OKAY, I’VE NEVER BEEN THAT BIG A FAN OF MITT ROMNEY, but I kind of like the idea of a President who can apply “the Vulcan grip” to a rapper.

Hmm. So, Romney a Vulcan, eh? It would kind of explain some things . . . .

UPDATE: Stephen Gordon writes:

Truth imitates fiction. Spock puts a Vulcan death grip on a punk rocker: Link.

Now Romney puts the Vulcan death grip on a rapper. This puts me on the side of the Vulcans both times!

It’s usually smart to side with the Vulcans. But of course, true Trek fans know that there is no “Vulcan death grip.” It was just an invention to fool gullible Romulans. Spock’s nerve pinch merely produces temporary unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, regarding Romney, reader Chris Newbury writes: “If he’s really a Vulcan and can also do mind-meld, maybe we should be considering him for CIA director rather than President.” Beats waterboarding.