November 15, 2018

CROWDFUNDING IS THE LEFT’S NEWEST POLITICAL WEAPON: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody but have you noticed how lefties have recently turned to sites like GoFundMe on the Internet to raise millions of dollars for their causes?

“Online platforms such as CrowdJustice, GoFundMe, and CrowdPAC, among others, have drawn in millions for political activism and progressive causes. Funds have been raised for purposes as varied as supporting the federal bureaucrat who lost her job for flipping off Trump’s motorcade to covering the security costs for Christine Blasey Ford, and even underwritingStormy Daniels’s legal bills,” according to Washington Free Beacon’s Haris Alic.

Leftist advocates and their buddies in the mainstream media often portray these crowdfunding efforts as spontaneous efforts by the populace outraged by President Donald Trump’s latest tweet but Alic provides evidence that, as so often proves to be the case, they are anything but unorganized.


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