ONE IN FOUR NON-BELIEVERS PRAY TO GOD DURING A CRISIS: That’s according to Tearfund, a Christian group in the UK, based on a survey of Brits. LifeZette’s Maggie Lit has more on one of the more surprising survey results of the year.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eugene Volokh – UCLA professor, Reason Magazine author and libertarian blogger extraordinaire – I discovered an interesting illustration of the old saw that Americans and Brits are separated by a common language.

It seems the survey practice over there is to include under the self-ID terms “None” and “No Religion” atheists and people who are unaffiliated with any organized religion but who may have some belief in a divine being. Here, None and No Religion normally excludes the latter folks but not always. That being the case, rather than one of every four atheists prays to a god during a crisis, the figure from the Tearfund queries is more likely closer to 11 percent.