March 17, 2010

SHOCKER: New Poll Finds Americans Really, Really Do Not Want ObamaCare.

UPDATE: Bryan Preston emails from Texas:

Hey Glenn, here’s my take on how things look on ObamaCare this afternoon. First, the Kucinich gambit this morning shows where Pelosi thinks she can make up votes – on the left. The Dem leadership is undoubtely hoping to pick up some more centrist votes if they can, but with even liberalish Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett being noncommittal as he answers constituent queries today, they probably suspect that they’re losing the center faster by the minute.

Another data point: For the first time ever, liberal trolls are showing up on our state GOP facebook page to argue in favor of Slaughter and even promote the astroturf Coffee Party. Up to now, liberals never bothered with that page. But suddenly they’re active on the page and teaming up against our usual commenters. It’s a safe bet that OfA is involved in this somehow.


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