Whatever the case, the Post’s investigation into Winnett ultimately succeeded in dissuading him from taking the job. On Friday morning, Telegraph editor Chris Evansinformed staff that Winnett had decided to forgo the Post job and remain in his current post as Telegraph managing editor. “As you all know, he’s a talented chap, and their loss is our gain,” Evans wrote. Lewis later confirmed the news to the Post newsroom, “with regret,” and added that Winnett had his “greatest respect and is an incredibly talented editor and journalist.”

Lewis will now lead the search for a new editor. Murray, who is already installed at the helm of the Post newsroom, and much more well liked than his British contemporaries, may be on the list of candidates. And yet, it’s hard to imagine that Lewis would go through with another search if he was considering quelling this epic shitstorm by elevating an internal candidate. Also, for all his talents, it’s hard to imagine that Murray is capable of transforming the Post as Lewis and Bezos have designed, whatever they plan to do. (And by the way, whatever those plans are, Lewis is surely biting his tongue…)

The ideal candidate for the role, after all, was always Winnett—not just for Lewis, but for his boss, too. Indeed, Bezos had met with Winnett prior to his hiring and signed off on the plan to install him as top editor. Bezos has also made clear that his first goal for the Post is profitability. Coincidentally, while the Post lost $77 million last year, TheTelegraph, where Winnett has been described as “the engine of the newsroom,” is on course to make a £65 million profit this year, or about $80 million.

Exit question:

CYBERSECURITY: Kaspersky security software is banned in America: What you need to know.

In an announcement, BIS specifically listed five risks Kaspersky poses to national security. Kaspersky’s ties to Russia are a major concern. BIS states that Russia is a foreign adversary that poses ongoing threats to the United States. According to the agency, Kaspersky is under the jurisdiction and control of the Russian government, allowing it access to sensitive information from U.S. customers.

Other reasons given for the Kaspersky ban include the software’s ability to install malware. “Kaspersky software allows for the capability and opportunity to install malicious software and withhold critical updates,” says BIS. “The manipulation of Kaspersky software, including in U.S. critical infrastructure, can result in data theft, espionage, and system malfunctions. The products also threaten economic security and public health in the U.S., potentially resulting in injuries or loss of life.”

Kaspersky’s ban in the U.S. shouldn’t come as a surprise since the firm has been on the government’s radar for quite some time. In 2017, the U.S. banned the use of the Moscow-based cybersecurity firm’s products across all government agencies.

Buy American.

DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR TEXAS: Doctors at biggest children’s hospital in US are manipulating parents into giving kids life-changing trans treatments, whistleblower nurse claims.

HOUSTON, Texas — A nurse at the nation’s largest children’s hospital says doctors pressured parents to give their kids hormone therapy and other transgender medicine interventions — warning that their children might kill themselves if they held off on treatments.

Vanessa Sivadge has worked at a Texas Children’s Hospital clinic where kids are given gender-affirming care since 2021. She said that doctors there are more driven by “ideology” than what was best for the youths, many of whom had additional underlying problems.

“Parents were manipulated by doctors with an ideological agenda to go down this path of medical transition for their child,” Sivadge told The Post in an exclusive interview.

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Related: Bill Maher and Cuomo Admit Something We’ve All Known About the Trump Hush Money Trial. “hat case, the attorney general’s case in New York, frankly, should have never been brought. If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t running for president. I’m the former AG in New York. I’m telling you, that case would have never been brought. And that’s what is offensive to people. And it should be.”



OPEN THREAD: Ring out the weekend.

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF “WELCOME BACK, CARTER” AND TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE: NBC Analyst Says Biden Campaign’s Biggest ‘Worry’ Is It May Be Impossible To Convince Voters He’s Competent.

“I think that the thing, Katty, that worries them, is that the information environment is what it is,” [John] Heilemann told MSNBC contributor Katty Kay. “And so I asked [O’Malley Dillon] to kind of try to make the case for, you know we see surrogates all the time go on TV and say, ‘I was in a meeting with Joe Biden recently and he seemed great.’ And I said, ‘Look, most of those people have been at one meeting with Joe Biden or a couple. You spend more time with him or as much time with him as anybody in the White House over the course of the last three years. How do you make the case that Biden is, give me a vivid reason to believe that for those who say Joe Biden is not up to the job?’”

