MICKEY KAUS: Honey, Will You Be My Game-Changer? “In the Edwards case, it strains belief that a) Hunter was the first, or the sole John Edwards affair–only Chris Hitchens believes that–and that b) the candidate’s extra marital activities weren’t well known among staff. Yet in the Game Change excerpt, Edwards’ aides all seem to believe he’d ‘long ago made the decision not to fall into that trap.’ It was only Hunter’s relentless determination that got him to stray! Right. … ”

Plus this: “What lies, if any, did Edwards’ aides tell in their successful attempt to get the MSM to suppress the Hunter story in the days before the New Hampshire primary–and if there were lies, as I suspect there were, who told them?. Were all the lies really told by John and Elizabeth themselves? Remember, Edwards is through in politics. Aides Jonathan Prince and Mudcat Saunders are not. What did they do and when did they do it? … Or did the MSM just roll over and abdicate at the mere mention of St. Elizabeth’s illness (or John Edwards’ … progressivism).”