FDR DIDN’T KNOW PEARL HARBOR WAR COMING, GRASSY KNOLL WAS EMPTY AND RR DIDN’T HAVE ALZHEIMER’S IN THE WHITE HOUSE: Craig Shirley, a former colleague in the 1980 Reagan campaign, has since become the pre-imminent biographer of the former president’s campaigns and administration. So the man knows what he’s talking about when he writes this morning on LifeZette concerning recent comments by the White House physician:

“It would be nice to dismiss Dr. Jackson’s ill-informed and without-substance comments and move on, just as the White House would like to put the hearsay concerning Trump’s mental health behind it.

“But he and Trump’s tweets have now given new life to an old and most-thought extinguished and ridiculous rumor. So once again, Reagan historians have to beat it down. Dr. Jackson’s uninformed comments made news and, even worse, they were uttered by a White House physician, giving the veneer of officialdom.”

In other words, no, Reagan’s capacity to govern was not impaired during his second term, contrary to the myth first propounded by those who fought him at every step in his efforts to restore American liberty and win the Cold War against the Soviet Union.