second half of the year, and fear that the automaker’s earnings power has peaked, according to Wall Street analysts

“Impressive results considering large losses in EVs, Cruise and China. History suggests the good times won’t last,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said Tuesday in an investor note.

RBC Capital Markets’ Tom Narayan pointed to expectations from GM that earnings during the second half of the year will be $2.5 billion lower than earnings in the first half. He also cited GM’s China business as a headwind and said Wall Street is losing hope for an additional guidance raise.

“Many investors who have been waiting for the price normalization narrative to take place after years of unprecedented inflation, likely see the GM commentary as an important data point that we could be at the beginning of a deflationary cycle,” Narayan said.

The average price for a new car is closing in on $50,000 — and consumers are taking out longer loans at higher rates to buy them. Something’s gotta give.

HE LEFT THE RACE BEFORE BEING NOMINATED: Was the War Chest Transfer From Biden to Harris Legal? “If Mr. Biden drops out before the Democratic Party formally makes him its nominee, then Federal Election Commission rules dictate that no more than $2,000 of any campaign funds that he raised may be transferred to any other candidate, including Ms. Harris. The Federal Election Campaign Act governs what a presidential campaign may do with ‘excess campaign funds,’ which is what the money left in the Biden for President campaign will legally be considered if he is no longer a candidate. Those excess funds may be contributed in an unlimited amount to the Democratic National Committee or an independent expenditure committee. Presidential campaigns may also contribute such funds to other federal campaigns, subject to contribution limits, which are $2,000 per election.”

Hmm. Republicans should launch a major lawfare operation on this, just as payback. And so should actual Democrat RFK, Jr.

16 MISTAKES BIBLE SKEPTICS OFTEN MAKE: Interesting morning, going from Cheatling Congress to A+ political impersonations to a lesson in exegetical logic. Check out the latter on HillFaith. (Skeptics, please note the last sentence).

IS THIS GUY THE BEST IMPERSONATOR EVER? The transition from Trump to McConnell is arresting. And his Tucker Carlson is all but perfect. Hat Tip to Bill Ackman for pointing this out.

THE CHEATLE CHALLENGE TO CONGRESS: Here’s why Congress must not ignore the former Secret Service Director’s middle fingers. It’s my latest PJ Media column. PROMOTED FROM LAST NIGHT.

COLLUSION: The head of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee isn’t playing games when it comes to the White House avoiding answers to questions about potential collusion with antigun groups to target GLOCK, Inc., with a frivolous lawsuit.

Related: “Chicago and their partners at Everytown Law are trying to stop city residents from being able to purchase some of the most common and popular handguns in the country, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re playing fast and loose with the facts. I’m looking forward to seeing Glock’s response to the latest iteration of the litigation, as well as what Eagle Sports Range and Midwest Sporting Goods have to say about the legal attacks on their businesses, but keep in mind that this lawsuit could be just the first round of a broader strategy to ban semi-automatic handguns. As we’ve previously reported, about a dozen blue-state AGs have sent what amounts to a pre-litigation demand letter to Glock, and the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention has reportedly been pressing the ATF to issue a rule classifying Glocks as machine guns as well. The Supreme Court may have nixed a handgun ban as a violation of the Second Amendment, but the gun control lobby is clearly searching for a way to enact a sweeping gun ban regardless of what the Court has to say about it.”



never forgiving her for that one.

♬ original sound – Kim


ADIDAS HAS BEEN PARTYING LIKE IT’S 1939 AGAIN: The Olympian Self-Deception of Anti-Zionists.

It would be difficult to design a story more tailor-made for publicity even at a time when the United States is having its own Succession-like drama: A supermodel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Olympics—as the Saturday Night Live character Stefan would say, this one’s got everything.

There’s so much to the Bella Hadid vs. Adidas story, in fact, that a deceptively minor-seeming detail goes overlooked. Yet that detail helps explain a lot about the current round of Israeli-Palestinian hostility.

