CIVILITY CODES SURE ARE CONVENIENT FOR THOSE WITH POWER: Duke’s student government has approved its president’s veto of its decision to recognize the Students Supporting Israel student group, less than a week after voting to grant the group recognition, for the below Instagram post. In her veto, the student government president claimed that the group “singled out an individual student on their organization’s social media account in a way that was unacceptable for any student group and appeared antithetical to the group’s stated mission to be welcoming and inclusive to all Duke students, and educational in mission and purpose.” Behold the horror:

If I thought this were some kind of bold stance against cancel culture and social media mobbing, I’d be more sympathetic, even though it would still be wrong — this isn’t calling for cancellation, and Duke promises free speech and association. But color me extremely skeptical that this (wrong) policy will be enforced evenhandedly.