YES: Former NYPD Chief Kerik calls for independent commission to probe assassination attempt on Trump.

“The Justice Department is mandated to do an investigation, but I’ve got to tell you my personal opinion,” Kerik said on Newsmax. “This Justice Department, [Attorney General] Merrick Garland and the director of the FBI [Christopher Wray] are extremely biased against President Trump. That’s pretty obvious.”

Kerik said an “independent commission that oversees an investigation into the attempted assassination” should be established.

“I think somebody has to take a look, a serious look at Secret Service,” he said.

Former Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, who has worked as deputy assistant director in the inspection division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, called for the appointment of a bipartisan commission to look into what happened in Butler and provide meaningful recommendations to Congress concerning new security procedures.

The commission ought to include at least one or two trusted names from the Twitter files, like Matt Taibbi or Michael Shellenberger.

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KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: An Assassination Attempt on Trump Has Been the Dems’ Goal All Along. “The Democrats have done everything they could since 2016 to make last Saturday happen, dutifully aided and abetted by their flying monkeys in the mainstream media. I use the word unhinged a lot when writing about the Left, not because I have a limited vocabulary, but because it’s the most accurate description of the way that they have been behaving since Trump was elected.”

ELI LAKE: It’s 1968 All Over Again.

After 1968, a few student radicals formed the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization responsible for a string of bombings of throughout the early 1970s. It’s too soon to say whether organized political violence—like that of the Weather Underground or other groups such as the Symbionese Liberation Army, which kidnapped and brainwashed heiress Patty Hearst—will follow if Trump is elected. What is known is that radicals are already planning street disruptions in Chicago this year. While the Vietnam War galvanized the left in 1968, this year it’s the war in Gaza. No Americans are fighting, but the U.S. has armed Israel’s defensive war after Hamas invaded the Jewish state on October 7, massacring 1,200 people.

The Free Press attended one of the workshops planning these disruptions. The plan is to organize marshals who will stand between demonstrators and the police. These marshals, however, are not there to keep the peace. One of the organizers told activists at the meeting, “We do not dissuade or push back against direct actions or disruptions.”

The political implications are clear. A violent convention next month that reminds Americans of the horrors of 1968 will seal the fate of a damaged Democratic presidential campaign. The party is already in the midst of a political civil war over whether President Joe Biden has the stamina or acuity to run for reelection. It’s hard to imagine any candidate, let alone an 81-year-old man who looks every year of his age, surviving this maelstrom.

It’s impossible to imagine even a younger and heartier Joe Biden making the Secret Service pause so that he could shout “FIGHT!” to the audience that just witnessed his near-assassination.

SALENA ZITO: Trump rewrites Republican convention speech to focus on unity not Biden.

Former President Donald Trump has completely rewritten his convention speech in light of the assassination attempt against him on Saturday and will call on Thursday for a new effort at national unity.

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner a day after being hit by a sniper’s bullet, Trump said he wanted to take advantage of a historic moment and draw the country together.

“The speech I was going to give on Thursday was going to be a humdinger,” he said, “Had this not happened, this would’ve been one of the most incredible speeches” aimed mostly at the policies of President Joe Biden. “Honestly, it’s going to be a whole different speech now.”

He has switched, he said, from planning to excite his voter base to one that demonstrates his belief that the attack on him at a rally in Pennsylvania had changed the election campaign entirely. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged this in the aftermath of Saturday’s shocking incident.

Stay tuned.

MATT TAIBBI: The Slow-Motion Assassination: Self-described guardians of democracy spent years creating a lethal atmosphere around Donald Trump.

Before the attempt on Donald Trump’s life, while questions raged about the health of President Joe Biden, officials downplayed the importance of the physical leader. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters to look at the administration, not the man. “What we are saying,” she said, “is there are results, his record.” As my podcast partner Walter Kirn wrote, we were “being introduced to the idea that the presidency is a diffuse impersonal ‘office,’ and the bucks stops nowhere that is… conventionally identifiable.”

But we live in a physical world, and individuals still matter. Official actions betray this more than anything else. When a populist movement built on frustration over decades of misrule began having electoral success, they created a legend that the backlash was irrational and the fault of one Donald Trump, building him into a figure of colossal art, a super-Hitler. It became cliché that he was the embodiment of all evil and needed to be stopped “at all costs.” By late last year, mainstream press organizations were saying legal means had failed, and more or less openly calling for a truly final solution to the Trump problem.

Now he’s been shot, in an incident that’s left two dead. . . .

After the 2016 election, Trump began to be described as a new kind of American villain, someone not quite entitled to normal rights — the political equivalent of an “enemy combatant.” Weeks after inauguration, California congresswoman Maxine Waters blithely said Trump was guilty of “sex actions” and “collusion” described in the Steele dossier, and as for evidence, “We just have to… do the investigation and find it.”

Waters has always been on the edge of the credibility spectrum, but this chucking of the presumption of innocence raised few eyebrows, for that new reason: Because Trump. Fellow Californian Adam Schiff, held hearings on the Steele accusations without even attempting to verify them. There were widespread hysterical accusations of a capital crime — TREASON — after an anodyne meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. The office of Trump’s lawyer was raided on a dubious pretext (leading to this year’s criminal prosecution), news that the FBI deployed informants in Trump’s 2016 campaign drew yawns, and no one fretted over lunatic character attacks on former Trump aide Carter Page, or the jailing of figures like George Papadopoulos who committed no real crime. Even Schiff’s attempt to resurrect the McCarthyite concept of “disloyalty to country” as a means of unseating Trump was received politely by media arbiters like Chuck Todd.

