SO HE WAS AN ANTI-BUSH TRUTHER, but the Christian Science Monitor’s Patrick Grier has decided that he’s really a “right wing extremist.” Not much in the way of actual evidence is presented, though SPLC/DNC talking points are recycled.

Meanwhile Joe Conason tries to connect Chilean earthquake deaths to the Tea Party. It just gets more pathetic, as they get more desperate.

UPDATE: Reader Lee Cerling writes:

Re the Joe Conason argument—you might note that perhaps Joe is unaware that Chile was considered by Milton Friedman to be “the Chilean miracle” due to its success in implementing Tea Party-style economic reforms. I’m sure he just overlooked that small point. Here’s the Wikipedia link:

Conason tends to miss stuff like this. Obviously, he needs to read InstaPundit more often.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tom Maguire emails: “Of course the Pentagon shooter is a Tea Partier – he had a run-in with the law in 2006 about his illegal marijuana cultivation, and everyone knows that marijuana is a gateway drug to libertarianism.”