April 15, 2010

READER RICHARD NOIRET sends this Tea Party picture from Northville, Michigan.

Meanwhile, a reader emails:

My brother told that me that he will be attending a tea party today in Henderson, Kentucky. I asked him to record the event by taking pictures. I also suggested that he use his video cam to interview infiltrators.

I seem to remember that you asked tea partiers to keep you informed about the events. If it was you, would you please tell us what to do? If not, would you please tell us how to proceed?

Yes, send your tea party reports — including reports of “crashers” — to PJTV.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Donald Gately sends this picture of tea partiers starting to gather in Chicago.

MORE: Reader Corey Appleby writes from Pittsburgh:

I attended the Pittsburgh Tea Party Rally at noon today, and was shocked to find it absolutely packed with hundreds of people. The park it was in was totally full, and people were spilling out into the streets. The only negative thing I heard was when people walked by and called the tea partiers “traitors” and “racists”, and I saw no sign of any crashers attempting to smear us.

The entire crowd seemed on the look-out for any liberals up to no good, and several of the speakers specifically mentioned the smear attempts. All in all it was a pretty amazing event, one that I hope they’ll be repeating again closer to election day. If you aren’t aware Pittsburgh is a very, very Democratic city so this huge turnout is a really bad sign for Dems this year.

Very interesting.

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