IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY, so the Tea Party movement ought to be flattered by the me-too lefty “Coffee Party.”

This is actually the second imitation; the first was an epic fail. Maybe this one will do better, but so far they’ve got a message problem: “I don’t really understand what they’re about other than ‘we don’t like the Tea Party’ and ‘we’re for a better process.'”

However, if it does take off, it’ll just prove my point that we’re undergoing a Third Great Awakening, one that’s political, rather than religious in nature.

UPDATE: “Latte Liberals.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Steve Wylie writes: “Great job by the Post: they can finally write (somewhat) objectively about a movement that’s been around for a year and attracted hundreds of thousands to its ranks, but only by writing about another movement that’s been around for about a month and has not quite ten thousand ‘fans’ on Facebook.”

MORE: A reader emails: “Can we call them ‘Teabagees’?”