YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXTENSIVE IS CHINESE PROPAGANDA IN THE U.S.: Capital Research Center’s Sarah Lee puts it into a fact-based context for The American Conservative that ought to be sobering for all of us. Consider this graph:

In Alaska, [Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Foreign Affairs Chief Yang Jiechi told a stunned [newly confirmed U.S. Secretary of State Anthony] Blinken, “Many people in the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States.” He was merely echoing what China has already trained many young Americans to think by directly or indirectly funding American nonprofits. Younger Americans had already heard this message on their college campuses and in some cases even earlier, in primary and secondary school. Given the state of political discourse leading up to the 2020 election, there’s evidence to suggest they were dutifully spreading the word as China no doubt intended.”

One of the most important but unheralded consequences of Trump’s attempt to negotiate a new economic relationship with China was the discovery of just how deeply ingrained the CCP’s messaging apparatus had become here in the U.S.