MARTIN GURRI: Joe Biden and a Tear in the Fabric of Things. “Last month’s debate destroyed the carefully crafted myth of Biden as an empathetic, intelligent and resolute leader. For the establishment that perpetrated this hoax, what comes next won’t be pretty.”


YOU’RE WELCOME: American Farmers Are Pretty Happy With That SCOTUS Fish Decision. “So many bogus, standard-of-living-impacting pet projects became law by virtue of department head wand-waving. It’s been a couple of weeks now, and there is an idea of what size tsunami of change, thanks to this decision, might actually wash through the office buildings in D.C.”

OPEN THREAD: Ring in the weekend.


LIFE ON MARS (SORTA): Lessons From NASA’s 378-Day CHAPEA Experiment. “The CHAPEA simulated missions are unique because they test the impacts of extended isolation and confinement with the addition of Mars-realistic time delays of communicating to Earth – up to 44-minutes roundtrip – along with resource limitations relevant to Mars, including a more limited food system that can be supported on the space station and in other analogs.”


Say what you will about Harrison Butker, but he’s a harbinger of things to come.

WHAT IF WE KNEW THEN WHAT WE KNOW NOW ON COVID? The Heritage Foundation’s Bob Moffit, writing in The Daily Signal, offers this fascinating fact:

“Did you know that four months before the world had ever heard of COVID-19—on Sept. 3, 2019—authorities in the Veneto region of Italy discovered COVID-19 antibodies in local blood samples. Of course, you didn’t. The deadly and mysterious COVID-19 was around much longer than anyone had previously suspected.”

And this:

“The genomic features of the novel coronavirus are incompatible with a natural origin. Among the many reasons pointing to a lab origin, Dr. Quay noted, ‘ … the genome of SARS-CoV-2 has seven features that would be expected to be found in a virus constructed in a laboratory and which are not found in viruses from nature. The statistical probability of finding each feature in nature can be determined and the combined probability that SARS2 came from nature is less than one in a billion.’”

And that’s just for starters!

Just think – How many lives would have been saved with a four-month head start on responding to what became the Pandemic that has thus far killed an estimated six million people around the world, including 1.2 million Americans.


OH: Former NSA chief revolves through OpenAI’s door. “General Nakasone was just appointed to the board — which doesn’t inspire confidence in the company’s ‘non-military’ future.”

It’s the intel community connection that bothers me.

FAITH ALL OVER THE PLACE: Stephen Kruiser and Chris Queen introduce a new PJMedia podcast, “Faith All Over The Place,” which promises to be an interesting mix of faith perspectives from Catholic Kruiser and evangelical Queen. Love the accompanying shot-glass artwork, too.

Earlier this week, PJMedia Editor-in-Chief and Writer Lincoln Brown debuted their podcast, “The Intersection of Faith and Politics.” Some really interesting stuff going on with PJMedia, folks!

CHANGE: Redbox set to close as DVD market withers in streaming’s shadow.

Redbox’s parent company, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, changed its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, filed last month, to a Chapter 7 liquidation case on Wednesday. The conversion signifies that the company couldn’t come up with a repayment plan for its outstanding debts and will soon turn to selling off assets to pay back creditors.

With the change to a Chapter 7 case, all employees will now be laid off and Redbox’s 24,000 kiosks will close. Lawyers for Chicken Soup for the Soul told the court they had worked “day and night” to find a solution to avoid the outcome, Deadline reported.

A current Redbox employee, who asked not to be identified due to uncertainty over future legal actions he said some at the company are considering, said the news has been destabilizing.


If there are movies you love — particularly those at risk of getting canceled or altered — buy them on disc and make digital backups.