DAN SCHNUR: “There’s no way that Martha Coakley can lose: Kennedy family members will personally carry Massachusetts voters to the polls to keep that from happening.”

Or maybe it’ll be SEIU folks doing the “carrying:” Coakley counts on union muscle to win Senate race.

Meanwhile, Ed Markey expects Coakley in DC on Wednesday. “We’re all waiting for Wednesday morning when we have Martha Coakley joining us down there.” So I guess if Brown somehow does win he’ll be sworn in by Wednesday, too. . . ?

And reader Dan Friedman emails:

Memo to conservatives: Don’t read the rave reviews coming from the Bay State.

No doubt the needle has swung to the right in the Massachusetts senate race. Still, it’s only enough to make it a very tight election. But this is too big to fail if you live in the White House or anywhere along the liberal food chain, and the fear of losing is going to inflame the left’s cadres. They’re going to use every dirt bag trick in the book – and make up some new ones in the days ahead. It may not be Ted Kennedy’s seat but it is Barney Frank’s state and David Axelrod’s world.

Don’t put the champagne on ice yet, friends. Don’t even buy it. If you want to win, take nothing for granted. Run scared too.

In other words, don’t get cocky!