SEVEN REASONS FOR HOPE DESPITE IT ALL: Yes, admits Joy Pullman, Critical Race Theory (CRT) poison is seeping throughout the public education system, and the Afghanistan debacle tells foreign friends and foes that the U.S. decline is all but irreversible.

But Pullman, writing for The Federalist, offers seven reasons to preserve hope that even amid these multiple dark clouds there may yet be silver linings. To cite but one illustration, Pullman reminds us all that:

“In our time, the failures of our ruling class to effectively govern are sorting people into harmonized communities that solve their own problems. People are now moving states and cities to get away from the incapacity of elites in both parties to address basic human needs like sanitation, evenly applied rule of law, good employment, education, reasonable living costs, and keeping the roads maintained.

“People who are paying attention are starting new publishing houses, experimenting with new artistic outlets, finding doctors who align with their values, and developing parallel networks of educating and caring for the sick outside of the utterly broken systems that elites directly control. People are questioning conventional, Big Pharma “health” prescriptions, and taking charge of their own health.

“Continued repression will catalyze more of this. The more bright quants who are fired and sidelined for being too male and white, the more will be turning their genius to developing and funding pro-American hedge funds and financial instruments. The more parents disillusioned by government-sponsored racism in schools, the more they will demand to directly control taxpayer education dollars themselves rather than be endlessly looted by corrupt institutions.”

Realistic or Panglossian?