SHOULD “MADE IN CHINA” BE STAMPED ON THOSE NORTH KOREAN MISSILES? Well, ask yourself how a country so isolated and poor that it can’t properly feed its soldiers obtains the costly and sophisticated materials and technology that go into an ICBM. Or, as Steve Mosher put it on LifeZette today:

“Even more to the point, how did a dirt-poor country that can barely manage to feed its people acquire the sophisticated technical and manufacturing know-how necessary to build nuclear weapons and deploy ballistic missiles? The answer is that it didn’t. Instead, it relied upon its only ally, China — the one country to which it is bound by a mutual defense treaty — to provide these things.”

So, here’s another question: Is China on the one hand telling the U.S. it will will help convince North Korea to stop developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting the continental U.S. while on the other shipping the very parts and know-how that make those lethal weapons a reality? Mosher’s answer is deeply disturbing.