We talk to Jim Meigs of Popular Mechanics about alternative fuels, and Henry Copeland of about the new Blogads reader survey and the future of the blogosphere.

Popular Mechanics has just published an extensive look at alternative fuels like ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen (you can see the article here), and we had Editor-in-Chief Jim Meigs on to talk about what they found, and what the prospects are for getting away from gasoline — and for the political system’s getting rational about energy and fuel.

We also talk with Henry Copeland of about the future of the blogosphere. Blogads has just released the results of their survey on blog readers, and Henry talks about the results, the blog-advertising business, whether the blogosphere is too commercialized, and what’s likely to come next. Ads on podcasts? Who knows?blogadlogo.gif

You can listen directly (no iPod needed!) by clicking right here, or you can get it via iTunes. There’s an archive of previous podcasts here, and you can get a low-fi version suitable for dialup here.

Music — appropriate for both biofuels and blog advertising — is Audra and the Antidote’s “Sugar Daddy,” available for download here.

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