Most of the early madness surrounding Trump expressed itself as religious worship of special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his investigation. Solemn readings of the Mueller report by actors like John Lithgow and Annette Bening really happened. The failure of that Great Deliverance to come to pass seems to be when officials shifted their tone toward the current posture that Trump needs to be stopped “at all costs.”

Even at the cost of the government’s legitimacy. Maybe it’s not democracy they’re guarding. Maybe it never was.

CHARMING: Top Democratic strategist pushed reporters to consider ‘staged’ shooting.

The adviser, Dmitri Mehlhorn, apologized for his remarks after Semafor published this story, and said his email laying out his claims was “drafted without consultation from team members or allies.”

Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, whose net worth is reportedly $2.5 billion, joked at last week’s billionaire confab in Sun Valley that he wished he had made Trump “an actual martyr.” Sunday, he said on X that he was referring to “accountability to the rule of law” and that he’s “horrified and saddened” by the attack.

The scale of Hoffman’s political donations isn’t public but Mehlhorn said on a recent private conference call that “Reid and I have invested nine figures of our own money to prevent Trump from getting back into office.” (The money appears to be largely Hoffman’s.)

In an email Saturday at 7:34 pm that appeared to be addressed to sympathetic journalists, and which was also sent to Semafor, Mehlhorn wrote that one “possibility — which feels horrific and alien and absurd in America, but is quite common globally — is that this ‘shooting’ was encouraged and maybe even staged so Trump could get the photos and benefit from the backlash. This is a classic Russian tactic, such as when Putin killed 300 civilians in 1999 and blamed it on terrorists to ride the backlash to winning power. Others who have embraced this tactic of committing raw evil and then benefitting from the backlash include Hamas on October 7. If any Trump officials encouraged or knew of this attack, that is morally horrific, and Republicans of decency must demand that Trump step down as unfit.”

The other possibility, Mehlhorn wrote, “is that some crazy anti-Trumper in this chaotic moment decided to assassinate the former President.”

More people should follow the 24-hour rule before commenting — and many others should wait 72.

ROGER KIMBALL: Who’s the real threat to democracy? I can help those claiming to be in the dark about the shooter’s motive. His motive was to kill Donald Trump.

In some ways, the surprising thing is that it has taken until July 2024, four months before the election, for someone to try to assassinate the once and probably future president. After all, since before Trump was elected in 2016, the Democrats and their poodles in the media, Hollywood and fetid corners of celebrity sweepstakes have been baying for Trump’s blood. Remember Kathy Griffin holding up a fake bloodied head of Trump in 2017? Remember the staging of Julius Caesar in which the title character, cut down by Brutus and the other assassins, is clearly a stand-in for Trump?

Perhaps the most pathetic element in the regime response to the attempt on Trump’s life has been the declaration, repeated ad nauseam, that the authorities were still searching for a motive. An FBI field agent in Pennsylvania parroted that stupidity. “We do not currently have a motive,” he said. Ditto the housebroken media. The shooter’s “motivations remain unknown,” bleated a characteristically malicious column in MSNBC.

I can help those claiming to be in the dark about the shooter’s motive. His motive was to kill Donald Trump. And why not? Leviathan has been waging war against Trump since before he was elected in 2016. Remember the Russian Collusion Hoax? That $40 million entertainment was fabricated by Hillary Clinton and her pals in the FBI and the intelligence services.

Remember the fake impeachments of Trump towards the end of his first term? They too were groundless. So are the multiple indictments that have been brought by the odiferous Merrick Garland and minions like Jack Smith and Alvin Bragg, not to mention swivel-eyed judges like Juan Merchan, Arthur Engoron and Tanya Chutkan.

That violent and ongoing tsunami of lawfare against Trump was meant to destroy him. Possibly it would bankrupt him — remember Engoron’s preposterous fine of nearly half a billion dollars? Maybe it would simply put him away in jail for a few decades. Or possibly the judges’ machinations and gag orders would simply prevent Trump from campaigning.

Is it any wonder that that the “woke” forces arrayed against Trump have moved on to something more kinetic?

I doubt we’ll hear the term “stochastic terrorism” from the left for a while.

The funny thing is that Republicans want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to stay alive and running.

MICHAEL WALSH: Trump, Biden, and the Shame of the Corporate Media.

We chose the cover image, based on a well-known 1932 Hitler campaign poster, for a precise reason: that anyone transported back to 1932 Germany could very, very easily have explained away Herr Hitler’s excesses and been persuaded that his critics were going overboard. After all, he spent 1932 campaigning, negotiating, doing interviews—being a mostly normal politician. But he and his people vowed all along that they would use the tools of democracy to destroy it, and it was only after he was given power that Germany saw his movement’s full face.

Today, we at The New Republic think we can spend this election year in one of two ways. We can spend it debating whether Trump meets the nine or 17 points that define fascism. Or we can spend it saying, “He’s damn close enough, and we’d better fight.” We unreservedly choose the latter course.

Unreservedly, TNR, and now you have to live with it. Remember when Sarah Palin ran an ad “targeting” vulnerable congressional seats and the Left lost its collective mind? But it’s okay when they do it — after all, their hearts and minds are in the right place. They live in a feminized fantasy world of violence and revenge, but one in which the consequences of their words and deeds never blow back on them. Let BLM burn down parts of major cities and their fascist goon squad, Antifa, assault real Americans with impunity — their intentions are pure! And if you disagree, they’ll kill you.

Read the whole thing. As Richard Fernandez once wrote: “It is impossible to understand the politics of the Left without grasping that it is all about deniable intimidation.”