April 5, 2020

ESSENTIAL READING ON DEMOCRATS’ ANTI-TRUMP CORONAVIRUS CHRONOLOGY: Attorney Par Excellence Cleta Mitchell lays it out, excruciating (for Pelosi, et. al.) gaps and all:

“If Pelosi believes the president should have done something at the beginning, when exactly does she think was the ‘beginning’? Was it during the impeachment proceedings that Pelosi instigated? Should Pelosi bear some responsibility for what she perceives as the president’s failure to focus on the coronavirus back in January?

“The single most important step taken by President Trump was his closing of U.S. travel with China, which happened on Jan. 31, something the president reminds us at every briefing.

“He’s right, but what he doesn’t say is he made that decision at a time the CDC was assuring us the risk to America was low, the WHO was covering for China, Democrats were trying to impeach the president, and Biden was attacking the decision as xenophobic.”

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