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WATCH: CNN Anchor Has Tantrum After Trump Spokeswoman Calls Out Jake Tapper’s Bias.

One of the biggest challenges Donald Trump will have to face in his upcoming debate with Joe Biden on CNN on Thursday — assuming Biden shows up — won’t be handling the president but having Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as the moderators.

Tapper and Bash are about as anti-Trump as you get, and when Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt appeared on CNN Monday to discuss the upcoming debate and happened to mention their bias, anchor Kasie Hunt had an absolute tantrum on the air.

When Leavitt pointed out that Trump was preparing to “go into a hostile environment on this very network with debate moderators who have made their opinions about him very well known over the past eight years,” Hunt insisted that both Tapper and Bash were “professional.”

But Leavitt came with receipts.

‘Well, first of all, it would take someone five minutes to Google Jake Tapper, Donald Trump, to see” that Tapper consistently likened Trump to Adolf Hitler. Then Hunt lost it and accused Leavitt of “attacking” her colleagues.

“I would like to talk about Joe Biden and Donald Trump — who you work for — if you’re here to speak on his behalf, we will have this conversation,” Hunt added.

“I am stating facts that your colleagues have stated in the past,” Leavitt responded.

“I’m sorry, guys … Karoline, thank you very much for your time. You’re welcome to come back at any time,” Hunt replied.

Jake Tapper biased? I just can’t see it myself: Tom Elliott Presents a Retrospective of CNN Debate Moderator Jake Tapper.

Kasie Hunt biased? I can’t see that, either. I mean, it’s not like the photo atop her Twitter homepage shows her shaking hands and grinning approvingly with a smiling Joe Biden:

I hope Trump knows what he’s in for on Thursday:


OAKLAND MORPHED INTO CHICAGO SO SLOWLY, I HARDLY EVEN NOTICED: Defiant Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao denies any wrongdoing in 1st comments following FBI raid; “I have done nothing wrong.”

Thao blasted the raid [on] her home early Thursday morning which she said came without warning and said the effort to have her recalled from office is a waste of time and city resources.

“I want to know what probable cause the FBI has. What evidence have they collected that justifies raiding the home of a sitting mayor without notice and without the courtesy of a conversation,” said Thao. “I want to know more about the handful of billionaires from San Francisco and Piedmont who are hell-bent on running me out of office. I want to know why the day following the qualification of a recall election, funded by some of the richest people in the Bay Area, seemed like the right day to execute a warrant.”

Federal authorities have not released any details about the probe or said who is the subject of the investigation.

Thao fought back tears while saying she would not be stepping down from office.

“I will not be bullied and I will not be disparaged and I will not be threatened out of this office,” Thao said. “There are a lot of radical right-wing forces who know they will never win an election in Oakland fair and square.”

And she’s right! The last Republican mayor of Oakland left office in 1977.

As a result of Thao’s freakout: Oakland mayor’s attorney quits after being surprised by news conference.

Embattled Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s attorney has resigned as her counsel after the mayor gave a press conference Monday without informing him. Tony Brass, a high-profile attorney who also represents accused Bob Lee killer Nima Momeni, was retained as Mayor Thao’s counsel late last week after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided her Oakland home.

“I have officially withdrawn as Sheng Thao’s counsel,” Brass told Bay City News, via text message.

I blame “radical rightwing forces” for his resignation.



THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: What Will Replace the Marine Corps?

In his book on maritime power, To Rule the Waves, author Bruce Jones points out that, if the United States is to wage war with anyone other than Canada or Mexico, we need to do it with naval power. Ever since the invasions of Normandy and Okinawa, where the Army provided significant amphibious landing forces, the leading edge of the projection of combat power ashore has been the United States Marine Corps. That is no longer the case. 

Since 2019, the Marine Corps has largely abandoned its amphibious capability in favor of a limited mission of deterring or fighting a war with China in the South China Sea, all to fulfill the vision of the former Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger. The concept is called “Stand-in Forces.” To buy the anti-ship missiles required to carry out his vision, Berger divested the Marine Corps of all of its tanks, much of its artillery, all of its heavy engineering and assault bridging and breaching capabilities, as well as significant aviation assets. But, as Jones points out, we still need some way of projecting naval power ashore. The question now is: Who will do it? There are several possibilities. (READ MORE: Biden Has Allowed the Marine Corps to Become Irrelevant)

Just as long as their pronouns are perfect — that’s the main thing.

UPDATE: There Is Now an Official Air Force Pride Patch.

I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL: I Regret to Inform You That We Will All Grow Old, Infirm, and Unattractive.

But there’s a much deeper point here. Plus: “Our culture has abandoned any pretense of not worshiping youth, at this stage; go on social media and you’ll find 50-somethings lobbing insults at each other about being old, OK Boomer. There’s a complete collapse in the notion that aging is a natural and dignified thing, and a sweaty insistence on celebrating the young and instilling in them all of our hopes for renewal and justice, despite the fact that our actually-existing young people are afraid to talk to the cashier at McDonald’s. We’ve instilled our whole cultural space with the idea that to be old is shameful. So I’m not surprised that so many wander through life never contemplating the fact that, someday, they’re going to need to be taken care of again. Someday they’re going to experience “second childishness.” And people who have kids, in general and on average, are going to have a better support network than those who don’t.”