THREE MURDERS BY AGE 83: Hans Bader looks at the case of the 83-year-old guy, Marceline Harvey, who, having already spent 30 years in prison for murdering one woman and 20 years for murdering a second woman, then goes through trans-gendering and commits murder number three, yes, of yet another woman.

Bader notes: “Harvey’s return to crime after being released is not unusual for offenders, according to a recent report by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. On February 10, it issued a 116-page report titled ‘Recidivism of Federal Violent Offenders Released in 2010.’

“Over an eight-year period, violent offenders returned to crime at a 63.8 percent rate. The median time to rearrest was 16 months for these violent offenders. So, most violent offenders released from prison committed more crimes. Even among those offenders over age 60, 25.1 percent of violent offenders were rearrested for committing new crimes.”