DEMI MOORE’S LAWYERS THREATEN BOINGBOING, GET SMACKED. It’s over a claim that a W magazine cover was photoshopped to make Demi’s hip look thinner. Looks to me like BoingBoing’s got the better of that argument. “Since receiving this letter, we have discovered that an alternate, and seemingly more anatomically correct version of the W magazine cover (with more hip-flesh) was published in W’s South Korean edition. We have also been informed that Ms. Moore’s attorneys have sent similar letters to other blogs that discussed the possible digital alteration of the US cover image. The story is now being covered by a number of other news organizations and blogs.” If the goal was to get people discussing the dimensions of Demi’s hips, well, nice legal work guys.

UPDATE: Various readers point out that Demi Moore’s lawyers should have learned from Ralph Lauren’s experience.