CORRECTING EUGENE ROBINSON: “Barbie is very pretty and glossy and made-up, but in a daytime, cheerleadery way. The Tiger women are all made-up for nighttime, indoor work, and they are not all that pretty. Tiger’s wife is the Barbie. Tiger’s women to cheat on Elin with are all getting away from Barbie/Elin. It strikes me as a touchingly ordinary search for sex that feels dirty.”

UPDATE: Related: “There are many, many, many doors that many, many, many people would prefer stay tightly closed for now.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Events without Tiger see TV ratings slump 50 pct. A lot of people are going to be trying to stuff this genie back into the bottle.

MORE: Maybe Tiger just needs to write that his affair saved his marriage. If he can just find a therapist to tell Elin that it’s all her fault. . . .