VIRGINIA: Yoo to speak at UVa forum; protest planned. Wonder if any pro-Yoo protesters will show up?

UPDATE: Reader Ian Watson emails:

I’m a Boalt student, and he taught a class right next to my tax class last semester. At the beginning of the semester there were a bunch of protesters that would just invade the school (orange jump suits, black hoods, the whole shebang). There were never “pro-Yoo” protesters here, but he does have support from many students. The thing is, most of his supports wouldn’t really be considered “pro-Yoo”, rather more like “anti-these idiots that invade our school.” I remember walking out of my class and having some moron shove flyers in my face, his friend blowing some whistle, and all of them being generally disruptive. I thought, “do these people understand that most of these students know the issue better than they do, likely already have strong opinions that won’t be changed by your legally incorrect flyer, and just want you to get the f*%^ out?” I told them as much.

What the people that advocate for these disruptions don’t understand (such as Andrew “don’t allow Yoo in civilized company” Sullivan) is that administrators likely won’t change their actions simply because of these idiots. Anyone that invites Yoo to speak already has a (likely educated) opinion of the man and his work, and won’t allow these people to dissuade them. Anyone that would be, likely wouldn’t invite him in the first place. So all we get is a pointless, mindless disruption that interrupts the rest of us… all in the support of “civilization” or some such idiocy.

It’s only support of civilization when you shout down people with the wrong ideas. Otherwise it’s “McCarthyism,” or something.