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ANYONE WHO’S READ OR SEEN ‘DUNE’ KNOWS THE LITANY AGAINST FEAR, BUT HAVE YOU HEARD THE LITANY AGAINST CERTAINTY?Take a look at the Eternally Radical Idea Weekend Update for a behind-the-scenes look at my experience delivering USF Health’s commencement address and Angel Eduardo’s original Litany Against Certainty.

CERTAINTY IS THE MIND-KILLER.Check out my speech from USF Health’s commencement last Thursday, a new episode of So to Speak, and a whole lot more in the Eternally Radical Idea Weekend Update.

HIGHER EDUCATION NEEDS REFORM, AND NOW IS THE TIME. On my Substack, the Eternally Radical Idea, today I survey the chaos that has embroiled college campuses across the US and beyond, doing my best to call balls and strikes between protected and unprotected political expression in the midst of an absolute hailstorm of protests and demonstrations.

“Not coincidentally, trust in higher education and respect for it have plummeted in recent years, while the cost has absolutely exploded. Someone attending Columbia today might expect to pay as much as $95,000 a year when including room and board. And where has this gargantuan increase in cost per student gone? It has overwhelmingly gone to the ranks of administrators and bureaucrats that have created the orthodoxy, the free speech problems, and the gross double standards in the first place.”

ONCE THE STRONGEST CONSTITUENCY ON CAMPUS, COLLEGE STUDENTS HAVE BY AND LARGE TURNED THEIR BACK ON FREE SPEECH. Take a step back from the recent campus turmoil and dig into the data with Sean Stevens and me in the latest chapter in our ongoing series, ‘The skeptics were wrong, Part 3.”

“PRO-PALESTINIAN PROTESTORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPTED AND SUCCESSFUL DISRUPTION WE HAVE SEEN RELATED TO THE ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT IN 2024.” In my latest for the Eternally Radical Idea I remind readers that this is the context in which the chaos currently unfolding on college campuses takes place & that colleges have failed in upholding the free speech rights or promises of their students and faculty for decades.

AMERICAN HIGHER ED’S FREE SPEECH PROBLEMS DIDN’T START ON OCT 7, 2023. My newest Substack piece looks at the absolute bedlam rocking college campuses across the country (Columbia chief among them), the ‘hypocrisy projection’ of people who didn’t care about free speech until it was their ideological comrades being censored, and more.

IT’S ALWAYS THE BIGGEST FREE SPEECH HYPOCRITES WHO THINK EVERYONE ELSE ARE HYPOCRITES. In my latest piece for my Substack, The Eternally Radical Idea I call out the ‘hypocrisy projection’ from the “free speech for me but not for thee” crowd and address the recent campus chaos at Columbia & beyond.

SILLY WALKS & FREE SPEECH TALKS: The full video of my interview with the legendary John Cleese is now available. Enjoy!


“WHILE HIS PROPOSALS APPEAR ON THE SURFACE TO BE AIMED ONLY AT MINORS, IN REALITY, THEY WOULD IMPLICATE THE RIGHTS OF ADULTS, TOO.” Check out my review of my good friend & previous co-author Jon Haidt’s latest book in which I address some First Amendment concerns with some of his proposed solutions.

‘THE ANXIOUS GENERATION’ IS AN EXCELLENT AND IMPORTANT BOOK … [h]owever, as a free speech advocate and First Amendment lawyer, I believe some of Jon’s proposals that reach beyond norms and into government legislation go too far and would restrict free speech rights.”

GURRI’S NEGATION: My term to convey Martin Gurri’s observation in his book, “The Revolt of the Public,” that the explosion of social media and information technology that coalesced to accelerate “The Fifth Wave,” has tremendous power to tear down institutions, ideas, and people, but, as of yet, very little ability to create or sustain.

GURRI’S NIHILISM: My term to describe the kind of nihilism Gurri describes in his book, in which negation is the primary approach and the lack of constructive or realistic suggestions or proposals amounts to a kind of de facto, and sometimes explicit, nihilism.

Martin Gurri’s “The Revolt of the Public” wins my highly-coveted “Prestigious Ashurbanipal Award” for the month of April!

AND THE PRESTIGIOUS ASHURBANIPAL AWARD GOES TO… Abigail Shrier’s “Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren’t Growing Up.” Check out my latest ERI post to see why Shrier’s follow-up to Irreversible Damage is the most important book of the year.

LONDON CALLING: ERI’s newest free speech weekend update features come concerning free speech news from abroad and, for the first time ever, commentary on new First Amendment jurisprudence from FIRE’s very own general counsel, Ronnie London.

Sean Stevens and I followed up last week’s Substack post with “The Skeptics are wrong, part 2” in which we dig into the data on deplatformings and where they’re coming from. Keep an eye out for part 3 in the coming weeks!

“The data shows that ideology, race and gender are all statistically significant predictors of self-reported mental health, with liberals having the worst self-reported mental health compared to moderates and conservatives, and women having worse self-reported mental health than men. What’s more, the interaction between race, ideology, and gender is statistically significant — with liberal white and non-white women having the worst self-reported mental health. This trend has also been reported by Zach Goldberg and Haidt using Pew Research’s data, as well as findings from Gimbrone et al.”


The change we saw happen in 2014 was not simply that students were suddenly not as good on free speech. It was also that students who weren’t good on free speech were entering campuses that already had administrators hostile to free speech. It is that collaboration that has created the disaster we have seen on campus — perfectly illustrated by events like the shouting down of U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan at Stanford University, which was the result of students and administrators working together to silence disfavored speech and deplatform speakers they didn’t like.

Tons of new data and a video with the great Mike Rowe, here

THE SKEPTICS WERE WRONG, PART 1. Over the past decade, the average number of deplatforming attempts involving students per year has quadrupled.


It appears that I’ve been canceled … for speaking up about cancel culture.

Organizers of the South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival declined to approve my participation in a panel of speakers.

The reason? Concern that I’d dared to speak out against cancel culture.

An email from SXSW staff, shared with me by the panel’s organizer, reveals the festival was “hesitant to approve” my participation because my commentary has been “focused on the idea of cancel culture.”

Oh, the irony!

You know Rikki, I heard there is this book about Cancel Culture that you might find interesting…