WELL, HERE IT IS: There are lots of entries in the digital camera carnival. (You can read my earlier posts here and here.) Also, here’s an earlier post of mine on printers, and one on slide-scanning for those with big collections they’d like to digitize. My HP wireless printer, by the way, is also a scanner and comes with a negative carrier, though it won’t scan mounted slides. I haven’t tried it out in that application yet, though. But lots of people around the blogosphere have experience I lack in all sorts of areas.

For those who sent email, but no blog links, I’ll try to do something with those later, but a blog carnival consists of links to blog posts, so if there wasn’t a link to a blog post, I didn’t include it. Here’s the roundup:

Brian Leon writes on the joys of normal lenses.

Bill Hobbs, on the other hand, takes a non-normal approach.

Nathan Brindle likes his Nikon D70 and passes on some things he’s learned.

Mattazuma’s Revenge likes the Panasonic Lumix and explains why. My brother has one, and it’s great — except that the smooth finish is so smooth that it’s easy to drop. Use the lanyard.

Paul’s Perspective wants to put together a massive spreadsheet-comparison of digital camera features and prices, and wants help.

The Planning Blog likes the Canon Ixus 50, and has some sample photos.

Mein Blogovault offers winter photoblogging.

Sissy Willis offers a post on homemade photo-Christmas Cards.

Jason Coyne writes on what comes after “camera suicide.” A newer, more expensive camera!

Kevin Menard is blending old and new.

Almost Average reviews the Canon Powershot G6.

Chuck Pace takes an assignment from his wife.

Matt Gordon notes that his digital camera blog has a whole category on how to buy digital cameras and printers.

Ryan Cousineau posts an essay on digital photography for the non-professional.

Brian Frye posts some examples of what you can do with a cheapie digital camera. Lots!

Matthew Hoy sings the praises of the Olympus E-500, and posts a picture.

Robert McNickle sings the praises of the Canon Digital Rebel XT.

Over at DailyPundit, praise for a truly waterproof digital camera.

Cathouse Chat notes how much you can do with a cheap Sony.

But Dr. Melissa Clouthier says that size does matter! Well, yeah.

Pete the Elder looks at what can be done with a cheap Kodak.

Rick Lee compares his old pocket camera with his new one. Lots of interesting photos.

The just-married SarahK posts happy thoughts and cat pics.

Chuck Simmins takes a plunge.

And Mark Draughn writes on the joys of upgrading.

Finally, there are lots of good resources at Steve’s Digicams and DPreview.com, both linked on the right of this page. Check ’em out if you have more questions.

UPDATE: Eric Scheie sent his entry to the wrong email, but here it is now.