NEW DATA ON THE FLOOD OF ILLEGALS: Charlotte Culbertson of The Epoch Times obtained Texas Department of Public Safety reports on the scope and depth of the illegal immigrant flood unleashed by His Fraudulency, and the numbers are staggering. Remember, these are just for Texas:

“Just shy of 22,000 illegal aliens were apprehended on average per week in Texas over the past four weeks—68 percent of whom were from countries other than Mexico. Extrapolated for a year, that would mean more than 1.1 million illegal alien apprehensions along the Texas–Mexico border alone. The report doesn’t estimate how many individuals evaded apprehension,” Culbertson writes.

By way of comparison with the situation a decade ago, Culbertson describes the data for that period:

“During the reporting period of June 15 through June 21, 2011, the number of illegal aliens apprehended near the Texas–Mexico border was 2,258 — one-tenth of the current number, although the volume of drugs seized was significantly higher.”

This is just a sampling of a mountain of data Culbertson obtained. The flood is deep, wide and continuing.