MEGAN MCARDLE: Students protest university cutbacks, reality. “But while I’m sympathetic to students finding it harder to attend college, I’m not sure what they think is supposed to happen. There’s no money. This is not some question of reallocating resources from bad uses to good–everything is being cut because their institutions are under serious financial duress. When administrators point this out, the students reiterate how hard it all is, as if doing so will spur the administration to shake the money tree harder until extra cash falls from the skies.”

Related thoughts from Moe Lane. “Personally, I’d handle this situation by expelling everybody who participated in this thing. Not because it’d solve the fiscal crisis*, but because it offends me that these people so blithely toss around the phrase ‘police brutality.’ We have standards by which to judge that, these days. Or did we start executing students for protesting these days, and I just missed it?”

Also, protests in Davis, led by a 5th year women’s studies major.

And reader Nick Jacob sends this picture from the University of Washington. I hope they’re not English majors.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “To be fair, they were smart enough to add the ‘e’. And to give them even more credit, they may have never heard of White Out to take care of the ‘.”