DAN RIEHL: Dylan Ratigan slanders Tea Party movement. One of his producers called to ask me to be on his show last week but I declined, in part because I’d never heard of him. (I also don’t like it when people I don’t know call my cellphone, though to be fair, he probably got the number out of the computer from when I used to work for MSNBC). Seems like I didn’t miss much. More here.

UPDATE: Reader George Poletes writes:

In an MSNBC TV spot that ran during the Winter Olympics, Mr. Ratigan claimed that he wore a t-shirt that read “Question Authority,” a mantra that he claims informs his work as a journalist. Yet, with his harsh attacks against the Tea Party Movement, Mr. Ratigan zealously attacks the what has now become the nation’s foremost movement in questioning government authority. This Lincoln Steffens wannabe is nothing more than a ham and a phony.

Apparatchiks who pretend to be revolutionaries — that’s an awful lot of the press these days.