April 9, 2010

IN WHICH MY LIMITS ARE EXPOSED: Reader Terry French writes:

Dear Mr. Reynolds,
Last Fall I began nagging my husband for a new camera. After obsessively reading about different models, I decided on the Panasonic Lumix LX3, and explained to my husband why. A lot. For months. I knew he wasn’t listening, but it always feels good to chatter to myself and watch his eyes glaze over. Then one day he called me out of the blue and said, with shocking force, that I should definitely get that LX3. Why the sudden interest, I asked. Oh, I’ve always been very interested in that camera, he said. And I thought we’d turned over a new leaf in our marital communication. However, it has recently been revealed that you mentioned once how pleased you were with your…oh! wait for it!…LX3 camera. Right. Anyhow, was just wondering if you could please mention at some point in the next few months how very pleased you have been with: your new Boden swimsuit, your Merrell Timpani sandals, and your Bernina Cut & Sew attachment. Thanks.

I do love my Lumix LX3. As for the others, well — I look good in anything, but the Boden swimsuit may test that limit.

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