IMPEACHMENT CHARADE EXPOSES CAREER BUREAUCRATS AS DEVOUT LEFTIES: Conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell writes today on The Federalist that “what we’ve seen during the Rep. Adam Schiff hearings is that ‘experts’ in federal agencies exhibit bias and political philosophies of their own. They are not neutral.”

That shouldn’t have to be pointed out because, as Mitchell notes, “none of the precincts in and around Washington, D.C. are red. When the votes are cast, 100 percent of the precincts populated by large numbers of federal workers are blue. Every review of political contributions by federal employees reveals that federal employees give virtually no campaign contributions to Republican candidates.”

This is why the Reaganaut maxim “Personnel is Policy” points to what may well be Trump’s biggest tactical mistake — failing to install as many Trump loyalists as possible as political appointees in the highest reaches of the federal bureaucracy. At the very least, such appointees can recognize and disarm many of the bureaucratic IEDs set by careerists.

Careerists scream and yell endlessly that such appointees mean “politicalization” and “a return to the spoils system.” The reality is political appointees are a crucial tool for implementing the programs and policies voters endorse when they elect a president. The money saved by not having the maximum number of political appointees is utterly inconsequential compared to the costs of being constantly subverted by the entrenched bureaucracy.