OH OH: Dems Comparing Coakley to Creigh Deeds.

UPDATE: A reminder: In September, Coakley was ahead in the polls by 30 points. “Since then, however, something has fundamentally changed. Since September, the country has witnessed the visible battle over ObamaCare — late-night votes, Cash for Cloture deals, and a bill that offends a wide array of groups. Democrats have never looked up or paused to consider the public’s views on the matter. . . . That arrogant defiance of public opinion and the unseemly legislative process that produced a grossly unpopular bill have fueled a resurgence of anger and determination among conservatives and even usually apathetic independents. They now are anxious to send a message to Washington: stop ignoring the voters. We saw it in New Jersey and Virginia. Now we learn that even Massachusetts may not be immune.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Is the Boston Globe Getting Off Coakley’s Bus?