FROM THE HOME OFFICE INSIDE THE BIDENBUNKER: Narrative Buster: Top Ten Reasons Biden Will Fly to Hawaii This Month.

So the celebrity fundraisers haven’t come to an end for Biden. The AP reports that Biden has fundraisers still scheduled for every day of the month, starting on Monday. Will those be as lucrative as the bash that George Clooney hosted and where Barack Obama appeared?Probably not, but contrary to reports, Dem big-ticket donors aren’t locking the checkbooks in their Maseratis either.

This supports what I have said all along. All Biden has to do is ride out the next three weeks and the Dump Biden movement will collapse. If he’s still raising money, and if Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still support him, Biden has no reason to get out … unless he and Democrats and the entire Protection Racket Media are willing to admit that he’s senile and has been for the past two-plus years at the very least. And then admit their complicity in a conspiracy to cover up that fact and defraud the American public.

Until then, Democrats are stuck with Biden, and will shortly return to the gaslighting of the last two-plus years. The media will crank up the Republicans Pounce®! and Cheap Fakes! narratives. But no one will forget that the emperor’s new clothes were a scam and that they’ve seen Biden naked.

Keep fighting, Joe!

UPDATE: Christian Toto takes a shot at drafting his own list: Top 10 Reasons Letterman Is Headlining Biden Fundraiser. Late-night icon signs on for starry night, but will Biden still be on ticket by then?

JON GABRIEL: We landed on the moon. Now we can’t even keep the Gaza aid pier afloat.

More recently, we fled a hard-won victory in Iraq and were chased out of Afghanistan by tribesmen sporting small arms. Today we can’t seem to stop the Russians in Ukraine and mostly ignore China’s increasing threats against Taiwan.

We can’t even keep a small pier afloat off Gaza.

Remember the pier? In his March State of the Union address, President Joe Biden announced its deployment to “enable a massive increase in the amount of humanitarian assistance getting into Gaza every day.”

* * * * * * * *

During its brief deployment, an estimated 8,000 metric tons of aid were delivered via the pier. That’s the equivalent of about 600 trucks worth — the number humanitarian agencies claim need to enter Gaza every day.

Meanwhile, the war continues.

At this point, few Americans expect another “giant leap for mankind.”  But “one small step” would be nice.

In their 1989 book Apollo, Charles Murray and Catherine Bly Cox wrote about JFK’s role in birthing the American moon landing program:

At 1:07 Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday morning, April 12, 1961, U. S. radar recorded the launch of an R-7 rocket from the Baikonur Space Center on the steppes of Kazakhstan in the south-central part of the U.S.S.R. Wiesner called Salinger at 1:30 to report the launch and again at 5:30 to tell him that Moscow had announced a successful recovery of the spacecraft, Vostok I. Its passenger, cosmonaut Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin, had completed one full orbit of the earth and was said to be feeling fine.

As four years earlier, when the Soviets put Sputnik into orbit, the nation looked at the skies and saw calamity. Perhaps Shepard would have beaten the Russians into space, were it not for a few minor technical delays. No matter. Appearances could have a reality of their own, the Washington Post editorialized in its Thursday edition: “In these matters, what people believe is as important as the actual facts, and many persons will of course take this event as new evidence of Soviet superiority.” An influential congressman from New York announced that he was ready to call for a full-scale congressional investigation—the American people must be properly alerted to the need for wartime mobilization. Abroad, an independent newspaper in Manila reported that the people in its part of the world “see in all this the supposed superiority of the Communist way of life, economic system, and materialistic philosophy.” Egyptian president Gamel Nasser had “no doubt that the launching of man into space will turn upside down not only many scientific views, but also many political and military trends.”

Overnight, a gap in Soviet and American rocket technology that had been years in the making became Kennedy’s personal failure. As a writer for the New York Times pointed out, such events would inevitably be compared with the President’s efforts to present himself as a “young, active, and vigorous leader of a strong and advancing nation.” As if to underscore how the youthful image could backfire, a political cartoon the day after Gagarin’s flight showed a gleeful Nikita Khrushchev bouncing a rock-sized spacecraft off the head of a confused and boyish John Kennedy.

* * * * * * * *

Vostok I was not the only crisis on Kennedy’s mind that day. Even as he met with his advisers to talk about space, a brigade of soldiers composed of refugees from Castro’s Cuba was assembling at jumping-off points in Guatemala, awaiting Kennedy’s final approval for a landing at the Bay of Pigs. Two days later, at the last go/no-go decision point at noon on Sunday, he authorized the expedition to proceed to the beaches.

The Cuban brigade landed in the pre-dawn darkness of Monday morning, beginning what Pierre Salinger would remember as the three grimmest days of the Kennedy presidency. From the first hours, Castro’s army responded to the invasion with unexpected efficiency. By the evening of the first day, the invasion forces were far behind schedule. By Tuesday morning, they were stalled and trying to hang on. By Tuesday afternoon, they were encircled by 20,000 Cuban army troops and the White House Situation Room began a deathwatch. At a midnight meeting that didn’t break up until two o’clock Wednesday morning, the President rejected last-minute proposals for U.S. intervention and accepted the inevitability of defeat. It was just a week to the hour since the flight of Vostok I.

