March 24, 2010

99 BUCKS IS PRETTY CHEAP: A one-day sale on the Creative Labs Vado pocket video camera. Perfect for creating a video record of what really happened at various events . . . .

UPDATE: Reader Ike Andrews writes:

A timely link (at least for me) re the Vado video camera. I just got in from a business trip last night and was quickly scanning emails at home this morning when I saw what looked like an announcement for an upcoming tea party rally here in Spokane. I’ve been concerned about the unfair media portrayals based on selectively edited video footage or just flight-out shoddy reporting and thought about your comment some time back to be “armed” as it were with our own video capabilities to counterattack such defamatory tactics. The next thing I thought was, “Wow, need to get a small video camera and attend the rally to help out.” Then, bingo! I open up InstaPundit for the first time today and there it is! I purchased it faster than the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.

Thanks for the link!

Yep. I thought it was good timing too. (Bumped.)

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