ZOGBY IS PREDICTING a Coakley win. Well, I think it all depends on turnout, etc. Emphasis, perhaps, on the etc.

UPDATE: Brown’s obviously focusing on turnout, with a VoterBomb to follow up the money-bomb of last week.

Meanwhile, a Massachusetts reader emails:

I voted in an upper-middle class Boston suburb this morning around 9:00 AM. The polling place was very busy. Short wait time, but still a stream of people going in and out. I drove by another nearby polling place that was busy. Both locations had two Brown volunteers (in the slushy snow) on the street with signs, one was homemade. No Coakley volunteers, just one sign stuck in a snowbank.

I stopped for a haircut at a place with two old guys who know everyone and make it a habit to collect local information. They said LOTS of people are voting for Brown. One of them said he grew up here in a Catholic neighborhood where his grandmother basically told him you wouldn’t get into heaven if you voted Republican. He said he’s taking his chances and voting for Brown. He was adamant about it.

We’ll see how many there are like him. And reader Rich Andrews emails:

I voted this morning in the Mass Senate race. Here are some random observations/thoughts.

Got to the polling place about 6:45; there were about 10 people ahead of me in line. By the time the polls opened at 7, the line was out the door.

Usually special and off year elections get about 15% to 25% turnout. One of the local news stations said that the turnout for this election was expected to be 70%.

When you consider that something like 52% of the registered voters in Massachusetts are independent (technically the term here is “unenrolled”) and that polls show them breaking 2 to 1 for Brown this could be a day I never thought I see here in the People’s Republic.

Local news stations are also reporting that the demand for absentee ballots had been very high. If there is fraud in this election, this is where it will come from. I hope that the margin of victory is much greater than the margin of fraud.

The last time that Massachusetts elected a Republican to the Senate, I was in eighth grade. I’m now 50.

I’ve been voting in here since 1982. This is the first time that my actually counted for anything. I’d like to get used to that feeling.

I’m not sure when Martha Coakley would be up for re-election as Attorney General. If she loses this election which is the closest thing politics has to a gimme, her political career will be over.

Good riddance to bad trash…

Well, stay tuned.