seattlehealthA MARCH BY UNIONS, ETC., FOR OBAMACARE IN SEATTLE brought out a counterdemonstration of about 100 according to this report from reader Michael Babbitt:

Amazingly, we had about 100 or so there — and that is on pretty short notice for downtown Seattle — a few days.

We chanted, “Who Will Pay?” and “Healthcare Yes, Socialism No.” Baghdad Jim McDermott spoke to the group and he was upset with us as we made a lot of noise. We got to them. Here are a few pics.

It seems to me that some people are really getting into this whole protest-turnabout thing.

Related: Obamacare will lead to a U-Turn on life expectancy. “Specialists, and underpaid generalists will hang it up years ahead of their planned exit from medicine in just about any system that the Obama administration is likely to devise. They’ll scarcely need to ration care: there just won’t be anyone around to deliver it. Government will kill the golden goose, and then blame it upon everyone and anyone else. As usual.” Seems plausible to me. Plus, what to do about it.