GOT YOUR VETO PEN READY, GOV. YOUNGKIN? Liberty Unyielding’s Hans Bader concedes that the chances of it ever arriving on the new Virginia governor’s desk are likely remote. Even so, there is a bipartisan proposal in the state legislature to allow a ‘second look” by judges in the Commonwealth and possible early release convicted violent offenders serving long sentences.

“The Virginia bill would let inmates who have committed even the most violent crimes such as murder seek release after ten years in prison if they committed the crime before age 25, or after 15 years in prison if they committed their crime after turning 25. By contrast, Washington, DC’s law only allows people who committed their crimes at under age 25 to seek release, after they have served 15 years in prison,” Bader writes.

“In short, the Virginia bill would allow most criminals serving life sentences to seek release; the DC law lets only a minority of criminals serving life sentences seek release. Even so, DC’s law made 583 violent criminals (including many murderers and rapists) eligible for an earlier release. And its backers want to expand the law to cover crimes committed at all ages,” he adds.

You know, it’s like the sponsors of such proposals are mad at law-abiding Americans and want to see us suffer.