On that disastrous Wednesday, as the world learned of the full extent of the Cuban debacle, President Kennedy called Vice President Lyndon Johnson to the Oval Office. The topic of the meeting was the space program. They conferred alone for about half an hour. The next day, Johnson received a memorandum from the President. “In accordance with our conversation,” Kennedy wrote, Johnson was to bring him answers to five questions. Number one on the list was, “Do we have a chance of beating the Soviets by putting a laboratory in space, or by a trip around the moon, or by a rocket to land on the moon, or by a rocket to go to the moon and back with a man? Is there any other space program which promises dramatic results in which we could win?” Kennedy wanted answers “at the earliest possible moment.”

The next day, Kennedy held another press conference. This time when he was asked about space, his tone from the week before had shifted dramatically. Now he said, “If we can get to the moon before the Russians, then we should.”

Compare that (which I heavily truncated from a much lengthier description in Cox and Murray’s book to Jim Geraghty’s take back in May on Biden willed the Gaza Pier into creation: Busted Gaza Pier Has All the Markings of a Joe Biden Op.

Our Phil Klein fumes, “The Gaza pier is every bit the disaster we all expected it would be when Biden made the ridiculous proposal in his State of the Union address back in March. . . . This debacle was not only predictable, it was predicted by many.”

Now, the Pentagon’s JLOTS [Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore] guys aren’t stupid. They knew the likelihood that weather conditions would require operations to halt at least temporarily, and the potential risk to equipment and personnel. This is why you’re seeing speculation that the Pentagon prioritized the president’s orders over a reasonable assessment of the risk.

We don’t know who, precisely, came up with the idea to build a pier. Perhaps on some future date, we’ll hear that it was the proposal of national-security adviser Jake Sullivan or Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin or someone else. The buck stops with the president, anyway; he’s the one who authorized the mission.

But . . . come on. The plan was to build a pier on the front door of a war zone, in the absolute minimally acceptable environmental conditions, and hope for the best? That has Joe Biden’s fingerprints all over it.

Biden’s foreign-policy ideas always have this, “Guys, it’s so easy” simplicity to them.

By the way, since we’re discussing the first manned moon landing, as I asked back then, how’s Biden’s cancer-curing “moonshot” coming along?

OPEN THREAD: Well, here we are.


DISPATCHES FROM THE COLD CIVIL WAR: Getting a Home Depot Employee Fired for Calling for Trump’s Assassination Is Still Cancel Culture.

Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the popular Libs of TikTok social media accounts, has complained in the past about the efforts to “cancel and silence” her. It appears she is taking a page from the playbook she supposedly hates.

Raichik’s online operation reposts TikTok videos of left-leaning content creators saying things that often border on the absurd. She has recently upped the ante, amplifying Facebook posts from random people making crass comments about the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, blasting them to her 3.2 million followers on X, and tagging their employers in hopes they are rendered jobless.

In some cases, it has paid off. “To [sic] bad they weren’t a better shooter!!!!!” Darcy Waldron Pinckney posted on Facebook. You probably don’t recognize her name because she is not a public figure. She is not a lawmaker or a bureaucrat or someone in any position of power. She worked at Home Depot.

The past tense here is key. On Sunday, Raichik posted a screenshot of Pinckney’s comment, along with a video of someone confronting her at the store and an admonition to her employer: “Hi @HomeDepot!” Raichik wrote. “Are you aware that you employ people who call for political violence and the ass*ss*nat*on of Presidents? Any comment?” The company promptly terminated her.

Whatever your feelings on the former president, cheering on his assassination attempt is, in fact, wrong. It is also wrong to weaponize your millions of followers to turn a random woman into a national pariah, siccing a mob on her and rendering her unable to support herself—and possibly her family—because she made a tasteless comment on social media. These two things are true at the same time.

Okay, granted. But what if the person wants to be fired from Home Depot…?

DISPATCHES FROM THE BIDENBUNKER: Secluded in Rehoboth, Biden Stews at Allies’ Pressure to Drop Out of the Race.

Sick with Covid and abandoned by allies, President Biden has been fuming at his Delaware beach house, increasingly resentful about what he sees as an orchestrated campaign to drive him out of the race and bitter toward some of those he once considered close, including his onetime running mate Barack Obama.

Mr. Biden has been around politics long enough to assume that the leaks appearing in the media in recent days are being coordinated to raise the pressure on him to step aside, according to people close to him. He considers Representative Nancy Pelosi, the former House speaker, the main instigator, but is irritated at Mr. Obama as well, seeing him as a puppet master behind the scenes.

The friction between the sitting president and leaders of his own party so close to an election is unlike anything seen in Washington in generations — especially because the Democrats now working to ease him out were some of the allies most critical to his success over the last dozen years. It was Mr. Obama who elevated Mr. Biden from a presidential also-ran to the vice presidency, setting him up to win the White House in 2020, and it was Ms. Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, who pushed through his landmark legislative achievements.