“And she told a great story … emotional, powerful, vivid, but it’s a four or five-minute long story,” he added. “And in this information environment … the voters they have to reach are people who don’t hear the five-minute story. They’re never going to see Joe Biden that way. What they’re going to see is deep fakes, cheap fakes and not fakes, but images, quick images that leave a certain impression. And trying to reach people in this environment is really hard, reach anyone in the environment we live in now in the information ecosystem.”

Part of Heilemann’s job is pretending not to know about “deep fakes and cheap fakes:” John Heilemann Demanded Examples of MSNBC Dishonesty. Here Are a Few Choice Favorites.

And: MSNBC analyst whitewashes COVID ‘conspiracy theory’ lab leak stance: ‘Always’ took it seriously. In May 2020, John Heilemann slammed Trump for pushing a ‘made-up’ story targeting China.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Three Columbia College administrators placed on leave amid investigation into leaked texts sent during panel on Jewish life.

Three Columbia administrators have been placed on leave pending an investigation into text messages they sent in late May during an alumni weekend panel about Jewish life on campus, Columbia College Dean Josef Sorett told staff on Thursday.

As the panel’s four speakers discussed antisemitism at Columbia for nearly two hours, one attendee captured photos of Vice Dean and Chief Administrative Officer Susan Chang-Kim’s exchanges with Sorett, Dean of Undergraduate Student Life Cristen Kromm, and Associate Dean for Student and Family Support Matthew Patashnick.

One of the texts included vomit emojis while referring to an October op-ed penned by the campus rabbi, and another described the panel as “difficult to listen to.” The messages have drawn criticism from Columbia affiliates and congressional leaders alike for being “disparaging” and in “poor faith.”

[The Columbia Spectator] obtained photos of the messages, which were first leaked to the Washington Free Beacon and published on June 12. The attendee, a Columbia alum who graduated decades ago, spoke to Spectator on the condition of anonymity, citing concerns for safety.

It gets better: Sorett calls the cops.

Since then, the Free Beacon’s coverage of the administrators’ text messages during the panel on the ordeal of Jews at Columbia this past spring has been impacting…, as Drudge used to put it. On June 20 Eliana Johnson (my daughter) reported that Sorett placed his three texting colleagues on leave pending an investigation. Eliana drily noted the anomalies:

A Columbia spokesman said the school had no comment regarding why Sorett, who took part in the text exchanges, was not placed on leave or on the propriety of Sorett making the announcement that his colleagues are under investigation. Likewise, the spokesman declined to say who would conduct the investigation, to whom the results would be reported, and whether the results would be made public.

Can you imagine how Sorett’s conversation with his colleagues went down? It must have been like something out of Blazing Saddles: “We’ve gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!”

Yesterday Eliana and Free Beacon reporter Aaron Sibarium turned up the heat on Sorett. With a little help from their source, they extracted one of Sorett’s previously unreported text messages during the panel discussion: “‘LMAO’: Dean of Columbia College Mocked Hillel Head in Newly Obtained Text Exchange.” Subhead: “Josef Sorett has sought to distance himself from leaked messages that are now the subject of a university investigation. The latest text message shows his participation in the affair.”

What you mean “LMAO,” Kemo Sabe?

Seeking a comment from Sorett, the Free Beacon then sent reporter Jessica Costescu to Sorett’s Morningside Heights apartment. What happened next? Sorett called the cops (both Columbia’s and the NYPD). Costescu observes yet another anomaly: “Sorett’s willingness to call the police to protect him from a reporter comes four years after he signed a 2020 faculty letter calling to ‘defund the NYPD by $1 billion.’”

As I wrote at the beginning of the month, linking to a piece by Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner: Old and Busted: Defund the Police. The New Hotness? Lock ’em up libs run the Democratic Party.

UPDATE: Speaking of wanting to protect his phony-baloney job:

This seems like the admission of a man not up to that job. Given that Sorett writes on his homepage that “the study of religion” is one of his focuses, isn’t combating anti-Semitism something he should have spent some time “learning” a bit about before becoming the Dean of Columbia?

A LUXURY 6X6 OVERLAND CAMPER? Not bad, but I’d prefer something on a Unimog chassis.

OUT ON A LIMB: Serial Man-Dumper Taylor Swift Might Be the Sign of the End of Western Civilization.

Well yes, but she’s got serious competition in that department: