March 25, 2010

FREEDOM: New Jersey drivers under 21 required to affix red sticker to cars.

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh writes:

Just FYI — I followed the link and saw this update, which I suspect wasn’t there when you put up the original post.

UPDATE: Drivers who have completed the 12-month provisional-license period will not have to display the decal even if younger than 21. Only those with provisional licenses or learner’s permits will be required to display the red sticker. Once the driver obtains a regular driver’s license, the sticker can be removed.

I haven’t read the underlying law, so I can’t independently vouch for the accuracy of this; but it seems to me that if the update is accurate, it would be worth noting, since it changes the law from warning people that a driver is simply young (even though he might have been driving for years) to warning people that the driver is indeed not very experienced.

Yes, that wasn’t there when I scheduled the post, and it does render it somewhat less objectionable.

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