I told you so. And I don’t want to hear “I guess people really care about abortion” when poll after poll said that wasn’t it. I don’t want to hear about “People love tyranny” because people DON’T. Do try for once in your life to have a spine.

What did you think would come from letting state after state get swallowed up by fraud? It never occurred to you it would become national? Affect national elections? When you saw the cancer spread, you thought it was someone else’s problem, far away?

If you find excuses for this now, if you buckle under, if you don’t look at the sheer weirdness of the numbers, you’re collaborating with the oppressors. You might as well shave your head now and save us time later.

If you give a d*mn about the republic, about liberty, about America, speak now. And loudly. It’s the only safety those of us already exposed have. It’s the only safety any of us have. And the only chance of restoring the country.

This is not time to go wobbly. I’d say be not afraid, but if you’re not afraid right now, you’re an unholy idiot. Be afraid, but protest and make noise and stand up as much as you despite your fear. Because it’s the only way we survive as a free people. It’s the only way Western Civ survives. It’s the only way our prosperity survives. Not the same. It’s going to be lean for a long time, but still prosperous by historical average. (Explanation of incomplete posting overnight. The posting was in limbo for a long time and finally went through. I didn’t notice it’d eaten half the last paragraph.)