* * * * * * * *

And he certainly noticed that Mr. Obama has not done anything to help him in recent days even as his own former aides publicly have led the way in calling on Mr. Biden to withdraw in what was interpreted, rightly or wrongly, as a message from the former president’s camp. The unseen but clearly felt presence of Mr. Obama in particular has brought a Shakespearean quality to the drama now playing out, given their eight-year partnership.

Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey comments on another New York Times article: NYT: Feud Opening Between Biden, Harris?

“Not surprisingly, there was no news generated on this call, and instead, it was a pitch for donors to continue to invest in groups on the ground who are working to defeat Donald Trump,” read an email from Corridor Partners, which advises donors focused on climate issues. “The vice president spoke very briefly and encouraged us all to keep working hard to win in November.”

The email, which was viewed by The New York Times, added, “The call was not productive, and we wanted to apologize to each of you who joined for sharing that invitation.”

Burdened by what has been!

Those poll numbers reflect the desperation Democrats feel, especially after the presidential debate and Trump’s defiant stand after an assassin nearly killed him. They face only three choices: The worst president at the top of the ticket, an incompetent VP at the top of the ticket, or an open convention that would tear the party apart along its factional and identitarian lines less than three months before a national election. Harris was part of the leadership that put Democrats in this position — and they know it.

The reporting coming out of several Democratic Party house organs in the past couple of weeks has been pretty astounding to read after their four-year long torpor. Or as Charles Cooke tweets:

Enjoy it for now; normal service will resume from the DNC-MSM the moment that the Biden situation has resolved and his would-be successor is in place.

HEATHER MAC DONALD: Edge of the Abyss.

By December 2023, the Biden campaign’s frequent equation of Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler had caught the attention even of some in the mainstream media. “In most situations, comparing a political opponent to Adolf Hitler might seem like an extraordinary step,” wrote Politico. “For Joe Biden’s campaign, it has become part of the routine of running against Donald Trump.” CNN predicted that the Trump-is-Hitler “attack line” would likely be “central” to the president’s efforts to win reelection. Other outlets contributed their own Trump-Hitler comparisons. The New Republic’s June 2024 issue, a special report on “American Fascism,” showed a blended image of Trump and the Führer on its cover.

It was not even necessary to make an explicit Hitler comparison; the similarities were too obvious. Robert Kagan told the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart that Trump was a “natural dictator.” If you “give him unchecked power in the United States, I think any sensible person would find that a frightening proposition.” Americans are whistling past the graveyard, Kagan warned. All checks on presidential power will be impotent against Trump’s attacks on the Founder’s constitutional order, he declared.

“Existential threats” can seem to demand a different set of rules from those governing ordinary political life. Had the July 20, 1944, assassination plot against Hitler been successful, the plotters would have been greeted across the world as heroes.

Thomas Matthew Crooks, who missed blowing out Donald Trump’s brain by a few inches and who murdered a Trump supporter instead, may have thought of himself as just such a hero-in-waiting.

AOC, who in 2019, issued fiery apocalyptic speeches, wanted to control the entire economy, and identified with Evita Peron, was riding the leftist Mobius Loop last night:

AUDIO POINTS TO TWO BUTLER SHOOTERS: Instapundit readers have all kinds of skills and knowledge, so could some of you tell the rest of us if there are flaws in Chris Martenson’s claim his audio analysis of the nine shots fired in the Trump assassination attempt strongly points to the presence of two shooters.

IT’S NOT A FOG OF CONFUSION, IT’S A FOG OF DISSEMBLING AND OBFUSCATION: Fog of Confusion Clouds Epic Security Failure at Trump’s Rally: Law-enforcement authorities have conflicting recollections of their responsibilities at ill-fated rally.

Everyone agrees something went disastrously wrong at Donald Trump’s rally in western Pennsylvania last weekend, when a gunman was able to fire a shot that grazed the former president’s ear. But they don’t agree on what or why.

More than a half-dozen law enforcement agencies were responsible for securing the Butler Farm Show grounds and have since provided a patchwork of conflicting accounts of how Thomas Matthew Crooks could get on a rooftop with a clear line of sight to Trump.

Lawmakers hope to get a clearer understanding of one of the most stunning security breaches in decades next week, when they have summoned Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle and the heads of several local police agencies to Capitol Hill to explain their actions that day.

“We had details around the timeline, but it doesn’t give any clear answers as to what happened and why it was allowed,” Rep. Gary Palmer (R., Ala.) said after federal authorities briefed lawmakers this week. “In a situation like this, the question that needs to be answered is, how did it happen?”

Regardless of how it happened, everyone who was responsible for keeping it from happening should be fired, since, you know, it did happen.

GOOD. WE SHOULD BE DOING THE SAME. Israel strikes Iran-backed Houthis after Tehran proxy attacked Jewish state: ‘Significance is clear.’ NSC spokesperson says US ‘not involved’ in Yemen strikes, and didn’t ‘coordinate or assist’ Israel with them.

We should be ashamed of that last bit. And the Israelis should follow up with more. The Houthis — like Hamas, and all the other barbarians — should be punished until they unconditionally surrender and cease all hostilities.