ER, NO YOU DIDN’T: “Yesterday, I also met Professor Glenn Reynolds in the XPAC Lounge.” I didn’t go to CPAC this year. Do I have an impersonator?

UPDATE: Hey, please don’t be mean to her. It’s not her fault that somebody pretended to be me. I apologize for the mean people who apparently followed my link, as it wasn’t my intention to cast any blame here, except on whoever was impersonating me. I just thought I should note that someone apparently was. And Adrienne, I’d be happy to meet you in person sometime when it’s really me!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Robert Racansky emails: “Maybe it was you, from the future. Or a robot replica, like an Instanator infiltration unit.” Well, if future-me is hanging around out there I could use some advice on where to put this year’s 401k money . . . Also, Powerball numbers.