First, the controversy. Adidas launched an advertising campaign for a shoe intended to be a throwback/homage to a sneaker used by athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Those games will forever be under a dark cloud because that’s when eleven Israeli athletes and one West German policeman were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. (This summer’s Olympics are in Paris, where a left-wing lawmaker told Israeli athletes they weren’t welcome. France announced yesterday it will provide extra security to the Israeli team.)

Atop this questionable decision, Adidas piled a whopper: Its chosen model for the ’72 throwback shoe would be none other than Bella Hadid, a viciously anti-Israel celebrity who has used her platform to advance pro-Hamas propaganda. Adidas then apologized and said it would be revising the campaign. Then Hadid reportedly lawyered up, and Adidas apologized to Hadid. The shoe company founded by actual Nazis is very sorry to everyone involved—sorry to Bella Hadid, sorry to her critics for hiring Bella Hadid, etc.

Bella’s sister Gigi is also an Israel-hating supermodel. Their father is Mohamed Hadid, a super-rich anti-Semite of epic proportions. In addition to his Jew-hatred, Hadid has been harassing pro-Israel Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres with increasingly psychotic racist and homophobic messages. “Make sure you dress as KKK to hide that ugly gray colored face of yours,” he wrote in one. In another, he suggested Torres “get a job as bouncer at gay bar.” Another published by the New York Post: “You are just unusual Black and colorful mouth for Israeli and AIPAC and looking for payday of over 500K.”

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): A friend from Adidas says they shut down the Intranet at the firm for a while after this broke because of the staff reactions.

UNEXPECTEDLY! Secret Service* Urges Halt to Trump’s Outdoor Rallies After Assassination Attempt.

The agency finds Trump’s rallies challenging because of their large, complex outdoor venues. The former president’s large events require extensive security planning, with agents arriving early to prepare.

The authorities have been investigating the shooting and the gunman, Thomas Matthew Crooks. While they have unearthed some details surrounding the assassination attempt, they have still not discovered what drove Crooks to shoot the former president.

The shooting has placed the Secret Service under scrutiny for its failure to prevent Crooks from taking a shot at the former president despite warnings from rallygoers. Former Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle stepped down from her position after enduring a grilling from Republican and Democratic lawmakers during a recent hearing in which she failed to answer basic questions about the incident.

* Just a heads up: You misspelled “the Harris Campaign” in the headline.

Related: “Secret Service Director Resigns In Disgrace For Failing To Assassinate Trump,” America’s Newspaper of Record reports.

RIP: Blues Legend John Mayall Is Dead at 90.

Mayall’s Bluesbreakers were a clearinghouse for generational talent. Eric Clapton quit the Yardbirds and joined the band; his playing was featured on its debut LP, released in 1966. When Clapton left, Peter Green, later to found Fleetwood Mac, joined. And when Green left, Mick Taylor, later of the Rolling Stones, joined. Mayall was to British blues guitarists what Leo Castelli was to New York painters; his group was the blue-chip gallery you wanted to show your work in. The bassist Jack Bruce met Clapton in the Bluesbreakers, then went on to found Cream. Other future rock stars who were Mayall alumni: Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, later of Fleetwood Mac, and the well-traveled drummer Aynsley Dunbar. In these Bluesbreakers incarnations, and in many more that would follow, Mayall moved between guitar and keyboards, with spotlight moments to demonstrate his prowess on harmonica. Even so, Mayall’s chief talent may have been his uncanny, unselfish capacity for spotting it in others.

Clapton’s mating of a Les Paul and a Marshall amplifier on the Bluesbreakers album, in a homage to the guitar blues great Freddie King was seen playing in the 1950s went on to become the iconic rock guitar sound, until Eddie Van Halen arrived in the late 1970s with his heavily modified “Super-Stratocaster” style guitar, and remains highly sought after to this day.