I THINK INSTAPUNDITEERS WILL LOVE THIS GUY: Not just because Doug Wilson is a philosopher of a reformed/evangelical bent who did a widely lauded televised debate series on the existence of God with Christopher Hitchens. But because he recaptures something of the rebellious spirit of the Reformation and the American Revolution.

As a result, Wilson ably makes the case for defying Covid authoritarianism by using fake vaccine passports, in the event our betters make them mandatory for interstate travel across these once-free United States. There were, after all, solid grounds for King George III’s description of the American Revolution as a “Presbyterian war.”

I’m not entirely on board with Wilson, not on principle but on tactical considerations. And I am not an anti-vaxxer. As it happens, I will get my second Moderna shot in three days. But Wilson makes an articulate, historically and spiritually well-grounded case that is worth pondering by anybody who values their liberty.