June 28, 2022

THE FACTS ABOUT DOBBS: Issues & Insights lays it out in such straightforward, easy-to-grasp terms that even a crazed far-Left graduate of Harvard Law can understand what Dobbs actually held and why. Well, maybe not that effectively, but even so, along the way, this revealing point is made:

“Contrast the left’s vicious behavior today with the reaction of pro-lifers when the Roe decision came down in 1973. They didn’t torch buildings or call for killing Supreme Court justices. Instead, they immediately put together a “Human Life Amendment” in an attempt to counteract the court’s decision.

“They launched a massive – and always peaceful – March for Life each year on the anniversary of the Roe ruling. They worked tirelessly with state legislators to pass laws restricting abortion where they could. For nearly 50 years, they advocated for constitutional conservatives to be appointed to the Supreme Court, those who would admit that Roe was an outrageous example of legislating from the bench.

“Yes, they sometimes got arrested, for praying in front of an abortion clinic. When some crazed person targeted an abortion provider, the pro-life movement immediately denounced such acts.”

The Left’s reaction today to hearing the truth about Roe and abortion is the very opposite. The intensity of that reaction — the furious gnashing of pro-abort teeth —  reminds of the deadly fury directed against Stephen, the first Christian martyr, for speaking the truth to the Sanhedrin.

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