March 26, 2010

CINCINNATI TEA PARTY condemns protest at Rep. Driehaus’s home. “We strongly believe that it is not appropriate to engage an elected official outside of their official capacity. We are urging our members and supporters to show the same respect to his family that we expect for our own.”

Well, good for them, though I’ll note that when ACORN sent protesters to the homes of Wall Street executives, the media was very supportive. And those weren’t even elected officials.

UPDATE: Chicago-based “National People’s Action” didn’t have any concerns about protesting on Karl Rove’s doorstep:

More than a dozen yellow school buses filled with demonstrators paid a house call to Rove on Sunday afternoon. The boisterous group gathered in the yard of his tony northwest Washington home and sent a delegate to knock on the door. . . .

Van Slyke said the demonstration quickly escalated to confrontation.

“We got there and we had whistles and signs, and when we got to the front door, he yelled at us to get off his property,” she said. . . . “Basically what he wanted to do was say that we had scared his kid.”

I don’t recall a lot of media outrage at that. I guess this sort of thing is fine when it’s done to Republicans.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Unions Protest Outside McCain’s Va. Condo. Nothing in the Washington Post story suggesting that there’s anything wrong with that.

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