REP. POLIS: ‘SORRY I’M NOT SORRY’ FOR BELITTLING STUDENT DUE PROCESS RIGHTS – Glenn posted this morning about Colorado Rep. Jared Polis’ so-called “apology” for suggesting that college students accused of sexual assault should be expelled even if they are innocent.

Although FIRE appreciates his “apology,” we found that Polis’ Daily Camera mea culpa misses the mark since he continues to defend misguided principles about how to best handle campus sexual assault allegations. FIRE has published a response explaining why these allegations should be dealt with by law enforcement. This opinion is not only shared by the vast majority of the American public, but also leading victim-advocacy groups and some of Polis’ fellow congressional Democrats.

You can check out FIRE’s full response to Polis’ statement over at The Torch. You can also watch the video of Polis’ now-infamous remarks in the video below or over at the Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training’s YouTube channel, which has the full hearing.