BUT IT’S VERY INCONVENIENT FOR ACTIVIST GRIFTERS: Minority Success Is Possible. Data on legal immigrants’ economic performance make clear that blacks can succeed in America.

SO U.S. V. RAHIMI IS OUT, and the Supreme Court upheld the ban on gun possession by those subject to a domestic violence civil protective order. I was out to a long lunch and just got home, so I’ll have something to say later after I’ve read it, but here’s a summary from SCOTUSblog.

However, if, as the majority says, “firearm laws have included provisions preventing individuals who threaten physical harm to others from misusing firearms,” then does that call into question bans on gun possession by those convicted of nonviolent felonies? It has long been my position that far fewer crimes should be designated as felonies, and that the due process clause and the Eighth Amendment should set limits on what sorts of crimes can be made felonies. But I’ll read the opinion before I say more.

UPDATE: More thoughts from Eugene Volokh.

DISPATCHES FROM THE BLUE ZONES: Oakland Residents Celebrate Juneteenth By Shooting At Each Other. “For all the talk of California having the toughest gun control in the nation, gangbangers seem to have no problem obtaining weapons. Evidently the California Democratic establishment only wants to disarm the law-abiding.”

HEY, YOU CAN’T DO THAT! At least not if you are a moral relativist. Greg Koukl, writing at Salvo, lays out seven things folks who claim truth is all relative cannot do (and stay true to themselves. The first of the seven things is accuse other people of wrong-doing. Remind you of anybody?

FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY [VIP]: She Drove That Ambulance Like She Stole It (Because She Did). “It’s time for your much-needed break from the serious news and this week we have our first stolen ambulance story in months, Robbing Bank for Dummies, and the Michigan politician who knows how to AMERICA! better than almost anyone.”

ARE THE OTHER ONE-THIRD ON DRUGS? JustTheNews has a blockbuster story out today, with John Solomon reporting that an Associated Press/University of Chicago poll shows that two thirds of Americans believe Joe Biden did something illegal or unethical:

“The two chairmen leading Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry are zeroing in on a simple question that could transform their case: With so many red flags surrounding Hunter Biden, did U.S intelligence or the FBI give then-Vice President Joe Biden or his boss, President Barack Obama, briefings about the risks of the Biden family business?”

Of course it’s a simple question. One so simple that the media trying to drag POTATUS across the finish line again are not capable of asking.

I’m so old that I remember once-respectable news organizations asking “What did the President know, and when did he know it?



THIS WAS CNN: CNN Death Spiral — Ratings Drop to 396,000 Total Viewers. “CNN is really collapsing in the most important arena, the 25-54 age demo that determines advertiser rates. CNN averaged only 80,000 demo viewers during primetime and 69,000 throughout the total day.”


Christopher Rufo said, “They are in a full-blown panic,” and he must be right.

THAT’S UNFAIR. Western nations are showing creativity and ruthlessness — in how they copy the Chinese to suppress dissent in their own countries.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. It’s time to dump ‘ethnic studies’ mandates. “Ethnic studies will be offered in all California high schools by the 2025-26 school year, and will be a graduation requirement by 2030, reports Molly Gibbs for Bay Area News Service. But what will be taught?”

Marxist grievance culture. Next question?