THE INSTA-DAUGHTER JUST SAW THE AUDI ‘GREEN POLICE’ COMMERCIAL for the first time. She couldn’t believe it was supposed to make you like Audi. Her reaction: “I’d like to beat those people with clubs.”

Yeah, I don’t think it was much of an ad. Everybody’s talking about it, but do they want to buy an Audi as a result?

UPDATE: Reader Joe Tetreault writes:

We are all talking about the ad. But im far less likely to buy an Audi. Marketing is my day gig. The ad, while conforming to the idea that a Super Bowl ad is supposed to possess a gimick that people talk about, under cut its message rather spectacularly. Mrs. TetreaultVision loves Audi. I was being won over. I just can’t believe an intelligently designed car would be marketed so poorly. I could see GM doing it. But not Audi.

Yeah, seems like a fail.