February 15, 2006

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist talks about government preparations for avian flu, and bloggers interviewed on the fly talk about everything, all in the latest Glenn and Helen podcast. To listen, click right here, or you can subscribe via iTunes, which we like because it pushes us up on the charts — we’re Number 6 on the “talk radio” podcast charts at the moment. I don’t think we’re a threat to Howard Stern, though. (An archive of all our podcasts is here. For you dialup and cellphone listeners, a low-bandwidth archive is here.)

Anyway, in today’s show, Senator Bill Frist talks about the threat of avian flu, and new government programs to prepare for epidemics of all sorts. Interestingly, he endorses the Ray Kurzweil suggestion to take a “Manhattan Project” approach toward developing rapid-response technologies for dealing with contagious disease of both the natural or biowar variety. How ready are we right now? Not very.

Also, we roamed Bloggers’ Row at CPAC and interviewed a wide variety of bloggers, and a even a few non-bloggers we happened upon, including Little Miss Attila, Lashawn Barber, Joel Miller, Wonkette Emeritus Ana Marie Cox,, Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind, Chris Nolan, Condi for President fans Americans for Rice, and Muslims for Bush, soon to be renamed “Muslims for America.” (Come to think of it, Frist has a sort-of blog, too).

The music is “Bonnie Lou and Buster vs. Caligula,” off of Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere’s album, Heartbreak and Duct Tape.

UPDATE: By the way, this is the digital recorder we used for the live interviews, with the accessory stereo condenser microphone.

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