TED RALL says he holds French citizenship in addition to U.S. citizenship.

On May 5th, I voted for a right-winger. It was my first time, and with any luck it will be my last. I really didn’t have much choice. Born in the United States of a French parent, I enjoy dual nationality-a status that Jean-Marie Le Pen had promised to eliminate had his National Front seized the presidency of France.

But of course.

UPDATE: A reader writes:

Americans have been racking our brains: Why did almost 20% of the French electorate vote for Le Pen. Now we know. A vote for Le Pen was a vote to strip Ted Rall of his French citizenship. I’ve often said I’ld never vote for Buchanan, but if he adopted this plank of Le Pen’s platform . . . .

No, that couldn’t be it — or Le Pen would have won!