NEW CULTURAL REVOLUTION IN CHINA: Writing in The Federalist, Helen Raleigh tells us Zhao Wei was a prominent television figure, director and businesswoman in China, but you won’t find any trace of her these days. She’s been erased, at least digitally.

“Within a day or two of Wei’s disappearance, a blog applauding the government’s actions went viral in China. It predicates ‘the red has returned’ and ‘a profound transformation or revolution’ is underway in China. The blog was written by Li Guangman and posted on WeChat, another Twitter-like Chinese social media platform.

“Since Li is not well-known in China, few would have paid any attention to him in normal circumstances. Even in China, a fervent far-left Maoist like Li is in the minority. Yet something curious happened: All major state media, such as People’s Daily and other social media platforms, re-posted Li’s blog with the same headline: ‘Everyone Can Sense That a Profound Change is Underway!’ Welcome to Xi’s China’s Cultural Revolution 2.0.”